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The Scales August 3, 2010

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I stepped on the scales this morning and yelled in frustration

Oh for fucks sake!!

I mean really, what does it take to lose those last 3 kilos.

Last year I lost 10 kilos but 3 of them found their way back home. Fat is like that. Its very loyal. Once you have it, it doesn't like to leave.

And its not like I sit on my arse all day doing nothing. Yesterday I ran 9 kilometres for gods sake. You'd think that'd budge a few grams. And I know I did have Domino's on Saturday but thats the first time I've had takeaway in six months and I ran 5 kilometres that morning.

So anyway I'm willing to give it away for free. Free to a loving home. It's been well cared for and as I said once you have it you'll probably have it for life.

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13 Responses to “The Scales”

  1. I can relate to that… but i don't wanna step on a scale cuz i don't wanna know how much* i mean *MUCH* i gained over the years… I just kept eating too much sweets..and no exercise at all…and yes, I sit all day doing nothing..and no way i can run 9KM @.@!!! even few meters makes me tired..maybe because i am too lazy so my body is lazy too. and quoted : "Once you have it, it doesn't like to leave."… true!

  2. cat Says:

    I usually avoid the scales as well. I can tell by how tight my jeans feel around the thighs if I need to lay off the food for a while. When I started running I was really tired but I find I have more energy now that I've been doing it for a while. Wake up feeling more energetic. Still can't budge the last few kilos though, maybe thats just how its meant to be 😦

  3. I can so much tell also by my clothes not only thru jeans but mostly on my blouses in which my balloon tummy shows, one thing i really need is exercise and more walks n runs but too too lazy ;( I once tried walking in morning and the feeling is really great when u sweat too much ^^ but then, after that is eating n eating and i cannot get rid of softdrinks, it's already part of my day in each meal and snacks >.<… I really hope u'll lose the 3 kilos but in my case, it'll take so much time *sigh*…

  4. You are so right. Fat loves to stay!! Good luck with the final 3 kilos!

  5. cat Says:

    well I think I'm as stubborn as it is so it'll be a battle to the end

  6. Shutterbug Says:

    I feel your pain! I was doing so good with my diet/exercise program, and the weight was just peeling off. Then, last month, practically nothing! Of course, then that makes me not want to work as hard, which leads to more bad news….ugh. You've worked really hard, though, and you know if you keep at it, it is bound to come off…don't give up!!!!

  7. cat Says:

    Sigh, yes, I'll plug on. You too. Stay positive. I downloaded an app for my phone called MyNetDiary which is good. (Yes, I'm becoming one of those people that has thousands of apps – I wish I'd never heard the words Angry Bird, I'll need therapy soon to stop playing it). Anyway the Net Diary is good – counts all your calories – has more american foods than australian but you can add your own. You can even just scan barcodes of foods and it tells you the calories etc in it.

  8. You're so sweet, but I already have five pounds (about 3 kgms) that insist on hugging my butt. I've been dieting and working out like mad to lose them before my daughter's wedding, but they refuse to leave. I did read in some fashion magazine that this Polish model lost 12 kgs by eating nothing but steamed vegetables and tofu for three months. Unfortunately the girl looked like a walking skeleton. My father would have said all the dogs in her neighborhood must follow her around because she looks like a bone. Dad likes women with curves and a little jiggle to them and says I'm too damned thin. I wish I had his attitude, but I need to fit in this particular dress in September, and I don't want to jiggle.

  9. cat Says:

    lol, I'm always willing to share
    You could just get some of that funny looking underwear I see at the shops. It looks really uncomfortable and squashes all the jiggle away. I'm always dubious about them though because I imagine the squishy bits just try to escape out the top or bottom instead.

  10. I think that you might be a vegetarian but Daughter2 follows a diet where one day a week she just eats protein, nothing else. She dropped the last few kilos very quickly. She also changed her gym routine.

  11. cat Says:

    I eat fish. A Vegaquaruin. I'm pretty good on carbs, don't like bread, but I'm training for a 10km run so need a few to keep trudging on. I'm hoping once I hit the long runs it'll drop off. I need to give up the wine 😦

  12. Aubrey Says:

    Yes, the pounds do seem to have their own homing instinct. The only time I get on a scale is at the doctor's – and each time I have to put in a request that the nurse not announce my weight like the town crier, and to please keep it to herself.

  13. cat Says:

    Lol. When my daughter was in year 10 – so about 16 – they all had to weigh themselves in class one day. You can imagine how mortified they all were. And the teacher was a young man as well. It seemed a cruel thing to do.

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