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still standing June 10, 2007

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Telling your daughter that a flood may be coming seems to be the best way to get her to clean her room. Lizzie spent the afternoon packing a bag of important things to take with her if we were evacuated – that included her camera, ipod, phone. Then she put all her favourite things above waist level. Then, just in case we had to go to an evacuation centre she put on a decent t shirt, did her hair and put on makeup.  I was 99% sure the levy would hold as it is 15 metres high and the river was only due to peak at 14.3 metres (as long as we didn’t get any sudden rain). So I listened to the SES report at 11pm then went to bed. (I did leave my bra on, just in case I had to make a sudden dash). So I’m in bed with the light off and Kimba storms in and says – you can’t just go to bed like normal. And I said – what do you want me to do. And she said – I don’t know, sit up on the lounge all night. Bugger that – not like I can stop the water coming. I did wake up a couple of times through the night and tap my toe on the floor just to see if there was water there. One lady rang up the radio this morning and said they still had 6 feet of water in their house. Some people spent the night sleeping in their roof space. Today the place is mad – helicopters around and people everywhere having a sticky beak. There are actually traffice jams due to all the cars driving around looking. There is not a loaf of bread around. We got the last 6 bread rolls from the bakery. It has been an amazing few days. Stories of people surviving being washed away in creeks, stormwater drains and cars are being heard a lot. It’s a wonder more people weren’t killed.

These are the lonely netball courts.

If you haven’t seen the pasher bulker on newcastle beach – it’s worth a look. Amazing


in the news April 19, 2007

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Lloyd has just got his P Plates. Which is going to be both very handy and very terrifying. He’s gone off for a drive already. Jem and I have plans for him. He can take us out somewhere fancy for lunch then come and pick us up so we can have a bottle of wine with lunch. He says we can’t just use him. But we can.

Kimba has had her first week of work and it’s going well. She gets paid a packet as she’s on casual rates. She gets her first pay tomorrow and I think  she’s spent it already between the hairdresser, the clothes shop, the newsagent and the twistie aisle. . Hmm now I just have to work out a fair amount for board.

Lizzie has finished her monster jigsaw puzzle. And it only took 4 months. I can’t believe it survived, between the cat lying on it and us eating on top of it. But it’s done – the whole 1000 pieces. Well 999 actually. One piece was missing and I don’t mind saying she was mighty pissed off about it. But we did a bodgy on it and you can hardly even notice.



P.S. April 12, 2007

ok, well as a follow up on yesterday, it would seem that I’m not living lightly on this earth at all. I’m actually an eco destroyer. I have come to this conclusion after opening our electricity bill today. Lets just say it was over $600 – oh ok, it was over $700. But it was a hot summer – wasn’t it?  But I can tell you right now, it’ll be a very cold winter.

On a better note, I made this magnet for a friend and even though she said don’t spend too much time, I did.


credits to the lillypad for gorgeous flowers – they have heaps of nice stuff there.


eco challenge April 11, 2007

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How bizzare. I watch SBS on wednesday nights. I like to watch Cathy Freeman and Luke (Caroll, I think). I’m presuming most people know who cathy freeman is. Anyway they do a show called Going Bush. They travel around outback australia and experience aboriginal culture. (as they are aboriginal). Now prior to that show is another one called Eco Challenge (you should watch it). Two families are being tested on their enviromental awareness. Tonight was the first night and they had to have a 24 hour lockdown where they were allowed no power, water, cars, basically anything that has an impact on the environment. It was amazing how the mindset of the families affected their experience. One family was very optimistic. They saw it as an adventure. They went to the beach for a bath, caught public transport, set up buckets in their backyard to flush toilets. The other family – mainly the father – were very pessimistic. Woe is me, was the attitude. The son was in tears because they told him he couldn’t go to a party as they didn’t have a car. They were in the city for gods sake – I mean  buses, trains, FEET. But, then in the next show I’m watching the aboriginal people out in the middle of nowhere, fishing and hunting, sitting around fires as families, living happily and lightly. We can really learn something from them. I heard a woman talking on the radio last week and she said something that has stuck with me and has become my motto.

I try to live lightly on the earth. We should all try and live lightly on the earth.