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abort, retry fail July 28, 2010

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Those were the three options Lizzie's laptop gave me yesterday. White letters on a black screen.

ABORT, RETRY, FAIL. I just turned it off and hoped for better luck the next time I turned it on. Sometimes computers just need a little rest. They have a bit of a tantrum but often the next time you turn them on they're back to normal.

Anyway Lizzie bought this dell laptop (because it was pink) just over a year ago and it has been an absolute piece of pink rubbish. Although I bought a dell desktop at the same time and its been fantastic.

And I must say their service centre is very good. Very helpful people. And the service guy (Daniel) comes to the house. Yes, I know him well. Most things like computers we have to buy out of town and if they break down we have to send them off in the post and don't see them again for weeks.

I asked them this morning how long they keep fixing rather than giving me a replacement and she said after three times. So yay – next time I get a replacement.

We always pay the extra for extended warranty on things like this and its always paid off. I'm pretty sure that they make things to start failing right on the day after warranty expires. So far in the last two months we've had Lizzie's computer, Lloyds computer and the PS3 all crap themselves just after warranty expired. But we had extended for all of them. Just seems that things are only made to last 12 months.

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6 Responses to “abort, retry fail”

  1. Katiebell Says:

    I got a dell after my Toshiba imploded. The Dell lasted for a good long time, and then all of a sudden little things stopped working (keyboard and space bar problems…being a lap top I couldnt just go get a new keyboard, Sooo, I've got a mac now, so far so good…. but I have to say for the price, I thought the Dell was pretty Fantastic…

  2. cat Says:

    Yes, this one has lost some keys as well so we just plugged in an external keyboard. It was going to cost to have keys replaced, they weren't covered under the extended warranty. I think this is just a lemon. I'm hoping it breaks down again soon so we can just get a new one. Its already had the hard drive replaced twice, motherboard once and webcam once.

  3. Worker Says:

    Cat, I think it is to keep the IT industry running..

  4. You are so right!!! Charley passed her computer down to me and it was about a year old and it had so many problems, I finally gave up on it. A lady at Starbucks that had the same make and model said she had had the same experience. That was one of the huge reasons that I got a macbook when I had the chance. It has been fabulous. Only minor hiccups, like freezing sometimes.

  5. cat Says:

    lol – and not just them – in the past four months I've had to replace my washing machine, dishwasher and treadmill , ouch 😦

  6. cat Says:

    Our washing machine was the same. Once one thing went wrong with it that was it. Just one thing after the other.

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