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i’m bringing sexy back August 31, 2007

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Not me specifically – especially not now that I have a revolting cold and throat infection and my hair is greasy and my eyes are red on the inside yet ringed with black on the outside. And I carry a bandana around to blow my nose on which I hope after a good wash will be good to put in my hair again. You wonder sometimes don’t you how your body can produce so much snot and phlegm. But after thats all fixed, well I guess anythings possible.


I used catscrap  syrin ugly flowers and ida doodle hearts, erica hite hearts and two peas frame. (I didn’t call them ugle flowers – she did).


yummy marshmallow slice is… August 29, 2007

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really sweet and sickly actually. Unless you have a sweet tooth in which case it is yummy. I’m more of a savoury person myself. You know –  pizza, hot chips, that sort of stuff. But it does look good.





One thing that gives me a laugh August 28, 2007

is having a look at how people have arrived at this blog. What search engine term they’ve typed in. Now I don’t actually remember writing about “stinky boy armpits” but there you go – I could be wrong. And people, I’d just like to say EAT MORE FIBRE. Apparently there are quite a few people out there suffering constipation.

Now here’s a pic of matilda and one of her friends. Hmm teenage girls – sweet little things aren’t they. And they weren’t even pissed off about anything when this was taken.


Credit to rhonna farrer word art overlay, ida at catscrap butterfly thingy and michelle coleman grungy overlay.


sin city rain August 23, 2007

sorry, couldn’t think of a more interesting title. Anyway, I saw this challenge to do your take on the sin city effect. Which is basically the rain. Which is a bit tricky. I checked out a few tutorials and found to be the best. So here’s my take on it. I’d like to thank matilda for being my model again and jessie for taking snaps. I’d also like to point out that I don’t make them eat peas every day.



the man who wasn’t there August 16, 2007

My father used to say this verse to me when I was small. I’m sure he thought it was harmless but it kinda freaked me out. It often just pops into my head. I was definitely not a happy camper the day this photo was taken.


Credits – scray stair man is from the evil dead 2 movie poster, stair photo from and grungy overlay by michelle coleman.


you can’t run under a sprinkler anymore August 13, 2007

Not where we live anyway. Droughts and level 4 water restrictions put an end to that sort of fun. But we used to do it a lot as kids. I think we had a bore or dam the water came from so we weren’t just there wasting resources. We can barely run the hose at all anymore, let alone use a sprinkler. It works on an odds and evens basis. So even house numbers can use hand held hose for 1 hour at night on even dates. No car washing at all (which I don’t believe in anyway).  Lucky we had the flood recently – in some ways of course.

Here are my sisters and brother many many years ago looking like they’re in for a good dose of sunburn. This shall count as my elsie challenge – make it mega. And I thought I had. Made the lettering mega but now I look at it, it’s not really. But thats because I love the photo so much and kept making it larger.


credits to scrapgirls rust paper template, for the absolute best brushes out there and daughter jessie for her cute little rabbit drawing.


my parents on the other hand August 12, 2007

are quite strange people. It’s like they had children then didn’t quite know what to do with them – well, I know how that feels. I do sometimes find myself looking at my kids and thinking that I must really be a grown up now. And thats a bit disappointing.

The lovely blue flowers here were drawn by daughter jessie. I now have her locked in her bedroom drawing things for me to use.