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Miss Independence August 19, 2010

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Miss Lizzie finally has her braces off. So life can resume for her and the orthodontist can add a new room to his holiday home in Venice. Or do whatever it is he does with all my money.

I have to say it took me a few days to get used to the teeth. I haven't seen them since October 2008 and they were kind of startling at first. Almost two years in braces!! Shudder at the thought. She tells me she has forgotten how to smile. But she was looking forward to eating some KFC without having to spend the half hour afterwards picking it out of her braces.

In what turned out to be even more thrilling news she got her P's yesterday. And she's bought herself a car. She's loving it. She went for about six drives last night.

At the moment she's down at the showground. She drove there and its only about 70 metres away.

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In My Opinion May 28, 2010

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You know just because you have an opinion about something it doesn't mean you actually know anything about it.

Country life, love it or hate it, pros and cons, yadda and nadda, one thing I have discovered this week is that every man and his dog in this town has an opinion about my daughter leaving school. And they feel quite free sharing it with me. And her. Mostly in voices that seem to be limited to tones of grave disappointment or hefty doses of sarcasm and implications that she's stupid in some way or destined to become an unemployable delinquent.

Actually I have a terrible confession to make.

One of my daughters best friends works at the chicken shop. GASP!!

I know, she serves people and gives them chicken.

And I know its probably hard for a lot of people in this town to believe, but she's funny and smart and loyal and gorgeous. I'm soooo over people who think that the world ends if your kid doesn't finish year 12 then go to University. I mean someone has to sell them their bloody chicken don't they. Oh thats right, as long as its not their kid. No wonder so many kids are found hanging in bloody trees.

You know we didn't make this decision in one instant. She didn't come home one day and say – hey Mum I'm really unhappy at school can I leave? And I said – ok.

It was thought and fought over for a long long time. There were tears and tantrums, there was pleading and begging. And that was only my side of the story.

This was given a lot of thought and consideration and the decision was made by myself, my husband (he played a very small role) and my daughter. When it came down to it, her happiness and wellbeing is whats most important to me. She's been out of school now for three days and she's already worked two of those, been to one job interview and applied for another. AND, her bedroom is clean.

So I don't appreciate adults making snide remarks to my young daughter and I certainly don't feel they need to break into tears in front of her and tell her it was only 85 more days to go.

It's nobody's business and I'm certainly not going to give them an explanation.

Why do people love to get into everyone elses business anyway. They must have pretty dull lives. Maybe they should be paying a bit more attention to their own kids and stop harassing mine. 

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teaching May 3, 2010

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I'm fed up with teachers at the moment. Except the two who are my best friends. Oh, ok, and Flamingo.

So far this week Lizzie has had her english teacher call her a – stupid little bitch – because she wants to drop out of year 12, and the deputy principal pull her out of assembly to tell her that she – sticks out like dogs balls. And that it's her laugh that lets her down. Really, who knew it, a good laugh is a bad thing.

Here in Australia we have Captain Starlight. He's part of the Starlight Foundation, which is to do with the Childrens Cancer Council. He's a funny guy. Thats his job. To make kids laugh. So he was at our school, doing a song and dance and he said something funny and Lizzie laughed. So this teacher pulled her out and told her that cancer was no laughing matter and that she was to write a one thousand page essay on why cancer was not funny. So Lizzie told me she was – taking a stand – and not going to do it. So the teacher said if she didn't do it she had to do three days after school detention. And I said you know what, no. Thats enough. No not funny cancer essay and no after school detention.

She also has some battle of the wills going on with her science teacher. Its like this teacher wants to break Lizzie. Crush her spirit. But I'm not that worried yet. Lizzie is not the way she is by chance. She comes from a long line of pig headed, determined bastards, and if Miss Bitch teacher doesn't watch out she'll end up rocking in a corner in a straight jacket.

A couple of things she has said to Lizzie. In front of the class.

I feel sorry for any children you may have. This was because Lizzie refused to clean up makeup that another girl had spilled on a desk.

I hope my daughter doesn't grow up to be anything like you. This is because her daughter is also called Lizzie and I guess Miss Bitch wants her to grow up to be a mean, ugly, nasty little bitch.

Oh and there was the time the PE teacher told her she was – a waste of space on the netball court. That was special.

Look, I'm not one of those parents who think their kids are perfect. And I know teaching is a tough job. But they chose to be a teacher, and thats not even really my problem. My problem is that they are the adult. And they need to start acting like one. Humiliating a 17 year old girl in front of the class is not the way to go. Calling her names, judging her, thats not appropriate either. Not one of them has spoken to her and asked her if she's depressed or having problems or being bullied or why does she want to leave school when she's always been a top student previously. (Don't worry, she's not being bullied. But I think most Year 12 kids are probably depressed and stressed to some degree).

Over the years we've had some fantastic teachers. Most of them actually. And Lizzie will do anything for them. She wants to do well for them. Because they treat her with respect and they have a sense of humour and they love teaching.

I haven't stepped in yet. But its getting close. She likes to deal with things on her own if she can.

Lizzie really wants to drop out of school. And I don't see it as the end of the world. Sure its a shame, but a lot of pressure is put on kids here to do well in your HSC exams. People act like its the end of your life if you don't do well in them. What annoys me is that if she does leave, these teachers will say she's a stupid girl and it's a waste of a brain and whatever but none of them will ever think that they may have played a tiny part in her decision.

Like I said last night – I'm the only one who gets to call you a stupid little bitch thanks very much.

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driving Miss Lizzie April 9, 2010

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Well she's driving me actually.

We drove to McDonalds yesterday as planned and I think we caused the biggest backlog of traffic in the history of NSW.

It was all good on the way there because there were plenty of overtaking lanes for people to get past. But on the way back there were hardly any and one of them was blocked off having road work done.

So Lizzie laughs and says to me

There are a lot of cars stuck behind us.

And I said – just ignore them. And she said – oh they don't bother me, but there's a LOT of cars behind us.

So I looked back and my god they seemed to go on forever. But at least the guy right behind us was sitting back and not riding right on our arse. Like most people do. Like if they get up there and hassle learner drivers they might go faster. I always figure that the people who sit back have their own kids learning to drive.

Yesterday we had a semi so close to us it reminded me of that movie Duel.

Anyway, when we finally got to an overtaking lane 38 cars got to go past.

It was pretty funny. Can just imagine the people right up the back, they'd be saying. Whats going on up ahead? I bet its a bloody L driver or a caravan.

But Miss Lizzie remained cool and calm and her merging skills are excellent.

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wok rot

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You know what I find really annoying?

When you spend 45 minutes driving to a major store, to spend $70.00 on a new electric, non stick, metal utensil safe wok, which the salesgirl spends at least 20 minutes out the back looking for, only to drive home, get it out of the box only to find the inside surface to be all scratched up.

Now I have to drive back there to replace it.


In other driving news, the quest to achieve Lizzie's 120 hours of learner driving continues. Today she is going to drive me to McDonalds for lunch. In the next town over, which will add a couple of hours to the tally.

Unfortunately it is in the opposite direction to the wok shop.

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controlling the control freak March 19, 2010

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When you happen to be a bit of a control freak, there's nothing quite like being the passenger with a learner driver to help you overcome that nasty habit.

I'm just back from a two hour drive with Lizzie. Thats how far we have to go to get to Target and back. On a winding country road. With big trucks overtaking you and coming towards you. And with no overtaking lanes.

On the way there I had my hands in my lap and she said to me

Why do your hands keep moving? Your're not going to try and grab the wheel are you?

And I wasn't, but my hands just sort of flutter about in my lap. Except when I'm gripping them together.

I drove a few times with Kimba and found it terrifying. She thought it was hilarious. She rang Daz up after our 6th drive together and said

Guess what? Mum didn't hold the wheel once today.

But now the learner drivers have to do 120 hours and I decided that if I couldn't just get over it, Lizzie will be about 40 before she gets P plates.

So I decided to just get a grip of my freak and tell it to give up the control.

It's going ok. She's a pretty good driver which helps.

And I'm pretty sure I didn't clench my jaw at all this time.


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bitch February 26, 2010

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I just received a lovely text message from my daughter. It said

Where the hells my orange juice bitch?

Well, its obviously not in her lunch box is it.

Bitch. Its a term of endearment around here. Well thats what I tell myself anyway. I got used to it years ago but I have banned the girls from saying it at the shops. People don't always understand our sense of humour.

You know when Lizzie was still a sweet young thing she gave me this little ornament. Its a bear holding a sign that says

MOM, is another word for LOVE

but I think I'll change it to

BITCH, is another word for MUM


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