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two freaks meet at the supermarket July 20, 2010

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I've been given a dose of my own medicine.

I had one of those strange friendly people try to talk to me at the supermarket yesterday. Except she was much weirder than I am. She was being random. When I talk to someone I have a point.

Like I might say to someone – haha, I'm stalking you.

Obviously I don't say that to just anyone. But in a town this size you'll often be out and about and within an hour or so you see someone at the post office, then the bank and the library then you see them again at the supermarket. So I can say I'm stalking them.

Or if I see someone looking at those new rice crackers that are out, discussing with their daughter if they should buy them, I tell them not to bother because they're bloody awful. They were grateful.

Or you can just say something about the price of tomatoes. Everyone likes to bitch about the price of tomatoes here. Especially considering what crap quality they are.

So, anyway, yesterday I was looking at the bread rolls and this lady standing down the aisle a bit chuckled then said

That's just not right. Oh, thats not right at all.

So I sort of smiled at her so she didn't feel like a weirdo and went back to my bread rolls. Because apparently thats where my problems begin. A friend told me that I make eye contact with the freaks and carry on the conversation when I should just nod and walk away.

But then this lady walked up to me and thrust this packet at me and said

Look at that. It's not right. (still laughing)

It looked alright to me. It was two decent pieces of chocolate mud cake in a nice little packet.

So I just said that I thought it was always a good idea to stay away from that section completely. There are millions of calories worth of trouble there.

Then I walked away and she walked past me again and said it again!

Oh thats not right at all.

And thats what happens when you don't be polite and carry on the conversation. You're left with a mystery.

What's not right? I've been pondering this all night. I think she meant it wasn't right that they made the cake look so lovely because people wouldn't be able to resist buying it. Although we both did resist. Maybe she meant the price wasn't right. Maybe she meant it wasn't right that there wasn't a whole cake. Or it wasn't right that she would have to share a bit with her husband or someone.

So this not being polite doesn't work for me. It leaves too many unanswered questions.

I'm considering going back for the cake today. It did look very good. And perfectly right.


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4 Responses to “two freaks meet at the supermarket”

  1. My son and I once ran into his English teacher at the grocery store, and after making the usual pleasantries, she said, "Now we're going to run into each other again and again until one of us checks out!" And she was right: the way those darn stores are designed make it so you move in circles, so it's hard to avoid not seeing people at least twice while you're there.

  2. cat Says:

    lol, I HATE that. Super awkward. You say hello then keep passing each other in every single aisle. And you do the little laugh and smile the first couple of times but then after that you have to try and pretend you're reading your list or a label or something so you don't have to acknowledge them again.

  3. paikea Says:

    lol! – yes, i'm that person who attracts the crazies also – the problem is that i can't think of anything to do but smile at them in a vague sort of way – apparently, that's enough! – it's always the old ladies…in any country!

  4. cat Says:

    lol – Old ladies – I always find myself helping them. Reaching for high things, stuff like that.

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