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going on about garlic……….again July 26, 2010

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It seems like I'm always banging on about the price of garlic and how I have to get it from Mexico. I noticed yesterday that we have Chinese garlic now as well.

So if I want Australian garlic I have to buy organic garlic and have to buy a whole packet of it and it comes in at $56.00 per kilo. If I get the Chinese garlic I have to buy a bag of it as well and it comes in at $ 28.00 per kilo. So it makes me cranky that because I only wanted one head of garlic I had to get the Mexican garlic that comes in at $14.00 per kilo.

Surely somewhere in Australia someone can produce some bloody garlic.

Maybe I could grow my own. How do you grow garlic anyway? Can I do it in a pot? And how long does it take.

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26 Responses to “going on about garlic……….again”

  1. LOL…so true. What is the problem with this picture? I often wonder too, but then, the American Government pays some farmers to not produce, so go figure!

  2. Snowy Says:

    Here you go, Cat. All you need to know about growing garlic in NSW. So far as I know, you just bung a clove in the ground, and forget about it.

  3. cat Says:

    I see, well that looks easy enough. I won't be having it in a hurry though!

  4. cat Says:

    Its ridiculous!

  5. kalita Says:

    I would buy Mexican garlic over Chinese, but we get a choice of China or China in our two supermarkets – no thanks!When the Australian stuff is in season I buy up heaps (or get some off my sister's father-in-law), peel it, and chuck the cloves in a bottle and cover it with good olive oil. The garlic stays fresh, you use the cloves as you need, and then when the garlic is gone, you have a lovely bottle of garlic oil šŸ™‚ I use empty jam and pasta sauce jars because it's easier to fish the cloves out of šŸ˜‰

  6. cat Says:

    Oh thats an excellent idea, the bottling thing, because I'd never use a bag of garlic before it dried out or went moldy

  7. OptamissTIK Says:

    I take so long to get through a bag of garlic they start to grow green sprouts out of the top… I never noticed what country I'm buying from, I just assummed it was Australian… you know what they say about assumptions though.

  8. cat Says:

    Have a look next time. It really pisses me off. The bloody trip it's made to get here. Almost as bad as Peruvian asparagus.

  9. Doug Says:

    I believe you plant them in the fall, leave in over the winter, then harvest mid-summer when the tops die off. Dry them well. They actually need very little attention.

  10. crankypants Says:

    holy crapola that's expensive! I usually buy little jars of minced garlic.

  11. Paxton Says:

    Leave it to Snowy to find the answer. Yeah, I try to buy local whenever I can. The carbon cost of buying something like garlic flown in from another continent doesn't make any sense at all. I say grow a lot of it and start selling it to other people, if it's so valuable there.

  12. lauowolf Says:

    Can't imagine a garlic famine… we're about an hour from Gilroy, California, the Garlic Capital.

  13. Garlic is so easy to grow, it's funny that more people don't do it at home. When I was little, I used to take the tiny cloves, the ones my mother said were too small to use in cooking, and stick them in the ground. Within days there'd be these little shoots, though the actual garlic bulbs would be tiny too. If you want big garlic, you have to plant big cloves, I guess.

  14. cat Says:

    Oh well, too late now for me – we'll be in spring soon – Thank God!

  15. cat Says:

    So do I because I can't stand the smell of it on my hands. But I was making something and it needed a head of garlic roasted. Just one though. My bottled stuff is imported as well.

  16. cat Says:

    Lol I can start a garlic empire. I'm not very good at growing things.

  17. cat Says:

    I'd have to do it in a pot I think. I can't even keep my parsley alive though so I won't be too hopeful. Do you take the skin off first? Do you put the pointy end up?

  18. cat Says:

    Your link didn't work. But I googled it and came up with the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Garlic ice cream!! not sure about that.

  19. No, leave the skin on, or the poor little clove will rot. The pointy end does go up, but it'll probably grow no matter what. It'll just take more time for the shoot to get to the surface, heh!

  20. lauowolf Says:

    Dang pesky links, I hates them!Garlic ice cream, maybe not… can smell the garlic driving past.

  21. Doug Says:

    Put some in anyway – why not? Not much lost if they don't make it, and if the summer is long enough you'll probably get some anyway… It's just food!

  22. cat Says:

    Yes, I'll get a bag of the organic australian stuff I think and bottle the ones I don't plant in olive oil like Kalita said

  23. Worker Says:

    I planted some this year Cat, I have never grown them before so it is trial and error, if I have spare that turn out I will post you some.

  24. cat Says:

    cool – I shoved in a couple yesterday with my parsely

  25. Then Says:

    Shopping at Cole's yesterday ("shop where a Masterchef shops" is always stuck in my head after I leave there) and went to pick up some garlic when I thought of you. Mexican or Chinese. I only needed one. I ended up buying none. I think I will do as you and buy some Australian and put the rest in Olive Oil.

  26. cat Says:

    It seems ridiculous that we can't get one australian garlic, instead of buying the pack. I bought bottled garlic this week but it was all imported as well. Jealous of you having a Coles. We only have Woolworths here. I think Coles have a better deli.

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