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globus pharyngeus August 15, 2007

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thats what I have. Went to doc yesterday and he put the camera up my nose then round the corner and down my throat – which was not at all disturbing. In fact not as disturbing as afterwards when I watched him giving the tube a rinse under the tap while he chatted to me. What, no autoclave. Actually the most disturbing moment came last night as I was going to sleep, when I was trying to remember who had been in before me. Best not to ponder these things too long. So this globus pharyngeus is when this muscle at the bottom of the oesophagus tightens up and makes it feel as if you have a ball stuck in your throat. I have to go now to a speech pathologist who will teach me exercises to relax the muscle. And I must not swallow when I feel I need to. MUST FIGHT THE URGE. Stress will make it worse – so back off everyone. I feel that if I could kill the dog, I would be totally cured. Now that I think back I remember about three months ago saying to a couple of people – I wonder if I’m getting late onset asthma – my throat feels really tight. And when I’d try and talk I felt all blocked up. I’m feeling a very strong desire to clear my throat right now. It’s because I ate some ham and eating makes it worse. In fact I think I’m developing an eating disorder. I don’t know what to eat or when. And there is no possible way I can drink another thickshake. I just can’t face another one.


there’s something wrong August 9, 2007

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with my throat. I feel like cutting a hole in my throat – in that little hollow – and getting one of those things dentists use to suck the moisture out of your mouth and putting it in there and having a poke around. Have you heard of gastroesophagul reflux disease? Well, thats what the doc thinks I have. Obviously it’s a reflux problem where acid comes from your stomach into the oesophagus and causes BIG problems. And the strange thing is, I never feel like I have heartburn. I just have this constant, maddening, frustrating, INSANE need to cough, clear my throat and swallow. For the past month I haven’t been able to leave the house. I have an appointment on tuesday with an ear nose and throat guy who apparently is going to stick a tube down my throat and have a look around while I’m still awake. (Note to self – do not have lunch that day). But it’s ok because I’ll be drugged so I won’t know whats going on. It’ll be like a date rape I guess. I’m hoping they’ll find something there that can be fixed even if it involves surgery as I’m about to go mad.  I have drank more chocolate thickshakes in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past 20 years. Food is not really an option. Feels like it get stuck in there somewhere.  And exercise is out of the question. Running sends me into a coughing fit. So thats the news for now.


they tried to make me go to rehab…. June 3, 2007

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I said no, no, no. Hang on – maybe that was just a bad dream.

Another chick I’m lovin at the moment. Amy Winehouse. So lovin.


take a look at this woman… June 1, 2007

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Her name is francisca dennis. Isn’t she spectacular.


Now I’m going to crush you. She’s had SIX children. See, now this is the sort of information that both inspires and discourages me. I think – Wow, you can’t blame your kids for making you fat. I really can get in shape. Or I think – Damn, you can’t blame your kids for making you fat. I really can get in shape.


961 kilojoules………. May 30, 2007

Thats a lot. Thats how many in a smirnoff black label vodka – 335ml. That’s almost a meal! Thats a LOT of bootcamp dvd’s. And thats a shame. Because I really would have liked one tonight to soothe my throat, that feels like it’s been freshly and violently rubbed with sandpaper. No wonder you start to feel podgy after a week of having a couple of them every night! They’ll have to be special occasion only. Sigh.



the importance of laundry…… May 26, 2007

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this little gem comes from the NSW Department of Education in 1941. It was an instruction leaflet for post primary housecraft.  So any young ladies out there – read and learn.

The Importance of Laundry

Whether your washing is done in a proper laundry… or whether it is done in tubs in the back yard, it is still an important branch of housework. Can I hear you say that you do not like these lessons as well as the ones in Cookery? Even if that is so, you must remember that the washing has to be done by someone, and that someone will probably be you one day. Do you not think it is a wise plan to learn to do it well? I am sure you do. So why not aim at being the best laundress in the district; better even than mother, if that is possible.


I have a quandry May 11, 2007

I have these fantastic pictures of some girls from 1969 and I was going to put them on magnets. But seeing as how they are topless I’m wondering if I go to the markets to sell them, will people be offfended. Will I be tossed out by some narrow minded fools who find them offensive. I think they’re lovely. Maybe I shouldn’t put them on display. Maybe I’ll have to have a folder under the table marked XXX and I’ll have to say to people – psst, do you wanna see the good ones? Oh, quandry. Why do people find breasts and bodies so shocking. P.S. I think I have tonsilitis. P.P.S. – Wait until they see some of the ones from 1890.