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yummy marshmallow slice is… August 29, 2007

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really sweet and sickly actually. Unless you have a sweet tooth in which case it is yummy. I’m more of a savoury person myself. You know –  pizza, hot chips, that sort of stuff. But it does look good.





but would denise austin eat it? August 21, 2007

I pondered this question on saturday while I sat with my twisties and vodka. And of course the answer was , well probably not. I’ve been doing some denise austin exercise dvd’s and I really like her manner. I tried billy blanks as well but with him I always felt I might put my back out throwing my legs around like they do. He’s more kind of mmmm.. intense. So I’m doing the denise tapes but then I figure I should look into the eating habits as well. So I’m going to make this into a magnet and slap it on the fridge and ask myself that question whenever I feel the urge for a sugary, salty, vodkay type thing.


scrapgirls circle template, mouth from sxc and caramel tart from the local bakery


there’s something wrong August 9, 2007

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with my throat. I feel like cutting a hole in my throat – in that little hollow – and getting one of those things dentists use to suck the moisture out of your mouth and putting it in there and having a poke around. Have you heard of gastroesophagul reflux disease? Well, thats what the doc thinks I have. Obviously it’s a reflux problem where acid comes from your stomach into the oesophagus and causes BIG problems. And the strange thing is, I never feel like I have heartburn. I just have this constant, maddening, frustrating, INSANE need to cough, clear my throat and swallow. For the past month I haven’t been able to leave the house. I have an appointment on tuesday with an ear nose and throat guy who apparently is going to stick a tube down my throat and have a look around while I’m still awake. (Note to self – do not have lunch that day). But it’s ok because I’ll be drugged so I won’t know whats going on. It’ll be like a date rape I guess. I’m hoping they’ll find something there that can be fixed even if it involves surgery as I’m about to go mad.  I have drank more chocolate thickshakes in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past 20 years. Food is not really an option. Feels like it get stuck in there somewhere.  And exercise is out of the question. Running sends me into a coughing fit. So thats the news for now.


you know how people analyse dreams June 14, 2007

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and they talk about different things meaning such and such. Like say if you dream about wild pigs it means you have a fear of ice cream or if you dream that a crazy pygmy is chasing you it means you hate your mother. Stuff like that. Well I wonder what they could make of my dream. I was working at Big W and I was cleaning the make up shelves and I had long long fingernails. And that was it. There was no before or after. Just a glimpse of me – obviously a beauty school dropout. I don’t have long nails. But they’re not chewed either.

Now on a completely different track. Music track that is.  Running song of the week. (I can do 30 minutes at 8.5km per hour now). And believe me thats good – because I was really pathetic a few weeks ago and would give up at the first sign of puffing or tired legs. Now I power on. I always think of Kristie from last years biggest loser, running along saying  – it’s only pain, it’s only pain. So one of my faves at the moment. Should have known better by unwritten law. How do you come up with this line

Then we made love like a couple drunk buffalo                                                 

was that rough enough.

You really have to listen to it though for it to sound right.  Lovin it.


I’m counting calories again……. June 5, 2007

Because I need to do that every now and then just to remind myself how much a PORTION really is.  And a portion is REALLY small. So I have this programme on the computer and you put in every thing you eat throughout the day and it adds it all up for you. Calories, fat, protein, carbs etc. So I find the best thing to do, is as soon as you wake up, tally in any wine and cake you want to eat that day, then squeeze in any extras, like lunch and dinner. Oh I’m  just joking, I don’t eat cake. But it is a real eye opener to see how much fat and calories are in various things. So when you feel your pants getting a bit tight – count your calories. Of course if you have a pair of self supporting pants you may not need to. I wonder what that actually means. I have a vision of them just standing in the corner after you take them off. He certainly looks very confident in them though.



take a look at this woman… June 1, 2007

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Her name is francisca dennis. Isn’t she spectacular.


Now I’m going to crush you. She’s had SIX children. See, now this is the sort of information that both inspires and discourages me. I think – Wow, you can’t blame your kids for making you fat. I really can get in shape. Or I think – Damn, you can’t blame your kids for making you fat. I really can get in shape.


961 kilojoules………. May 30, 2007

Thats a lot. Thats how many in a smirnoff black label vodka – 335ml. That’s almost a meal! Thats a LOT of bootcamp dvd’s. And thats a shame. Because I really would have liked one tonight to soothe my throat, that feels like it’s been freshly and violently rubbed with sandpaper. No wonder you start to feel podgy after a week of having a couple of them every night! They’ll have to be special occasion only. Sigh.