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a life long love June 18, 2007

when I heard that our house could get flooded the first things I put up as high as I could were the photo albums. Besides that I only put three things on top of the wardrobe. This may be partly due to me being an optimist and not really thinking the water would come and partly due to me being stupid. But the three things I put out of dangers way were – Pink Teddy, Lulu and my book Teddy Edward at the seaside. Pink Teddy was given to me when I was born and I was  very attached to him and could spend hours lying in my cot twisting his blue ribbon around my toe until he flew out. Then I would scream until someone gave him back. Lulu came a few years later and I don’t remember being a real doll person but I thought she was about the coolest thing around. The teddy edward book is still worth a read. Teddy had an adventure at the beach with his little girl and they author took photos of teddy out on the rocks and in lobster pots and in a boat with his friends. It still gives me a laugh. So they are my life long loves which is the elsie challenge for this week.


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the importance of laundry…… May 26, 2007

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this little gem comes from the NSW Department of Education in 1941. It was an instruction leaflet for post primary housecraft.  So any young ladies out there – read and learn.

The Importance of Laundry

Whether your washing is done in a proper laundry… or whether it is done in tubs in the back yard, it is still an important branch of housework. Can I hear you say that you do not like these lessons as well as the ones in Cookery? Even if that is so, you must remember that the washing has to be done by someone, and that someone will probably be you one day. Do you not think it is a wise plan to learn to do it well? I am sure you do. So why not aim at being the best laundress in the district; better even than mother, if that is possible.


Jack Reacher …..continued April 6, 2007

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Don’t you love it when you buy a new book and the title is embossed. I love to sit and run my fingers over it. The new jack reacher novel has an embossed title and it has a kind of plastic feel. Everytime I sit down with it I run my fingers over it.

These are my glamour girls. I made them into postcards for gift tags and stuff. I love these girls. Spent a long time with them with the healing brush and the clone tool.



Find your inner bitch ladies April 4, 2007

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it could be a beautiful thing.



don’t mind the copyright eyeball.

Also I’d just like to say that I have the new jack reacher book in my hands.