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Say NO to Cellulite April 21, 2007

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So I did. And it didn’t listen. See, I read an article in a magazine a while ago. Ok, I  didn’t actually read the article, I read the headline. And it said Say NO to Cellulite. So ever since then I’ve been having a stern word with mine but it’s being quite stubborn. So I decided to get rid of it the old fashioned way. Running. Which is quite a boring hobby and I’m sure all that poundng can’t be good for your knees and ankles. So I’ve just decided to wear long pants for the rest of my life (which I mostly do anyway). However if there are any runners out there I’d like to share a tip with you. I was running for half an hour going between 8kmp/h and 10kmp/h and after about 20 minutes I’d be sick of it. BUT I discovered that if you programmed your music playlist so Wolfmothers Joker and the Thief came on at the 20 minute mark it was perfect for 10kmp/h running and would keep you going for the final 10 minutes.

Also I was back into the slides yesterday and found this photo. It was taken in Guernsey and every year they have this flower show and all the floats are made completely from flowers. Can’t imagine how many went into this float alone. Gorgeous though.