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make it sparkle June 12, 2007

Oh dear. This photo brings back memories. It was the easter hat parade and Daz, Lizzie and I were there to watch Lloyd and Kimba strut their stuff. Kimba is wearing a most stylin outfit as you can see and their class had made the coolest paper mache easter hats I’ve ever seen. As you can see Lizzie is wearing her own style of easter hat, on a hat. It had easter eggs glued to it but they fell off and a friend of ours then accidentally kicked them across the playground while hurrying past. Daz is looking, ummm interesting, if not a little menacing in all black. And the mullet was in full force. It wasn’t at it’s peak mulletness – that was about two years previous. Which makes me think he had it way too long. Anyway that photo of the two of them always gives me a laugh and I stuck kimba in from another pic but didn’t take one of Lloyd. I remember he had a yellow crown type hat though. Oh yeah – this was elsie challenge 35 – Make it Sparkle baby.

doodles from catscrap and sparkle word and overlay from michelle coleman

hang on – I found Lloyd (he always thinks I take no photos of him) – I’ll wack him in above somewhere before I print it.


D.I.Y. surgery May 12, 2007

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It seems my tonsils have gone missing. The doc was having a look around the zone yesterday and said – have you had your tonsils out and I said – no, why, are they gone and he said yes. Some years ago I had tonsilitis for about two years and my doctor said – thats it, they have to go and that was the last time I had it. I was so terrified of having them out due to the horrendous stories I’d heard that my brain must have done some freaky physcho surgery and killed them. So thats handy. Wonder if I can convine it to do a tummy tuck. Also on the DIY front I painted this calico that I love, love and will slice it up for gift bags with a bit of green, maybe orange ribbon.



the kings cross wax works May 2, 2007

how cool was that place. We went there a few times when I was a kid and I loved it. I particularly liked the guy being tortured on the rack and the shark attack scene. We went to kings cross for a few family holidays. It was so exciting. Seeing the fountain and the ice cream shop. All the strip clubs. This was in the 70’s and it seemed very glamorous to me. I think we went so dad could go to the cricket. So I was pleased to find this packet of matches and she has become my favourite. I’ve made her into a coaster and she shall be mine. Daz says she looks a “bit rough”. But thats exactly what I like about her. She hasn’t been airbrushed or photoshopped, she hasn’t got fake boobs and she looks like she wouldn’t take crap from anyone. What you see is what you get. The backgrounds a bit grubby so I’ll fix that. Go girl



making your own coasters May 1, 2007

Is much harder than I thought it would be. When I looked into how people were making them, they seemed to be sticking a picture to cork and putting a sealer on it. But they looked crap. So I decided to put a piece of wood between the picture and the cork. Which looks much better but you have to get all the sides level and smooth which requires a huge arse saw. But you can’t touch the picture with the saw or it gets shredded. Then to find a suitable sealer so they’re waterproof. You can’t use one that requires a brush or you get brush marks left on it. Have tried a gloss lacquer that took the colour out and a krylon finish that left bubbles on it. I think I’ll go with the krylon crystal clear. Although it does have a sticker on it saying that – in the state of california it has been known to cause cancer, birth defects and other abnormalities. So I guess it’s lucky that I’ve finished having kids and I don’t live in california. I’ve left a couple with the smash repair place and next time they spray a car they’re going to give them a blast to see how they look. If I was a quitter I’d have quit about a week ago.

Anyway I found this guy amongst the matches and I’ve turned him into a magnet and hopefully a coaster. Good old Bob. Wonder if he’s still around.