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Vivian Bullwinkel April 26, 2007

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I read a book about vivian bullwinkel recently and notice there is a show about her on abc tonight. She was a nurse in the army and was in singapore in 1942. When it became clear that the japanese were going to invade they evacuated all the nurses and patients on a ship which was bombed and sunk by the japanese. She made it to shore where she and 22 other surviving nurses were gathered up by japanese soldiers and told to stand out in the water where they were machine gunned. She was shot and pretended to be dead until they left. She was the only survivor and went into the forest where she lived for 12 days with a british soldier she found who’d survivied a similar experience. When he died after 12 days she surrendered and spent the next three years in a japanese camp.  So, now you don’t need to watch it – but you should. The book I read was crap because it wasn’t written by her and it was actually a novel someone wrote pretending to be her. So I didn’t see how this author could really know what vivian thought about the whole thing after she arrived back in australia which was when it was based. Too much tv tonight. I have to try and fit in that, andrew dentons trip to gallipoli, final of the biggest loser and lost. Although I read in the paper that Damien was spotted eating THREE meat pies somewhere and Greg was scoffing into the ice cream. Say it isn’t so!!!


not happy April 16, 2007

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I hope the day never arrives when I’m happy to be obese, instead of  morbidly obese. Because that happened on the biggest loser. Someone slipped from the weight range of morbidly obese to plain old obese and they were happy. AND so they should be. I know they’ve done a lot of hard exercise and dieting to get there. I just don’t ever want to be there.


I shouldn’t be alive April 15, 2007

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Thats the name of a show on television. I shouldn’t be alive. Wouldn’t you feel special if they rang you to be on that show.


eco challenge April 11, 2007

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How bizzare. I watch SBS on wednesday nights. I like to watch Cathy Freeman and Luke (Caroll, I think). I’m presuming most people know who cathy freeman is. Anyway they do a show called Going Bush. They travel around outback australia and experience aboriginal culture. (as they are aboriginal). Now prior to that show is another one called Eco Challenge (you should watch it). Two families are being tested on their enviromental awareness. Tonight was the first night and they had to have a 24 hour lockdown where they were allowed no power, water, cars, basically anything that has an impact on the environment. It was amazing how the mindset of the families affected their experience. One family was very optimistic. They saw it as an adventure. They went to the beach for a bath, caught public transport, set up buckets in their backyard to flush toilets. The other family – mainly the father – were very pessimistic. Woe is me, was the attitude. The son was in tears because they told him he couldn’t go to a party as they didn’t have a car. They were in the city for gods sake – I mean  buses, trains, FEET. But, then in the next show I’m watching the aboriginal people out in the middle of nowhere, fishing and hunting, sitting around fires as families, living happily and lightly. We can really learn something from them. I heard a woman talking on the radio last week and she said something that has stuck with me and has become my motto.

I try to live lightly on the earth. We should all try and live lightly on the earth.