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cocktail hour August 12, 2007

I’ve just made these cocktail recipe magnets that I like very much. I’ve used bushes from dan at who I think is designing the best brushes out there. If you’re looking for flower/foilage brushes they are absolutely the best. So you can snap up a set of the magnets at – just check under magnets for a few others as well. Shameless I know.



two disappointing experiences today June 8, 2007

First one was when I went to put jam on my toast and found it to be full of dirty butter bits that people have wiped off in there. I don’t eat jam much but I wanted to try a bit of that new crumpet toast. Well, I just got the knive and stirred it violently until the butter blended through. Second was when I went to the toilet and the person before me left the toilet paper roll empty. Don’t worry – not totally empty. There was still that little bit thats glued to the roll there. There is good news today though – I’ve had a brain wave regarding my nude vintage ladies so I’m off to mess around with them. Now these guys aren’t wearing their self supporting pants. But they do have their levi flares. And they have skivvies. Nice placement of the chick as well.


I’m counting calories again……. June 5, 2007

Because I need to do that every now and then just to remind myself how much a PORTION really is.  And a portion is REALLY small. So I have this programme on the computer and you put in every thing you eat throughout the day and it adds it all up for you. Calories, fat, protein, carbs etc. So I find the best thing to do, is as soon as you wake up, tally in any wine and cake you want to eat that day, then squeeze in any extras, like lunch and dinner. Oh I’m  just joking, I don’t eat cake. But it is a real eye opener to see how much fat and calories are in various things. So when you feel your pants getting a bit tight – count your calories. Of course if you have a pair of self supporting pants you may not need to. I wonder what that actually means. I have a vision of them just standing in the corner after you take them off. He certainly looks very confident in them though.



961 kilojoules………. May 30, 2007

Thats a lot. Thats how many in a smirnoff black label vodka – 335ml. That’s almost a meal! Thats a LOT of bootcamp dvd’s. And thats a shame. Because I really would have liked one tonight to soothe my throat, that feels like it’s been freshly and violently rubbed with sandpaper. No wonder you start to feel podgy after a week of having a couple of them every night! They’ll have to be special occasion only. Sigh.



billy blanks kicked my arse May 29, 2007

I always knew exercise was no good for you. And after doing a billy blanks bootcamp dvd yesterday I am further convinced of this. Today my back is right on that edge – right at the point where I can feel one wrong move will send me to the lounge for a few days, stuck in this funny (not ha ha) bent over crooked kind of way. Shame really because it really felt like it was toning and trimming as I did it.

In other news, I found this advert and I think my mother must have seen it once as well, as I don’t remember sunscreen being a regular part of my childhood. And I definitely made friends with the sun. And as a result I now get to make friends with my sun damaged skin.



This line cracks me up… May 22, 2007

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just the image it conjurs up in my mind. And I found the perfect little picture to go with it.




thanks christ that was a dream… May 14, 2007

because I woke up and immediately checked that I didn’t in fact have one leg covered with gnarled, knotted varicose veins. It seemed so real. And why do they teach you that stupid verse at school anyway. I before E except after C. Because there are lots of words where the e is before i – and no c in sight. I’ve just had an interesting taste sensation. A sugary coffee with a salty breadstick. Not sure what I think about the salt/sugar combo. Magnet of the week and ain’t it the truth!