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still standing June 10, 2007

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Telling your daughter that a flood may be coming seems to be the best way to get her to clean her room. Lizzie spent the afternoon packing a bag of important things to take with her if we were evacuated – that included her camera, ipod, phone. Then she put all her favourite things above waist level. Then, just in case we had to go to an evacuation centre she put on a decent t shirt, did her hair and put on makeup.  I was 99% sure the levy would hold as it is 15 metres high and the river was only due to peak at 14.3 metres (as long as we didn’t get any sudden rain). So I listened to the SES report at 11pm then went to bed. (I did leave my bra on, just in case I had to make a sudden dash). So I’m in bed with the light off and Kimba storms in and says – you can’t just go to bed like normal. And I said – what do you want me to do. And she said – I don’t know, sit up on the lounge all night. Bugger that – not like I can stop the water coming. I did wake up a couple of times through the night and tap my toe on the floor just to see if there was water there. One lady rang up the radio this morning and said they still had 6 feet of water in their house. Some people spent the night sleeping in their roof space. Today the place is mad – helicopters around and people everywhere having a sticky beak. There are actually traffice jams due to all the cars driving around looking. There is not a loaf of bread around. We got the last 6 bread rolls from the bakery. It has been an amazing few days. Stories of people surviving being washed away in creeks, stormwater drains and cars are being heard a lot. It’s a wonder more people weren’t killed.

These are the lonely netball courts.

If you haven’t seen the pasher bulker on newcastle beach – it’s worth a look. Amazing


well, I really don’t want to get flooded out June 9, 2007

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but the river is rising very fast. And it’s not expected to peak until midnight. Which gives me visions of stepping out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and being up to my knees in water. You wouldn’t believe that so much rain could fall so hard for so long.  People have been washed away, animals lost, boats washed onto the beach, cars abandoned, schools closed. And by boats I mean huge coal ships.  I sent daz to the school at lunchtime to get lizzie yesterday as it would have been too miserable to be there and he said it was like there’d been a bomb blast. People running around, knee high water, girls crying. More storms are about to come. Maybe I should start putting things up on the cupboards. This house has already been flooded once. It only came half way up the walls but I absolutely refuse to get on the roof at midnight. And I’d also like to say that being in a cyclone must be one of the most terrifying things you could experience. Last night here was so windy and it was a bit scary – can’t imagine what a cyclone would feel like. Apparently we have 12 hours more storm weather about to hit. Oh well, I’ve wanted new carpet for a while now.


designer vagina …. part 2 April 30, 2007

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Christopher A. Warner says he considers himself
something of a maverick, a caring physician willing to
challenge medical orthodoxy in order to help women.

That’s why the 39-year-old board-certified
obstetrician-gynecologist recently opened the Laser
Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Washington in a red
brick townhouse off Washington Circle. There, he is
building a business as the first area physician to perform controversial procedures that use a laser to
 enhance sexual gratification by repairing tissue
damaged by childbirth, to give women a “youthful
aesthetic look” or to make those who are not appear to
be virgins.

David L.Matlock, the flamboyant California gynecologist who
invented or popularized many of these surgeries, says
he has performed more than 3,000 in the past 12 years
and has trained 140 doctors in a dozen states and 20
countries, including Argentina, Korea and Australia.

The proliferation of such surgeries, fueled in part by the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery and of reality television makeover shows such as the E!
network’s “Dr. 90210,” alarms critics, who say there
is no evidence they are safe or effective, because
they have never been studied scientifically. Some say
the procedures foster — or create — insecurity while
doing little to treat the underlying causes of female
sexual dissatisfaction.

“I’m asked about these procedures a lot,” said sex
therapist Laura Berman, who directs an eponymous
clinic for women in Chicago. “We’re in a culture,
unfortunately, where most women are falling down a
slippery slope with plastic surgery. It’s very

And Nawal Nour, an assistant professor of obstetrics
and gynecology at Harvard Medical School, is no fan of
what she calls “designer vaginas.”“I have always believed that empowerment is via the brain, not the body,” Nour said.

Critics and supporters of vaginal cosmetic surgery say
the mainstreaming of graphic images, including
pornography, is fueling demand.
 Warner and Matlock say that patients frequently
request “a nice sleek look” similar to images seen in
Playboy magazine and on some cable TV channels. “Women
tell us they want to look like they’re 18 again,”
Matlock said.

There is little dispute that one procedure, known as
hymenoplasty, is performed primarily for the
impression it will make on men.
The surgery, which takes about 30 minutes, restores
the hymen, the membrane that typically covers the
vagina prior to first intercourse. Surgeons say there
is a growing demand for the surgery, particularly
among women of Middle Eastern and Hispanic descent —
cultures where female chastity can be a prerequisite
for marriage.

Berman said that hymenoplasty thrives on credulousness
and that patients “fall prey to these surgeons who
say, ‘I can make you look perfect.’ “

 “It’s one more thing we can feel insecure about,” she
observed. “We women are just suckers for that.” ·

Cosmetic Surgery’s New Frontier  Procedures Popularized In L.A.’s 90210 Come to D.C.’s 20037

By Sandra G. Boodman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 6, 2007; HE01


designer vagina’s April 29, 2007

Do you have one? Get your mirrors and have a quick check to see  that everythings in order down there. But don’t panic if things don’t look great because you can have cosmetic mutilation surgery to fix any “problems” and make the whole genital area look aesthetically pleasing. Because it’s definitely an area that gets a lot of viewing. COME ON girls – enough is enough. How do women become so unhappy with their body image that they feel they must do this.



Vivian Bullwinkel April 26, 2007

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I read a book about vivian bullwinkel recently and notice there is a show about her on abc tonight. She was a nurse in the army and was in singapore in 1942. When it became clear that the japanese were going to invade they evacuated all the nurses and patients on a ship which was bombed and sunk by the japanese. She made it to shore where she and 22 other surviving nurses were gathered up by japanese soldiers and told to stand out in the water where they were machine gunned. She was shot and pretended to be dead until they left. She was the only survivor and went into the forest where she lived for 12 days with a british soldier she found who’d survivied a similar experience. When he died after 12 days she surrendered and spent the next three years in a japanese camp.  So, now you don’t need to watch it – but you should. The book I read was crap because it wasn’t written by her and it was actually a novel someone wrote pretending to be her. So I didn’t see how this author could really know what vivian thought about the whole thing after she arrived back in australia which was when it was based. Too much tv tonight. I have to try and fit in that, andrew dentons trip to gallipoli, final of the biggest loser and lost. Although I read in the paper that Damien was spotted eating THREE meat pies somewhere and Greg was scoffing into the ice cream. Say it isn’t so!!!


parents April 20, 2007

What can you do with them? Really.  My prompt this week for the deck of cards challenge was Parents. My parents are terrible role models. Too much eating, drinking, smoking, yelling. There have been strokes, falls, knee replacements, high blood pressure, broken hips. I see nothing good about old age. I told the kids yesterday that if they’ve put me in a home and there is a sudden gastro outbreak that they must remove me immediately before any deaths occurr. They say they will, but hmm I’m not so sure they will. And I’m not even going to think about the old lady I saw yesterday who was so hunched over she couldn’t look straight ahead. MORE MILK ladies. And squeeze those shoulders back. NOW.



the clever country April 3, 2007

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Yesterday on the news I saw two examples that demonstrate how australians can either be extremely clever or extremely dumb. Yesterday a nationwide  programme began that will see australian high school girls vaccinated against cervical cancer for free. The vaccine was developed by australian doctors. They’re the clever ones. Also yesterday the east coast of australia was put on a tsunami alert after an earthquake and tsunami hit the solomon islands and destroyed 13 villages and killed at least 20 people. So all the east coast beaches were closed, yet people went to the beach with deck chairs and cameras in hope of seeing a tsunami. They are the dumb ones. A lot of tourists thought it might bring a little excitement to their holidays as well.  I read in a north coast paper:

“Sitting on the lawn behind the beach, Spanish tourists Eduardo Perez and Inma Sorribes hoped the tsunami would come – so long as it remained small.

Mr Perez said the couple had abandoned plans to go diving because of the tsunami, so instead spent the morning sitting just off the beach with a camera, hoping to grab a photo of it. “