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this is what globus pharyngeus feels like August 17, 2007



the man who wasn’t there August 16, 2007

My father used to say this verse to me when I was small. I’m sure he thought it was harmless but it kinda freaked me out. It often just pops into my head. I was definitely not a happy camper the day this photo was taken.


Credits – scray stair man is from the evil dead 2 movie poster, stair photo from and grungy overlay by michelle coleman.


my parents on the other hand August 12, 2007

are quite strange people. It’s like they had children then didn’t quite know what to do with them – well, I know how that feels. I do sometimes find myself looking at my kids and thinking that I must really be a grown up now. And thats a bit disappointing.

The lovely blue flowers here were drawn by daughter jessie. I now have her locked in her bedroom drawing things for me to use.



a black dog June 11, 2007

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came knocking at the door this morning. I heard a knock at 7am but ignored it as it was 7am and it was a public holiday and it was warm in bed. Then there was another knock half an hour later. So I opened the door and there was a black dog trotting up the road with one of lloyd’s shoes in it’s mouth. (He leaves them on the front verandah as they’re usually wet and/or dirty). So I went and yelled at daz to get up as a dog was running down the street with one of our shoes and he’s asleep and all, what, where, what. But off he went and retrieved the shoe. He said the dog lives down the road and he had a little pile of shoes on the footpath he’d been collecting. Funny little characters aren’t they.

Now I’ve become obsessed with taking vintage women and tattooing them. Not actual bodies – just pictures. I reckon they’re pretty hot.


elsie goes grunge June 4, 2007

Where do all the unspoken words go? Well I was wondering this (because I saw the nescafe ad and all the words are floating down drains etc etc) and I thought, I could combine that with the next elsie challenge, which was to use someone elses handwriting. And because I follow the rules in a very very abstract way I’m using mia’s scribblings. I don’t actually know mia. I got them from dafont. I love – you could stay lost in there for months and happily fill your computer with thousands of fonts. So here you go – Use Someone Elses Handwriting. Thanks Mia.



This line cracks me up… May 22, 2007

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just the image it conjurs up in my mind. And I found the perfect little picture to go with it.




D.I.Y. surgery May 12, 2007

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It seems my tonsils have gone missing. The doc was having a look around the zone yesterday and said – have you had your tonsils out and I said – no, why, are they gone and he said yes. Some years ago I had tonsilitis for about two years and my doctor said – thats it, they have to go and that was the last time I had it. I was so terrified of having them out due to the horrendous stories I’d heard that my brain must have done some freaky physcho surgery and killed them. So thats handy. Wonder if I can convine it to do a tummy tuck. Also on the DIY front I painted this calico that I love, love and will slice it up for gift bags with a bit of green, maybe orange ribbon.