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flower power August 21, 2010

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I don't know whats happening in the rest of the world, but there's a disturbing trend happening here in Australia.


And lots of it. If you want to buy clothes at the moment you will need to have a true love of all things floral. And a touch of nostalgia for the seventies.

Imagine this. A loose fitting, full body, black cotton catsuit type thing. Gathered at the ankles, sleeveless, with a drawstring waist. And covered in thousands of yellow and pink flowers. It could be yours.

I even saw some broderie anglaise. And dare I say……. cheesecloth dresses. And long dresses. Floor length. I guess they're ankle length but on me they would drag on the floor. I've only ever tried on two ankle length dresses and both times ended up laughing at the sight of myself in the mirror. I felt like I was playing dress up in my mothers wardrobe thirty years ago.

I did buy one floral shirt. Big floral, in blues. I said to the girl, do you have it in any other colours? and she said, yes, we have it in purple and orange. And I said, I think I already did that in the seventies thanks.

But I bought it because I need something to wear to a family function coming up. I said to Lizzie – and I can wear it with white shorts, or white pants or even blue jeans. None of which I actually own of course.

I think I'll be giving spring clothes shopping a miss thanks. I hope you lot that are a season ahead of us have something better planned for my summer wardrobe.

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fashion and film July 25, 2010

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Say it isn't true!

Because I don't want to see people walking around in these babies next summer. Because I can't see many people looking good in them. Even a super model couldn't make these horrors look good.

I can already picture the Supre window display.

I was at the video store yesterday and I saw this movie. I'm wondering if my sister Emjay has a sideline going on.

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the home made swimmers November 11, 2009

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After looking through old photos of myself and my sibs when we were kids, I have come to the conclusion that we must have worn the most ridiculous, daggy swimmers you could ever hope (not) to see.

Now I myself only saw my mother sew once, when she sewed my bridesmaid doll a dress and cape. But these definitely have a home sewn look to them. And we seemed to wear them for years.

Take me here for instance. Determined to get to the beach. And nothin', not even those baggy daggy swimmers is going to stop me. I mean mother, you could've taken in the legs a little. I bet if I keep looking I'll see one of my sisters wearing these before I got them. Probably both of them.




And one of my favourite photos. Emjay, the oldest, with our brother and sister. Sporting a very unfashionable blue suit with a matching home done fringe trim.




And here she is again, what maybe a couple of years later, still wearing it.




Move forward another couple of years and my other sister is now wearing it and Emjay has a much nicer, yet still loose fitting pair of swimmers on. As you can see I'm still wearing the same pair I had on in the beginning. Because I had penty of room to grow into.




OMFG. And I was right. Even though I was only half joking. Here is Min, wearing my baggy pink swimmers. I wonder if I ever owned a new pair.





I have this vision of my mother, searching through her wardrobe every year the day before we went on our summer holidays, pulling out a bag full of atrocious old faded swimmers and handing us each a pair. Mind you it wouldn't have been a very full bag. We seemed to last through our childhoods with three of four pairs between us.

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The Sculptor September 10, 2008

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I was just flipping through a brochure that came in the mail and I see the gladiator sandal is meant to be popular this summer. They're an ugly thing really. And making them gold doesn't really convince me that they are a classy option.

We had to wear sandals that looked like that when I went to school. We called them JC's. What did that mean anway? Was that supposed to be a reference to jesus christ, because I can imagine him wearing something like them.



And these sculpt and shape things annoy me. Who wants to wear one of them in summer. There'll be some nasty cases of thrush going around. And anyway why don't they ever show someone modelling them who might actually feel they need to wear them. Those chicks do not need to wear those things. What I want to see is a larger lady modelling them, because I've always wondered what happens to all that flesh you push down. I mean it has to escape somewhere. I imagine you end up with a roll at the top or at the bottom.

The one at the bottom for instance – by the time you put a bra on you'll have a big roll between it and the top of that thing. Although she doesn't appear to have breasts. Where the hell are they, how much longer can her body possibly be?

Lol at the top left one. How do you even walk in that? You'd have to take little geisha steps. And I bet, I bet as soon as you sit down it would roll up. Anyone who owns one of these things – please burn it.


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