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typical of family really isn’t it… May 25, 2007

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you don’t want to talk to them for months on end and then when you really need to ask them something, they’re off in the provinces of china, squatting over holes to wee and eating pigs intestine. Thats where my sister is anyway. And I hope she’s taking lots of photos I can steal to use for money making purposes. Here’s a bit of her first email. Greetings from China No: 1

Wow!! And Wow!!   What a place this is

If you have any qualms or worries about how you look or are self conscious about any mannerisms you have, then China is NOT the place for you.  People just openly stare and point (and sometimes giggle) at you!!

It’s a good idea to build up your thigh muscles before you come – although China is nudging its way forward there are still a LOT of “eastern” toilets  some more high tech than others; ranging from tin “holes” to ceramic “bowls”complete with raised platforms to plant your feet on.

Jianghui picked the dishes for dinner – I was pleased to see that he stayed away from pigeon and pig’s tongue that first night. But we did get the pig’s tongue the next night in Nanjing!  And you haven’t lived until you have tried Pickled Duck Eggs!!! (nasty!!)! And there was something squigly pink in a
broth which he said was “traditional” that I just couldn’t bring myself to even try.

I was so thrilled to see toast available for breakfast this morning alongside the conchi!  I don’t think I have ever enjoyed toast with strawberry jam so much!!They do not make good coffee though!!! It seems to be Nescafe instant! (Panthergirl would just like to butt in here and note that she actually loves her instant nescafe!!)  At dinner last night 4 people drank yogurt in copious quantity.   I have hardly had any wine here as it is pretty awful.  There is only Chinese wine in the restaurants –  Dynasty is one label and The Great Wall is another (that’s imaginative!!).

Tonight we thought “NO chinese food” for dinner We found “The Cheese Pub” ……  slightly misnamed – its main attraction was pizza though it did have lamb curry, pork chops and some fish dishes; but no bar. No-one spoke english though the menu had english descriptions as well as a photo of each dish. I ordered a fruit pizza and Paul wanted to make his own with Pepperoni, onion & mushroom.  The girl came back twice to confirm what he wanted and then brought over another girl to go through it again AND then a guy! He was not confident of getting his pizza with what he wanted. Well ….  guess what??  Neither of us got what we wanted ……  the fruit pizza came with pepperoni,
onion and mushroom as well!!! No wonder they were checking!!!! Funnily it didn’t taste that bad!!!!

Panthergirl would also like to note that fruit pizza doesn’t sound like a meal.