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i’m bringing sexy back August 31, 2007

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Not me specifically – especially not now that I have a revolting cold and throat infection and my hair is greasy and my eyes are red on the inside yet ringed with black on the outside. And I carry a bandana around to blow my nose on which I hope after a good wash will be good to put in my hair again. You wonder sometimes don’t you how your body can produce so much snot and phlegm. But after thats all fixed, well I guess anythings possible.


I used catscrap  syrin ugly flowers and ida doodle hearts, erica hite hearts and two peas frame. (I didn’t call them ugle flowers – she did).


satisfaction brought him back…. May 19, 2007

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Well, satisfaction may have once brought a cat back. But vodka and tears sure didn’t. You wonder how a small (well at 9 kilos he wasn’t that small for a cat), animal could break your heart like that. We’ve had four cats but they all lived to great ages and when they died I was also heartbroken but you knew they had at least had a long happy spoiled rotten life. Carl just went too suddenly, too young. Ah well, I can feel the tears welling, so it’s best I think if I don’t talk about him for a while. So just one more photo.