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Papa’s Slidebox – Decorated Tiles August 6, 2010

Well it ain't Bondi Beach thats for sure.

It's Lyme Regis, Dorset, England.

Still in England.

Vasteras, Sweden. This would be the bus they travelled around Europe in. Isn't that how you spell travelled, spell check says its wrong.

Lappland. Reindeer skin boots for sale. I don't know it it's called Lappland anymore. I think it got split between Finland and Sweden.

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2 Responses to “Papa’s Slidebox – Decorated Tiles”

  1. Denise Says:

    I am blown away by these pictures! Did your Pappa sell these photos to magazines? I can't get my mind around traveling such distances and being able to capture such amazing places and people. (Remember that my life falls between a 50 mile radius)
    I want a pair of those boots!! I bet they would feel fabulous on.

  2. cat Says:

    No I don't think he did. He was in a photography club and used to enter them in competitions though. He used to take photos for our local paper as well. He just loved photography.

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