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but would denise austin eat it? August 21, 2007

I pondered this question on saturday while I sat with my twisties and vodka. And of course the answer was , well probably not. I’ve been doing some denise austin exercise dvd’s and I really like her manner. I tried billy blanks as well but with him I always felt I might put my back out throwing my legs around like they do. He’s more kind of mmmm.. intense. So I’m doing the denise tapes but then I figure I should look into the eating habits as well. So I’m going to make this into a magnet and slap it on the fridge and ask myself that question whenever I feel the urge for a sugary, salty, vodkay type thing.


scrapgirls circle template, mouth from sxc and caramel tart from the local bakery


I’m counting calories again……. June 5, 2007

Because I need to do that every now and then just to remind myself how much a PORTION really is.  And a portion is REALLY small. So I have this programme on the computer and you put in every thing you eat throughout the day and it adds it all up for you. Calories, fat, protein, carbs etc. So I find the best thing to do, is as soon as you wake up, tally in any wine and cake you want to eat that day, then squeeze in any extras, like lunch and dinner. Oh I’m  just joking, I don’t eat cake. But it is a real eye opener to see how much fat and calories are in various things. So when you feel your pants getting a bit tight – count your calories. Of course if you have a pair of self supporting pants you may not need to. I wonder what that actually means. I have a vision of them just standing in the corner after you take them off. He certainly looks very confident in them though.



take a look at this woman… June 1, 2007

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Her name is francisca dennis. Isn’t she spectacular.


Now I’m going to crush you. She’s had SIX children. See, now this is the sort of information that both inspires and discourages me. I think – Wow, you can’t blame your kids for making you fat. I really can get in shape. Or I think – Damn, you can’t blame your kids for making you fat. I really can get in shape.


I have a quandry May 11, 2007

I have these fantastic pictures of some girls from 1969 and I was going to put them on magnets. But seeing as how they are topless I’m wondering if I go to the markets to sell them, will people be offfended. Will I be tossed out by some narrow minded fools who find them offensive. I think they’re lovely. Maybe I shouldn’t put them on display. Maybe I’ll have to have a folder under the table marked XXX and I’ll have to say to people – psst, do you wanna see the good ones? Oh, quandry. Why do people find breasts and bodies so shocking. P.S. I think I have tonsilitis. P.P.S. – Wait until they see some of the ones from 1890.




the kings cross wax works May 2, 2007

how cool was that place. We went there a few times when I was a kid and I loved it. I particularly liked the guy being tortured on the rack and the shark attack scene. We went to kings cross for a few family holidays. It was so exciting. Seeing the fountain and the ice cream shop. All the strip clubs. This was in the 70’s and it seemed very glamorous to me. I think we went so dad could go to the cricket. So I was pleased to find this packet of matches and she has become my favourite. I’ve made her into a coaster and she shall be mine. Daz says she looks a “bit rough”. But thats exactly what I like about her. She hasn’t been airbrushed or photoshopped, she hasn’t got fake boobs and she looks like she wouldn’t take crap from anyone. What you see is what you get. The backgrounds a bit grubby so I’ll fix that. Go girl



designer vagina …. part 2 April 30, 2007

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Christopher A. Warner says he considers himself
something of a maverick, a caring physician willing to
challenge medical orthodoxy in order to help women.

That’s why the 39-year-old board-certified
obstetrician-gynecologist recently opened the Laser
Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Washington in a red
brick townhouse off Washington Circle. There, he is
building a business as the first area physician to perform controversial procedures that use a laser to
 enhance sexual gratification by repairing tissue
damaged by childbirth, to give women a “youthful
aesthetic look” or to make those who are not appear to
be virgins.

David L.Matlock, the flamboyant California gynecologist who
invented or popularized many of these surgeries, says
he has performed more than 3,000 in the past 12 years
and has trained 140 doctors in a dozen states and 20
countries, including Argentina, Korea and Australia.

The proliferation of such surgeries, fueled in part by the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery and of reality television makeover shows such as the E!
network’s “Dr. 90210,” alarms critics, who say there
is no evidence they are safe or effective, because
they have never been studied scientifically. Some say
the procedures foster — or create — insecurity while
doing little to treat the underlying causes of female
sexual dissatisfaction.

“I’m asked about these procedures a lot,” said sex
therapist Laura Berman, who directs an eponymous
clinic for women in Chicago. “We’re in a culture,
unfortunately, where most women are falling down a
slippery slope with plastic surgery. It’s very

And Nawal Nour, an assistant professor of obstetrics
and gynecology at Harvard Medical School, is no fan of
what she calls “designer vaginas.”“I have always believed that empowerment is via the brain, not the body,” Nour said.

Critics and supporters of vaginal cosmetic surgery say
the mainstreaming of graphic images, including
pornography, is fueling demand.
 Warner and Matlock say that patients frequently
request “a nice sleek look” similar to images seen in
Playboy magazine and on some cable TV channels. “Women
tell us they want to look like they’re 18 again,”
Matlock said.

There is little dispute that one procedure, known as
hymenoplasty, is performed primarily for the
impression it will make on men.
The surgery, which takes about 30 minutes, restores
the hymen, the membrane that typically covers the
vagina prior to first intercourse. Surgeons say there
is a growing demand for the surgery, particularly
among women of Middle Eastern and Hispanic descent —
cultures where female chastity can be a prerequisite
for marriage.

Berman said that hymenoplasty thrives on credulousness
and that patients “fall prey to these surgeons who
say, ‘I can make you look perfect.’ “

 “It’s one more thing we can feel insecure about,” she
observed. “We women are just suckers for that.” ·

Cosmetic Surgery’s New Frontier  Procedures Popularized In L.A.’s 90210 Come to D.C.’s 20037

By Sandra G. Boodman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 6, 2007; HE01


designer vagina’s April 29, 2007

Do you have one? Get your mirrors and have a quick check to see  that everythings in order down there. But don’t panic if things don’t look great because you can have cosmetic mutilation surgery to fix any “problems” and make the whole genital area look aesthetically pleasing. Because it’s definitely an area that gets a lot of viewing. COME ON girls – enough is enough. How do women become so unhappy with their body image that they feel they must do this.