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a black dog June 11, 2007

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came knocking at the door this morning. I heard a knock at 7am but ignored it as it was 7am and it was a public holiday and it was warm in bed. Then there was another knock half an hour later. So I opened the door and there was a black dog trotting up the road with one of lloyd’s shoes in it’s mouth. (He leaves them on the front verandah as they’re usually wet and/or dirty). So I went and yelled at daz to get up as a dog was running down the street with one of our shoes and he’s asleep and all, what, where, what. But off he went and retrieved the shoe. He said the dog lives down the road and he had a little pile of shoes on the footpath he’d been collecting. Funny little characters aren’t they.

Now I’ve become obsessed with taking vintage women and tattooing them. Not actual bodies – just pictures. I reckon they’re pretty hot.


I wonder what that was all about?? May 24, 2007

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“Mum, do you think you could be an alcoholic?” Thats what kimba asked me tuesday night. But now I’m wondering, did she mean do you think you have the potential to be one, or you know, do you think you might actually be one. Then daz said “If she was going to be an alcoholic, she’d already be one by now”. And again I’m wondering, what does that mean exactly? So now I’m wondering  if having two glasses of wine while you cook dinner every night makes you an alcoholic. (OK three sometimes but I put a lot of ice in so that makes it equivalent to two. And don’t start about ice in wine – thats the way I like it). My sister told me once that if you have a drink every day that makes you an alcoholic. So I’ve decided to revise my drinking habits and just binge drink on weekends instead. I think Thursday counts as the weekend. So from now on it’ll just be go for it on thursday, friday, saturday then four days off. Sounds fair. Better check with the doctor next time about consequences to the liver.

This photo is of Betty being ridiculous. Who knows why she thought it’d be more comfortable sleeping on the arm of the chair. Oh, maybe she thought she wouldn’t get in trouble up there. Inside the mind of a staffy – it’s a mysterious world. Sorry – couldn’t be bothered fixing the evil pet eye.



Play with photo proportions May 21, 2007

 Poor Betty. She looks like an evil hound from the baskervilles. She’s quite sweet really. Well, besides her snot problem and her stomach thats covered in moles and her continual foot chewing and the fact that she always stinks, regardless of how many baths she has. So, she’s not very sweet at all really. This is elsie challenge 32 for me. Play with photo proportions. I think I’m square with now.



these boots were made for walking May 8, 2007

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this little dog could walk forever. She could do marathons and charity walks. Betty and daz walk every night and on weekends they go for 4 walks a day. One day a guy said to daz – don’t you get on with your missus and daz said, yeah, why. And the guy said – ’cause you’re always out walking the dog. So here are some more “bits of betty”.


I saw this nifty 6 x 12 inch size scrappin style yesterday and I really like it. Not much good for digital though unless you have a wide format printer. Have to resize it to 4 x 8.


the timely snot bubble April 22, 2007

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I like going to look at heather armstrongs web site every now and then to see what her dog, chuck, has been up to. He’s always living large and looking cute and obviously has a lovely nature because he’s willing to wear just about anything.  And I thought – I could do that. I could take photos of betty and post them so people can keep up to date with her life. But they’d all be the same. Mainly her, asleep, in bed. So to make it much more interesting, I was going to take some close ups. Her eye, the tattoo in her ear, a paw. So I thought I’d start with her nose, which is gross at any time. And just as I lined it up and clicked, this rather large snot bubble blew out. So here begins the charming start of – Betty.