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character flaws July 19, 2010

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It seems I have some serious character flaws I need to work on.

In the past four days I have been told that I am:-

too nice

too polite

too kind

And I've been given the impression on each occasion that these are not good qualities to have.

I'm not sure if this says something about me, or the world about me.


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16 Responses to “character flaws”

  1. Snowy Says:

    There, there, Cat, I would never call you those… ;o)Of course I would, and don't take any notice of anyone else. They'll drive you mad.

  2. cat Says:

    Lol, I've also had my daughter roll her eyes at me and say – do you have to talk to EVERYONE at the supermarket.sigh

  3. Doug Says:

    What kind of a world would it be if everyone were nice, polite, or kind? Cut it out 😉

  4. cat Says:

    ha, yes, you're right – I need to get a grip on myself and work harder on my rude nasty inner bitch

  5. Katiebell Says:

    Well, I am not always very friendly at the market, so I might scoot my cart away from you quickly, but I think you can avoid being a rude nasty bitch…unless you want to work for the US census!

  6. Shutterbug Says:

    I'm with you….I get the same thing from people. Since when was it a bad thing to be kind to people? I figure, the world is a crappy enough place, and people are so callous anymore that I'm not going to add to the misery that's often out there. It's sad that being kind is such a rariety anymore that people feel the need to comment on it (and you've certainly had your share of comments this week!)
    I think that when people encounter a nice person, they immediately think they are a pushover. Then, when the "nice" person doesn't let themselves be taken advantage of, they are suddenly "bitchy". Doesn't seem fair, does it? I've had my share of experiences with that trend as well, and I'm going to wager a guess that you have too!

  7. I was once nice and polite to a person in a supermarket—I let her go ahead of me in line since she only had one item to buy—and she stared at me as if I was crazy. So I'm guessing that "nice" is now thought of by some people as being weird, or you're trying to get something out of them.

  8. lauowolf Says:

    Well poo on you, making all the jerks feel bad about their behavior!So unfair.

  9. cat Says:

    oooh really, census people! and I thought they were volunteers

  10. cat Says:

    Thats right isn't it. I just make them feel guilty for being arseholes.

  11. cat Says:

    Lol – people in the supermarket seem okay with it but I have scared off a couple of people in book stores by commenting on a book they're looking at. But that was in Sydney as well. In the city no one is friendly to anyone.
    I hope I never have to meet our local serial killer. I hope they're not his last words too me. You're too kind my dear.

  12. cat Says:

    Definitely enough ugly out there already.
    The other day I told the delivery man that he was my favourite man in town. (Because he brings me books I've bought). Now I can hardly look him in the eye because my daughter told me he probably thniks I have a crush on him. Yikes!

  13. OptamissTIK Says:

    Being nice and kind and polite are all good qualities – ones that seem to be fading a bit out in the world -if that is a 'character flaw' wear it them like badges of honour!

  14. cat Says:

    I'm actually thinking of giving them up altogether now. Its over rated.

  15. Ninja Says:

    You go ahead and be who you're most comfortable being. Anything else is just fraught with trouble.

  16. cat Says:

    ha – I love the word fraught – one of my favourites

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