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make it sparkle June 12, 2007

Oh dear. This photo brings back memories. It was the easter hat parade and Daz, Lizzie and I were there to watch Lloyd and Kimba strut their stuff. Kimba is wearing a most stylin outfit as you can see¬†and their class had made the coolest paper mache easter hats I’ve ever seen. As you can see Lizzie is wearing her own style of easter hat, on a hat. It had easter eggs glued to it but they fell off and a friend of ours then accidentally kicked them across the playground while hurrying past. Daz is looking, ummm interesting, if not a little menacing in all black. And the mullet was in full force. It wasn’t at it’s peak mulletness – that was about two years previous. Which makes me think he had it way too long. Anyway that photo of the two of them always gives me a laugh and I stuck kimba in from another pic but didn’t take one of Lloyd. I remember he had a yellow crown type hat though. Oh yeah – this was elsie challenge 35 – Make it Sparkle baby.

doodles from catscrap and sparkle word and overlay from michelle coleman

hang on – I found Lloyd (he always thinks I take no photos of him) – I’ll wack him in above somewhere before I print it.


say cheese… May 10, 2007

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There is one day of the school calender that is fraught with danger. FRAUGHT with the possibility of tears, tantrums and harsh words. A morning when hair will be carefully styled and variations of the smile will be practised and studied. The day of the school photo. Today is that day. And it’s raining. Which is a disaster for the carefully styled hair. Do you know there are some 15 year old girls out there who are going to the hairdresser to get their hair done for the photo. It won’t make any difference, they’ll still look bad. That is the aim of the school photo. No one even looks at school photos. Well not for about 20 years. Then you get them out when you need a good laugh. The worst (funniest) ¬†school photo I’ve seen belongs to Daz. He was about 10 and we think he was in a class for the “special” kids and his mum just didn’t tell him. Because it really does look like they rounded up a gang of kids from an asylum and took a picture of them. I wish I could put it in but I don’t want to offend (or scare) anyone).