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flower power August 21, 2010

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I don't know whats happening in the rest of the world, but there's a disturbing trend happening here in Australia.


And lots of it. If you want to buy clothes at the moment you will need to have a true love of all things floral. And a touch of nostalgia for the seventies.

Imagine this. A loose fitting, full body, black cotton catsuit type thing. Gathered at the ankles, sleeveless, with a drawstring waist. And covered in thousands of yellow and pink flowers. It could be yours.

I even saw some broderie anglaise. And dare I say……. cheesecloth dresses. And long dresses. Floor length. I guess they're ankle length but on me they would drag on the floor. I've only ever tried on two ankle length dresses and both times ended up laughing at the sight of myself in the mirror. I felt like I was playing dress up in my mothers wardrobe thirty years ago.

I did buy one floral shirt. Big floral, in blues. I said to the girl, do you have it in any other colours? and she said, yes, we have it in purple and orange. And I said, I think I already did that in the seventies thanks.

But I bought it because I need something to wear to a family function coming up. I said to Lizzie – and I can wear it with white shorts, or white pants or even blue jeans. None of which I actually own of course.

I think I'll be giving spring clothes shopping a miss thanks. I hope you lot that are a season ahead of us have something better planned for my summer wardrobe.

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going on about garlic……….again July 26, 2010

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It seems like I'm always banging on about the price of garlic and how I have to get it from Mexico. I noticed yesterday that we have Chinese garlic now as well.

So if I want Australian garlic I have to buy organic garlic and have to buy a whole packet of it and it comes in at $56.00 per kilo. If I get the Chinese garlic I have to buy a bag of it as well and it comes in at $ 28.00 per kilo. So it makes me cranky that because I only wanted one head of garlic I had to get the Mexican garlic that comes in at $14.00 per kilo.

Surely somewhere in Australia someone can produce some bloody garlic.

Maybe I could grow my own. How do you grow garlic anyway? Can I do it in a pot? And how long does it take.

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two freaks meet at the supermarket July 20, 2010

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I've been given a dose of my own medicine.

I had one of those strange friendly people try to talk to me at the supermarket yesterday. Except she was much weirder than I am. She was being random. When I talk to someone I have a point.

Like I might say to someone – haha, I'm stalking you.

Obviously I don't say that to just anyone. But in a town this size you'll often be out and about and within an hour or so you see someone at the post office, then the bank and the library then you see them again at the supermarket. So I can say I'm stalking them.

Or if I see someone looking at those new rice crackers that are out, discussing with their daughter if they should buy them, I tell them not to bother because they're bloody awful. They were grateful.

Or you can just say something about the price of tomatoes. Everyone likes to bitch about the price of tomatoes here. Especially considering what crap quality they are.

So, anyway, yesterday I was looking at the bread rolls and this lady standing down the aisle a bit chuckled then said

That's just not right. Oh, thats not right at all.

So I sort of smiled at her so she didn't feel like a weirdo and went back to my bread rolls. Because apparently thats where my problems begin. A friend told me that I make eye contact with the freaks and carry on the conversation when I should just nod and walk away.

But then this lady walked up to me and thrust this packet at me and said

Look at that. It's not right. (still laughing)

It looked alright to me. It was two decent pieces of chocolate mud cake in a nice little packet.

So I just said that I thought it was always a good idea to stay away from that section completely. There are millions of calories worth of trouble there.

Then I walked away and she walked past me again and said it again!

Oh thats not right at all.

And thats what happens when you don't be polite and carry on the conversation. You're left with a mystery.

What's not right? I've been pondering this all night. I think she meant it wasn't right that they made the cake look so lovely because people wouldn't be able to resist buying it. Although we both did resist. Maybe she meant the price wasn't right. Maybe she meant it wasn't right that there wasn't a whole cake. Or it wasn't right that she would have to share a bit with her husband or someone.

So this not being polite doesn't work for me. It leaves too many unanswered questions.

I'm considering going back for the cake today. It did look very good. And perfectly right.


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fruit and veg May 31, 2010

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I love how they try to hide the toffee apples in amongst the other fruit at the supermarket. Just in case someone really does think these things grow on trees.

And I was a little concerned about the sign on the asparagus. Until I realised they weren't talking about the asparagus. Mind you I have been concerned about the asparagus for a long time now because it always seems to come from Peru. I always refuse to buy it. I mean how fresh can asparagus be that I buy in NSW that's come from Peru??

It just says to alert one of the staff if you see something that's unsafe for customers and staff. Which could be about a thousand things I see every week while I shop. Including the asparagus. I might alert them next week.

And see that lost pineapple rolling around the floor?

I had nothing to do with it.

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no cats allowed April 17, 2010

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I made it to Harvey Norman this week to get the new wok. Harvey Norman is one of those big stores that sell everything for the home. Lounges, beds, computers, woks, tv's, yadda yadda. But it was just as well that I decided to leave the cat at home.



In bedtime stories I thought we'd finally had a night cool enough to wear my winter pj pants. But I woke up through the night in a sweat and had to toss them and turn on the fan. Autumn hasn't really arrived yet even though we're almost two months into it.



In foodie news

Potato Bake is good. It all ended with me lying on the lounge moaning – Please, someone take the potato bake away from me.


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wok rot April 9, 2010

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You know what I find really annoying?

When you spend 45 minutes driving to a major store, to spend $70.00 on a new electric, non stick, metal utensil safe wok, which the salesgirl spends at least 20 minutes out the back looking for, only to drive home, get it out of the box only to find the inside surface to be all scratched up.

Now I have to drive back there to replace it.


In other driving news, the quest to achieve Lizzie's 120 hours of learner driving continues. Today she is going to drive me to McDonalds for lunch. In the next town over, which will add a couple of hours to the tally.

Unfortunately it is in the opposite direction to the wok shop.

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devious girls and not so clever husbands April 3, 2010

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I rang up Daz the other day and said to him

I see you've taken up smoking

and he said

why would you even say such a thing?

well I said because I'm looking through the motorcharge account and it says here that you bought six packets of fags from the caltex this month

Turns out the girl who works there was being sneaky. Whenever someone stupid like my husband bought petrol she'd put a packet of cigarettes on the bill as well. Then sell them to her friends.

But surely I said you must have to sign a docket

Well yes he said, but I never look at whats on it.

So the girl has been fired, (she was doing it to a lot of people) and Daz has learnt that he should read his dockets before he signs them.

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