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the butterfly – a fish out of water May 9, 2007

I took this photo on the weekend. And I’d just like to say that butterfly’s have an annoying habit of flapping their wings violently and moving about too much. But, I got one, to use for an art journal card themed – Nature. So I slapped it on the page and was looking at it and I said to Kimba – hey that wing at the back looks like a fish face. And she said – hey and that orange bit at the front looks like a prawn head. And then I said – get out of here, that other wing looks like a shell, an oyster shell or something. (Or maybe we’re the only ones who see all that). Anyway, it left me wondering, why does a butterfly thinks it’s best form of defence is to go around dressed as a seafood platter?



parents April 20, 2007

What can you do with them? Really.  My prompt this week for the deck of cards challenge was Parents. My parents are terrible role models. Too much eating, drinking, smoking, yelling. There have been strokes, falls, knee replacements, high blood pressure, broken hips. I see nothing good about old age. I told the kids yesterday that if they’ve put me in a home and there is a sudden gastro outbreak that they must remove me immediately before any deaths occurr. They say they will, but hmm I’m not so sure they will. And I’m not even going to think about the old lady I saw yesterday who was so hunched over she couldn’t look straight ahead. MORE MILK ladies. And squeeze those shoulders back. NOW.



The Public Poo …….continued April 5, 2007

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I thought I was finished with the public poo issue, but Ninja sent me some information I must share.  PARCOPRESIS – thats the name for a phobia also known as “bashful bowel syndrome”, inability to defecate in public toilets.  I’m definitely in the early stages of it. There is also PARURESIS – “shy bladder syndrome”, fear of urinating in the company of others. I don’t suffer from this one though as I generally find that a good dose of toilet paper put in the toilet before you start solves that problem. But there will be a self help book and DVD out soon to help all of you who are dealing with these issues.

Now, deck of card challenge was Whats on Your Mind. Well, my mind is usually full and running 24/7 so it was hard to fit it on 2.5 inches.

whats on your mind