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blogs August 20, 2010

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So whats the go.

Where's everyone going to piss off to then?

WordPress, Blogger or somewhere else?

That's when Vox takes it's final gasp I mean.

There has been talk by many of jumping ship, so I want to make sure I jump in the right direction. Because I can't swim.

Damn, my 'a' key doesn't work. I'll have to go back and fill them all in.

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32 Responses to “blogs”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    I've always thought that Blogger had a more interesting clientele. I once saw a girl there that wrote about Marie Antoinette exclusively.
    I've been annoyed with Vox on and off, but I'll probably stay until the bitter end.

  2. cat Says:

    lol, well, thats somethingblogger seems to have a lot of crafty mum types – nothing wrong with them – just sayingnot crafty in a sneaky devious way either

  3. I am staying until the last gasp too. I play with the other but Vox is still the easiet to use by far. Too many of the other blogs are just used by people to try and make money from their blogs.

  4. cat Says:

    Yes, there are some really awful boring ones out there with so many ads on them you can't be bothered looking at them. I just wish Vox would pull their finger out.

  5. Amanda Says:

    My main blog is on LiveJournal. I've had an account there for almost 10 years! I like it there because I can lock my posts and even create filters if I want to post about something that not all of my friends there want to read about. It's also the place where I'm a lot more open and actually write since I know who is reading. Our business blog is on Blogger. I've also used WordPress. I like the latter better but for some reason the former seems more popular. WordPress seems more grown up or something. Although with both sites I've never gone looking at other blogs and to meet other people.

  6. Em5459 Says:

    I wasnt aware of the fact that vox would be taking a final gasp as it were.Is it infact closing down?

  7. I'm not going anywhere until they make me!

  8. MoonCat Says:

    Wait, what?! This is the only blog site I use! It's can't just go poof!

  9. Steve Betz Says:

    WordPress has a vox-blog-import tool that does a really good job of transferring what you already have to there. I've used it as my back-up for a while now and is probably where I'd go in the event of vox-failure.

  10. M-----l Says:

    Most of my old neighbors who've already ditched Vox ended up over on WordPress. That's where I set up my backup blog, but I'm going to keep it going here on Vox until things shut down.I copied & pasted all my old posts over there, but the import tool (mentioned by Steve Betz above) sounds promising.

  11. crankypants Says:

    Yeah, I was going to say "whichever one we can import all our Vox crap to" which is WordPress. Just because I am lazy. I should probably get on that though, because it seems like Vox wouldn't even bother to notify us before they pull the rug out from under us. I don't think anyone cares. Actually, I don't think there is anyone left on the Vox team TO care. and it stinks because I really like this community and I know it won't be the same anywhere else, but then, nothing is meant to last forever, except maybe disposable diapers in a landfill, and roaches.I'll have to think of something really clever though, like

  12. piscesgal Says:

    I have been over at Blogger for a while now and I love it there.No spammers, no people like Ken harassing me about my opinions(although I haven't posted much political stuff there..mostly doing the pop culture blogging thing)

  13. LeendaDLL Says:

    i have no intention of leaving till the final death bell tolls but wordpress has a free vox importer. it's good as a backup.

  14. cat Says:

    Yes, I notice on blogger people can have thousansd of followers but no real connection with any of them

  15. cat Says:

    No, no, not at all, That I know of anyway. Its just that since I started here – a couple of years ago I suppose, its changed. They hardly ever change the Qotd's, they cut out things like Vox Hunt and people seem to be leaving. No one seems to run the place

  16. cat Says:

    lol, typical stubborn old man talk

  17. cat Says:

    Well it probably won't. It'll just keep struggling along. Don't you think its changed though?

  18. cat Says:

    I saw that yesterday. Does it import all your posts and actually post them or just store them "somewhere"?

  19. cat Says:

    Yes, sounds good. I have a blog over there – might go and smarten it up a bit. Just in case.

  20. cat Says:

    Yes I picture it like that movie scene where there is just the empty swing, swinging. I think wordpress has more of a community feel to it than Blogger though. Something a bit cold about Blogger.

  21. cat Says:

    Yikes, you're scaring me now. I'll be racing off to back up/import or whatever everything this afternoon. I had a wordpress blog before Vox. But then other aussies I knew came here. So I still have it. Just have to dredge up those passwords from the back of my mind. They have better mobile blogging as well.

  22. cat Says:

    Ok, so it sounds like WordPress is the go. It'd be nice to stick with people I've met.

  23. Steve Betz Says:

    Yes — it posts them to your wordpress blog site (essentially it's a mirror at this point) — mine is "" — I know very imaginative. This reminds me, I should re-import.

  24. LeendaDLL Says:

    none of the other blogging sights have the connectivity that vox has; that's why i won't switch till this dies

  25. snoringKatZ Says:

    I solved my 'a' key problem by making Mr. sKatz get me a new computer.I'm still here. I'm just very very boring so if you bail out, be sure to let me know so I can follow you forlornly, whimpering slightly.I still haven't found one of the books I'm sending to you, by the way. But I'm not giving up!!!

  26. Crush-Monkey Says:

    : (Vox was so easy to use!!

  27. cat Says:

    Yes, I'm debating at the moment if it's a good enough reason to get a new computer. Well it is out of warranty.Everyone should go together, to the same place. We should make a pact. That would be my second pact of the day. The first one was something to with KFC with my husband but I can't remember what it was. Almost dinner time though so I guess I'll find out.

  28. cat Says:

    Oh yes you will. I'll help you. Sometimes Vox is too simple. You can't personalise it much.

  29. cat Says:

    lol, you need to change your About page though

  30. An Ex-Expat Says:

    I actually tried to create a page on Blogger, but did not see ant way to import the stuff I have created here on Vox.

  31. cat Says:

    Well I'm going to check out wordpress today. I have an account there because I went there for a while before coming here with Snowy and Ninja after the australian site we were with turned to crap.

  32. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Thank you! : )Actually, for a long time i resisted Vox when one of my friends first suggested it to me.

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