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wash your hands August 11, 2010

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I read in the local paper yesterday, that every year in the hospitals in our region, 70 people die of blood poisoning caused by staff not washing their hands.

That must be pretty disappointing. To die because some festy worker didn't wash their hands before touching your catheter or drip.

But the thing that really gets me when I read the results of these surveys is the amount of people who admit to not washing their hands. Why would you do that. I read one once about the number of workers in mall food halls who don't wash their hands after they go to the toilet before they prepare food. And I thought, why would you even say you didn't.

So it says in the paper that in 65% of cases hospital workers did wash their hands. But the prevention and control director would like to get that to 80%.

Now I know its probably just a crazy out there idea. But how about 100%.

Hospitals seem like really dangerous places.


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