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rain rain go away August 20, 2007

I hate rainy days. You can’t say that though in these days of droughts and water restrictions. If word gets out that I hate rain the township will probably rustle up a lynch mob to deal with me. And living in a country town I can tell you that rain is a popular conversation topic. Nice drop of rain we’re having, isn’t the rain lovely, good to see some rain. That sort of thing. I just sort of go along with it. I’m not out of the closet as a sun lover. Now, my next elsie challenge. I think I’ve caught up to lee unless she’s done one today. Let me go check. Oh good – no she’s been too busy with sick kids and dodgy computers. Not to mention being a creative demon.

So this challenge was to make a frame, or a funky frame. So Jessie drew 2 hearts and I just copied them a few times an there you go. I know I know – it’s a bit slack but it does the job. I painted the background then scanned it in and the word art bit is from tina chambers



you can’t run under a sprinkler anymore August 13, 2007

Not where we live anyway. Droughts and level 4 water restrictions put an end to that sort of fun. But we used to do it a lot as kids. I think we had a bore or dam the water came from so we weren’t just there wasting resources. We can barely run the hose at all anymore, let alone use a sprinkler. It works on an odds and evens basis. So even house numbers can use hand held hose for 1 hour at night on even dates. No car washing at all (which I don’t believe in anyway).  Lucky we had the flood recently – in some ways of course.

Here are my sisters and brother many many years ago looking like they’re in for a good dose of sunburn. This shall count as my elsie challenge – make it mega. And I thought I had. Made the lettering mega but now I look at it, it’s not really. But thats because I love the photo so much and kept making it larger.


credits to scrapgirls rust paper template, for the absolute best brushes out there and daughter jessie for her cute little rabbit drawing.


a life long love June 18, 2007

when I heard that our house could get flooded the first things I put up as high as I could were the photo albums. Besides that I only put three things on top of the wardrobe. This may be partly due to me being an optimist and not really thinking the water would come and partly due to me being stupid. But the three things I put out of dangers way were – Pink Teddy, Lulu and my book Teddy Edward at the seaside. Pink Teddy was given to me when I was born and I was  very attached to him and could spend hours lying in my cot twisting his blue ribbon around my toe until he flew out. Then I would scream until someone gave him back. Lulu came a few years later and I don’t remember being a real doll person but I thought she was about the coolest thing around. The teddy edward book is still worth a read. Teddy had an adventure at the beach with his little girl and they author took photos of teddy out on the rocks and in lobster pots and in a boat with his friends. It still gives me a laugh. So they are my life long loves which is the elsie challenge for this week.


doodles from ida at (as usual)


make it sparkle June 12, 2007

Oh dear. This photo brings back memories. It was the easter hat parade and Daz, Lizzie and I were there to watch Lloyd and Kimba strut their stuff. Kimba is wearing a most stylin outfit as you can see and their class had made the coolest paper mache easter hats I’ve ever seen. As you can see Lizzie is wearing her own style of easter hat, on a hat. It had easter eggs glued to it but they fell off and a friend of ours then accidentally kicked them across the playground while hurrying past. Daz is looking, ummm interesting, if not a little menacing in all black. And the mullet was in full force. It wasn’t at it’s peak mulletness – that was about two years previous. Which makes me think he had it way too long. Anyway that photo of the two of them always gives me a laugh and I stuck kimba in from another pic but didn’t take one of Lloyd. I remember he had a yellow crown type hat though. Oh yeah – this was elsie challenge 35 – Make it Sparkle baby.

doodles from catscrap and sparkle word and overlay from michelle coleman

hang on – I found Lloyd (he always thinks I take no photos of him) – I’ll wack him in above somewhere before I print it.


elsie goes grunge June 4, 2007

Where do all the unspoken words go? Well I was wondering this (because I saw the nescafe ad and all the words are floating down drains etc etc) and I thought, I could combine that with the next elsie challenge, which was to use someone elses handwriting. And because I follow the rules in a very very abstract way I’m using mia’s scribblings. I don’t actually know mia. I got them from dafont. I love – you could stay lost in there for months and happily fill your computer with thousands of fonts. So here you go – Use Someone Elses Handwriting. Thanks Mia.



right here, right now, right here, right now May 27, 2007

This is me. Now. (Well Friday actually). Even though I do look like a heroin addict, I’m not. I always look like that. I’m a bit like Jon English, very dark around the eyes.  This was the elsie challenge for the week. Document yourself today (or similar).



Play with photo proportions May 21, 2007

 Poor Betty. She looks like an evil hound from the baskervilles. She’s quite sweet really. Well, besides her snot problem and her stomach thats covered in moles and her continual foot chewing and the fact that she always stinks, regardless of how many baths she has. So, she’s not very sweet at all really. This is elsie challenge 32 for me. Play with photo proportions. I think I’m square with now.