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off to never never land June 15, 2007

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I often wake up through the night not knowing where I am. My heart will be pumping, I’ll be sitting up and I won’t have a clue where I am. And I have to think really hard about it, to get it together. But a few nights ago I had a different experience. I woke up – same sort of thing, heart beating, sitting up, but I knew where I was – but I didn’t know who my mother was. I didn’t know where she lived, even if she was still alive. I didn’t know her name or what she looked like. What I was most worried about was – if she was meant to be living with me, had I lost her. I really had to think hard for a minute to remember who/where she was. Was a bit freaky.



you know how people analyse dreams June 14, 2007

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and they talk about different things meaning such and such. Like say if you dream about wild pigs it means you have a fear of ice cream or if you dream that a crazy pygmy is chasing you it means you hate your mother. Stuff like that. Well I wonder what they could make of my dream. I was working at Big W and I was cleaning the make up shelves and I had long long fingernails. And that was it. There was no before or after. Just a glimpse of me – obviously a beauty school dropout. I don’t have long nails. But they’re not chewed either.

Now on a completely different track. Music track that is.  Running song of the week. (I can do 30 minutes at 8.5km per hour now). And believe me thats good – because I was really pathetic a few weeks ago and would give up at the first sign of puffing or tired legs. Now I power on. I always think of Kristie from last years biggest loser, running along saying  – it’s only pain, it’s only pain. So one of my faves at the moment. Should have known better by unwritten law. How do you come up with this line

Then we made love like a couple drunk buffalo                                                 

was that rough enough.

You really have to listen to it though for it to sound right.  Lovin it.