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the importance of laundry…… May 26, 2007

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this little gem comes from the NSW Department of Education in 1941. It was an instruction leaflet for post primary housecraft.  So any young ladies out there – read and learn.

The Importance of Laundry

Whether your washing is done in a proper laundry… or whether it is done in tubs in the back yard, it is still an important branch of housework. Can I hear you say that you do not like these lessons as well as the ones in Cookery? Even if that is so, you must remember that the washing has to be done by someone, and that someone will probably be you one day. Do you not think it is a wise plan to learn to do it well? I am sure you do. So why not aim at being the best laundress in the district; better even than mother, if that is possible.


I wonder what that was all about?? May 24, 2007

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“Mum, do you think you could be an alcoholic?” Thats what kimba asked me tuesday night. But now I’m wondering, did she mean do you think you have the potential to be one, or you know, do you think you might actually be one. Then daz said “If she was going to be an alcoholic, she’d already be one by now”. And again I’m wondering, what does that mean exactly? So now I’m wondering  if having two glasses of wine while you cook dinner every night makes you an alcoholic. (OK three sometimes but I put a lot of ice in so that makes it equivalent to two. And don’t start about ice in wine – thats the way I like it). My sister told me once that if you have a drink every day that makes you an alcoholic. So I’ve decided to revise my drinking habits and just binge drink on weekends instead. I think Thursday counts as the weekend. So from now on it’ll just be go for it on thursday, friday, saturday then four days off. Sounds fair. Better check with the doctor next time about consequences to the liver.

This photo is of Betty being ridiculous. Who knows why she thought it’d be more comfortable sleeping on the arm of the chair. Oh, maybe she thought she wouldn’t get in trouble up there. Inside the mind of a staffy – it’s a mysterious world. Sorry – couldn’t be bothered fixing the evil pet eye.



This line cracks me up… May 22, 2007

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just the image it conjurs up in my mind. And I found the perfect little picture to go with it.




tartan a go-go May 5, 2007

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check out these  groovy dudes. Recently I found a photo of my sister and I taken in 1969, both wearing tartan. And I wondered if it was all the rage then.


Now I know the answer. I found a magazine from 1969 and this advertisement was in it. Looks like tartan was “in” back in 69. The pilot concerns me a bit. Her shoes don’t look practical for flying. And the bunny ears,  hmmm.




one of these women is related to me…….. April 28, 2007

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and that scares me.



I shouldn’t be alive April 15, 2007

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Thats the name of a show on television. I shouldn’t be alive. Wouldn’t you feel special if they rang you to be on that show.


old people starve to death April 6, 2007

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I’ve come to the conclusion that old people don’t eat salsa and don’t drink vodka. The lids on jars are so tight it’s impossible to imagine an older person ever being able to get the lids off. Old el paso salsa. Have you had any lately? I almost had to go and ask the next door neighbour to open some last night. And have you tried to open a bottle of absolut vodka lately? I keep my vodka out in the laundry fridge. And I often find myself out there with a bottle of vodka between my thighs twisting and twisting trying to open it. Then one of the kids come out and find me like some desperate alcoholic that can’t get into the bottle. So next pay I’m off to the chemist to get some of those tools for people with arthritis. A claw of some type to wrestle the top off the vodka. And the salsa. Because after all, whats the vodka without the salsa.