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tips and trick for the globus sufferer September 5, 2007

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Saw the speech pathologist in regards to the globus. I knew I was going to have to eat something in front of her but when I was in the waiting room I saw her go past with a large tray with an assortment of foods. When I got in there I told her I wouldn’t be doing the banana or the orange juice so we settled on a sugary biscuit and some fruit salad. She watches and then feels your throat while you swallow. She determines how strong your swallow is and if food may not be going down properly. Then she told me things I should avoid for general throat care i.e. screaming/yelling, coffee, alcohol, smoking, airconditioned buildings for long periods. You should also consider any medication you’re taking that can affect your hormone levels as this is a consideration with globus. Now the thing with globus is, that it’s only the sensation of something being stuck in your throat, there’s not actually anything there. So no matter how often you clear it, you’re not going to move it. Now when you clear your throat or cough you give each side of your vocal chords a good hard smack.  So you irritate and aggravate them. And the more you do it the more you’ll need to do it becasue you’re making them sore.  So (long story I know) what you (I) do is count how many times you throat clear for one day. Now for me that could be millions so she said just do it for an hour. Then say you did it 1000 times that day,  the next day you say, ok, I’ll only do it 900 times today. And through the day say that you won’t do it for 10 minutes (or whatever). Also when you feel the need to throat clear do a hard swallow instead. You don’t have to swallow water, spit will do. You have to change your behaviour. She is lining up a barium swallow for me though which sounds like fun. They coat a biscuit with it then more people watch me eat it externally and internally. I haven’t started the counting thing yet as I’m recovering from flu and I’m coughing all the time from that anyway. However I’ve been much more concious of the herhmmming and not doing it as much.


i’m bringing sexy back August 31, 2007

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Not me specifically – especially not now that I have a revolting cold and throat infection and my hair is greasy and my eyes are red on the inside yet ringed with black on the outside. And I carry a bandana around to blow my nose on which I hope after a good wash will be good to put in my hair again. You wonder sometimes don’t you how your body can produce so much snot and phlegm. But after thats all fixed, well I guess anythings possible.


I used catscrap  syrin ugly flowers and ida doodle hearts, erica hite hearts and two peas frame. (I didn’t call them ugle flowers – she did).


but would denise austin eat it? August 21, 2007

I pondered this question on saturday while I sat with my twisties and vodka. And of course the answer was , well probably not. I’ve been doing some denise austin exercise dvd’s and I really like her manner. I tried billy blanks as well but with him I always felt I might put my back out throwing my legs around like they do. He’s more kind of mmmm.. intense. So I’m doing the denise tapes but then I figure I should look into the eating habits as well. So I’m going to make this into a magnet and slap it on the fridge and ask myself that question whenever I feel the urge for a sugary, salty, vodkay type thing.


scrapgirls circle template, mouth from sxc and caramel tart from the local bakery


did you see the picture I did of the globus August 18, 2007

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down the page a bit? And do you see the painting The Scream in the background? Well thats actually me in the backyard yesterday after trying to make an appointment with a speech pathologist. I will spare you  the long and boring story but I will say I spent a lot of time talking to answering machines, being passed from one person to the next and ending up back where I started. Without actually making an appointment. It has only convinced me further that many people must die while waiting for test results and appointments. It also seems that eating is becoming an activity fraught with danger for me. Last night while munching away on some twisties I bit the side of my cheek. You would not believe how much blood there was. Daz had a look and thought I might need medical attention but the bleeding stopped but today I have to be very careful when I close my teeth. And there are all sorts of stringy bits hanging around that I think I’ll have to cut off. I did it on the other side last week. I must have fat cheeks. Chipmunk cheeks.


this is what globus pharyngeus feels like August 17, 2007



globus pharyngeus August 15, 2007

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thats what I have. Went to doc yesterday and he put the camera up my nose then round the corner and down my throat – which was not at all disturbing. In fact not as disturbing as afterwards when I watched him giving the tube a rinse under the tap while he chatted to me. What, no autoclave. Actually the most disturbing moment came last night as I was going to sleep, when I was trying to remember who had been in before me. Best not to ponder these things too long. So this globus pharyngeus is when this muscle at the bottom of the oesophagus tightens up and makes it feel as if you have a ball stuck in your throat. I have to go now to a speech pathologist who will teach me exercises to relax the muscle. And I must not swallow when I feel I need to. MUST FIGHT THE URGE. Stress will make it worse – so back off everyone. I feel that if I could kill the dog, I would be totally cured. Now that I think back I remember about three months ago saying to a couple of people – I wonder if I’m getting late onset asthma – my throat feels really tight. And when I’d try and talk I felt all blocked up. I’m feeling a very strong desire to clear my throat right now. It’s because I ate some ham and eating makes it worse. In fact I think I’m developing an eating disorder. I don’t know what to eat or when. And there is no possible way I can drink another thickshake. I just can’t face another one.


the medication used for GERD August 10, 2007

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has some interesting side effects. Of course I looked them up on the internet which you absolutely should never do. One of the strange side effects was a sore and irritated throat and a cough. Helloo, this was the symptom that made me go to the doctor in the first place. Another one was anorexia. Now treatment for gerd does include diet changes. And if you saw the list of foods that you should avoid, I’m pretty sure thats the reason for the anorexia – not the tablets.