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running to the corner August 15, 2010

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Today I ran 8kms in 47 minutes. Go me. My goal is to run 10kms in 60 minutes and then 50 minutes. Apparently this is what sorts out the runners from the joggers. Joggers I read, just jog about aimlessly.

I've been following this programme on a site called Time to Run. You can basically start from never having moved from the lounge and end up running sub 40 minute 10k's. And it all sort of happens so gradually that you don't even notice your pace or fitness getting better until you realise you can run 8 kms in 47 minutes.

There's a lot to think about when you're running. Head up, shoulders down, hands relaxed, hips forward, land on the ball of the foot.  I used to think so hard about it all that I'd almost fall over but now I just sort of let it happen. And anyway have you seen Paula Radcliffe run. She has the weirdest style with her head banging about all over the place yet she keeps winning marathons. I felt a bit like I was channeling her the other day.

I do my running on the treadmill because there's nowhere to run here. I've been around town looking but can't find a suitable track. This means I spend a lot of time watching music videos. Which has lead to me developing a strange crush on the lead singer of Gyroscope. I don't even know what his name is. But they have a new album out so I've seen a lot of them. And their music has a pretty good running pace.

For a while there I thought he might replace Tex in my affections.

But. Nah. Ain't gonna happen just yet.

Gotta love a man who can wear a pair of brown slacks

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wash your hands August 11, 2010

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I read in the local paper yesterday, that every year in the hospitals in our region, 70 people die of blood poisoning caused by staff not washing their hands.

That must be pretty disappointing. To die because some festy worker didn't wash their hands before touching your catheter or drip.

But the thing that really gets me when I read the results of these surveys is the amount of people who admit to not washing their hands. Why would you do that. I read one once about the number of workers in mall food halls who don't wash their hands after they go to the toilet before they prepare food. And I thought, why would you even say you didn't.

So it says in the paper that in 65% of cases hospital workers did wash their hands. But the prevention and control director would like to get that to 80%.

Now I know its probably just a crazy out there idea. But how about 100%.

Hospitals seem like really dangerous places.


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The Scales August 3, 2010

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I stepped on the scales this morning and yelled in frustration

Oh for fucks sake!!

I mean really, what does it take to lose those last 3 kilos.

Last year I lost 10 kilos but 3 of them found their way back home. Fat is like that. Its very loyal. Once you have it, it doesn't like to leave.

And its not like I sit on my arse all day doing nothing. Yesterday I ran 9 kilometres for gods sake. You'd think that'd budge a few grams. And I know I did have Domino's on Saturday but thats the first time I've had takeaway in six months and I ran 5 kilometres that morning.

So anyway I'm willing to give it away for free. Free to a loving home. It's been well cared for and as I said once you have it you'll probably have it for life.

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armless July 12, 2010

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Tennis Elbow. I've never actually played tennis.

I'm guessing it's either computer elbow or exercise elbow.

And wow, it hurts! I have to have a whine and say I've had this constant awful pain and weakness in my right arm now for a month. I can hardly even use my arm. Sleeping is impossible because it hurts so much and because you can't have your arm straight for too long but you can't have it bent for too long either.

Which has led me to the conclusion that it'd be very handy if you could take your arms off at night when you sleep. Because even without the elbow problem I always have a lot of problems working out where to put my arms when I go to bed. And the more I think about it the worse it gets until I feel like an octopus lying there trying to get comfy.

It might be okay if you sleep on your back because then they can just hang beside you resting on the bed. But I can't sleep on my back because I have this fear that when I go to sleep my tongue will drop down my throat and choke me to death. I have no idea why, I just do.

So I lie on my left side. One reason is because I have a lot of metal in my right ear and its not comfy to sleep on that ear. The main reason is so I can keep an eye on the bedroom door in case any serial killers walk by during the night.

So what to do with the left arm. Do I point it straight out or straight down. Do I put it between my legs, or under my pillow? Do you have palms up or down, fingers curled or straight. So many options and none of them feel right. What I normally do is wrap my left hand up over my right shoulder and put it behind my neck. Then I wrap the right arm down over my left shoulder around my neck. I call it the Straight Jacket position. Obviously its not comfortable for long periods of time, and its very hot in summer. But it gets those pesky arms out of the way for a while.

And the top arm, my right one. What to do with it. Do I lie it down along my body, put it in front of me, behind me, under the pillow, between my knees.

Maybe no one else has this problem. Maybe I just have arms like an ape.

Whatever the case I'm not using one of them much at the moment. Rest, anti inflamatories and a few good doses of tiger balm every day. And not too much computer. I'm trying to become left handed. It's tricky. And I'm pretty sure I'll never eat salsa again. I'll have to start shopping for those handy things old people use to do day to day things. Like opening jars. And turning on taps.

But on the positive I can run a lot further now. I figured that seeing as how I had to stop doing yoga and weights I'd just do a lot of running. I suppose I'll get runners knee or something next.

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Making Headlines July 3, 2010

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Our not so little vomit bug has hit the news. Apparently it is sweeping the region.

Already in our house it has dealt swiftly and firmly with me, my daughter, daughters boyfriend, my son and my best friend. Daz is thinking of running away but I told him he might as well just resign himself to the fact that he's going to get it.

They say it started in the preschools. Dirty little kiddies not washing their hands properly and then spreading the love.

I always keep a bottle of antibacterial hand wash in my handbag but I think I'll go get a couple of pump bottles and keep them around the house.

Last night I had my first meal in four days. Yay, I'm back.

I'm hoping once you've had it, you're immune.

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Am I Thin Enough Yet? May 16, 2010

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I've been having an awful nightmare.

But thank god I've woken up now.

See for a while there I thought I had to be thin.

Well I am fairly thin. So I thought I should be a bit thinner than thin.

Even though I ride 20kms on my exercise bike 5 days a week, do pilates or yoga after that. Even though I don't smoke, never touch junk food and really I plan on cutting back the wine any day now. Even though my blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol is fine, I thought I should be a bit thinner.

But its ok, I'm totally wide awake and over it now. God, it was awful!! And I really don't even know how that nasty little worm of an idea crawled into my head.



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the waiting game March 30, 2010

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I have this rash type thing on my neck. You may have heard me bitch and moan about it in the past. I decided a while back I couldn't be bothered doing anything about it but now its growing and one day it may take over my whole body.

So I rang the dermatologist to make an appointment and she told me the first available appointment would be on the 7th of December.


I thought I'd misunderstood her and she'd said something about him having been on a holiday in December.

Lets hope its not too fast growing.

In other medical news Kimba has to have her four wisdom teeth out. This will cost me $3500. I can think of a lot more interesting things to do with that money. I'm thinking of removing them myself. Is there no dentist alive anymore willing to rip the bastards out in his surgery chair? Now you get sent to a dental surgeon who sends you to get xrays then its off to the private hospital for the procedure. Years ago a dentist took mine out in his garage and then I walked home. I paid him cash.

Hmmm wonder if he's still around.

Anyway, then she will come back and live at home for a few days so I can keep the icepacks firmly secured to her head and spoon feed her jelly and painkillers.

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