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they tried to make me go to rehab…. June 3, 2007

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I said no, no, no. Hang on – maybe that was just a bad dream.

Another chick I’m lovin at the moment. Amy Winehouse. So lovin.


the timely snot bubble April 22, 2007

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I like going to look at heather armstrongs web site every now and then to see what her dog, chuck, has been up to. He’s always living large and looking cute and obviously has a lovely nature because he’s willing to wear just about anything.  And I thought – I could do that. I could take photos of betty and post them so people can keep up to date with her life. But they’d all be the same. Mainly her, asleep, in bed. So to make it much more interesting, I was going to take some close ups. Her eye, the tattoo in her ear, a paw. So I thought I’d start with her nose, which is gross at any time. And just as I lined it up and clicked, this rather large snot bubble blew out. So here begins the charming start of – Betty.



turn your vinyl into bowls April 18, 2007

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Get out of here people. I was searching for some info on making coasters and I came across a couple of sites where people were  turning old vinyl records into bowls. How insane is that. So I had a go and I must say I’m very impressed. Mind you I did pick an old daggy record. Don’t panic, I didn’t use my ABBA ones. I’m going to start trawling garage sales to make more. I’m hooked.



old people starve to death April 6, 2007

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I’ve come to the conclusion that old people don’t eat salsa and don’t drink vodka. The lids on jars are so tight it’s impossible to imagine an older person ever being able to get the lids off. Old el paso salsa. Have you had any lately? I almost had to go and ask the next door neighbour to open some last night. And have you tried to open a bottle of absolut vodka lately? I keep my vodka out in the laundry fridge. And I often find myself out there with a bottle of vodka between my thighs twisting and twisting trying to open it. Then one of the kids come out and find me like some desperate alcoholic that can’t get into the bottle. So next pay I’m off to the chemist to get some of those tools for people with arthritis. A claw of some type to wrestle the top off the vodka. And the salsa. Because after all, whats the vodka without the salsa.


The Public Poo …….continued April 5, 2007

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I thought I was finished with the public poo issue, but Ninja sent me some information I must share.  PARCOPRESIS – thats the name for a phobia also known as “bashful bowel syndrome”, inability to defecate in public toilets.  I’m definitely in the early stages of it. There is also PARURESIS – “shy bladder syndrome”, fear of urinating in the company of others. I don’t suffer from this one though as I generally find that a good dose of toilet paper put in the toilet before you start solves that problem. But there will be a self help book and DVD out soon to help all of you who are dealing with these issues.

Now, deck of card challenge was Whats on Your Mind. Well, my mind is usually full and running 24/7 so it was hard to fit it on 2.5 inches.

whats on your mind


Find your inner bitch ladies April 4, 2007

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it could be a beautiful thing.



don’t mind the copyright eyeball.

Also I’d just like to say that I have the new jack reacher book in my hands.


a slippery slope April 2, 2007

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I’d just like to say thank you to the person who stepped in the beetroot dip then walked it though the house. Because that was an excellent way for me to start the day – mopping. A special mention must also go to the one who spilt the beetroot dip and didn’t clean it up. Well done to both.


This is the stupid dove that lives in out yard. I wasn’t even zoomed in for this. Thats how close you can get to it. It sits on the clothes line while I hang the washing and when you spin it he/she grips on and goes with the flow. Not much to grip on to.