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garlic bread and milkshakes July 24, 2010

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We don't usually eat garlic bread but when we do I make it myself. I mean its pretty basic isn't it. Chop some garlic up mix it with some butter and spread it on some bread. Maybe sprinkle some parsley or parmeson over it. Bake it.

But sometimes you get lazy, or tired, and the other night I was just looking for something to go with the leftover tomato soup to make it like new again so I bought some garlic bread. And I was pretty surprised by the crap that was in it considering it's such a simple thing to make.

I'm not really anti fat, or anti carb. But I am anti preservative. So I won't be buying this again.

We went out for breakfast the other day and I think Daz was served a very large, full milkshake. And it was icy cold as well. Yumm.

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6 Responses to “garlic bread and milkshakes”

  1. Gee! that looks like the size of a good old fashion milk can! lol

  2. cat Says:

    Love it when you get a milkshake in one of these. They stay cold for so much longer and just look better than a glass. Or worse a paper cup thing.

  3. Katiebell Says:

    Makes one wonder just what is an acidity regulator. yikes!

  4. I was told by someone who worked in the food processing business that they have to add tons of preservatives in anything that contains butter or margarine to keep the stuff from going rancid while it's sitting on the grocery shelf. It's why I won't buy pre-buttered breads or pastries unless they're from an organic manufacturer, though even they use "natural" additatives to keep the butter from going bad.

  5. cat Says:

    Well at least its last on the list so here's hoping there's only a tiny bit. Like the parsley.

  6. cat Says:

    And it can sit there for so long. We have little tins of chicken in cans here now which I haven't seen before. They seem to be able to sit on the shelf for years.

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