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armless July 12, 2010

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Tennis Elbow. I've never actually played tennis.

I'm guessing it's either computer elbow or exercise elbow.

And wow, it hurts! I have to have a whine and say I've had this constant awful pain and weakness in my right arm now for a month. I can hardly even use my arm. Sleeping is impossible because it hurts so much and because you can't have your arm straight for too long but you can't have it bent for too long either.

Which has led me to the conclusion that it'd be very handy if you could take your arms off at night when you sleep. Because even without the elbow problem I always have a lot of problems working out where to put my arms when I go to bed. And the more I think about it the worse it gets until I feel like an octopus lying there trying to get comfy.

It might be okay if you sleep on your back because then they can just hang beside you resting on the bed. But I can't sleep on my back because I have this fear that when I go to sleep my tongue will drop down my throat and choke me to death. I have no idea why, I just do.

So I lie on my left side. One reason is because I have a lot of metal in my right ear and its not comfy to sleep on that ear. The main reason is so I can keep an eye on the bedroom door in case any serial killers walk by during the night.

So what to do with the left arm. Do I point it straight out or straight down. Do I put it between my legs, or under my pillow? Do you have palms up or down, fingers curled or straight. So many options and none of them feel right. What I normally do is wrap my left hand up over my right shoulder and put it behind my neck. Then I wrap the right arm down over my left shoulder around my neck. I call it the Straight Jacket position. Obviously its not comfortable for long periods of time, and its very hot in summer. But it gets those pesky arms out of the way for a while.

And the top arm, my right one. What to do with it. Do I lie it down along my body, put it in front of me, behind me, under the pillow, between my knees.

Maybe no one else has this problem. Maybe I just have arms like an ape.

Whatever the case I'm not using one of them much at the moment. Rest, anti inflamatories and a few good doses of tiger balm every day. And not too much computer. I'm trying to become left handed. It's tricky. And I'm pretty sure I'll never eat salsa again. I'll have to start shopping for those handy things old people use to do day to day things. Like opening jars. And turning on taps.

But on the positive I can run a lot further now. I figured that seeing as how I had to stop doing yoga and weights I'd just do a lot of running. I suppose I'll get runners knee or something next.

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17 Responses to “armless”

  1. Katiebell Says:

    I started to laugh when reading this! I am a side sleeper and I always have similar problems about what to do with the arms!!! if I am on my right I tend to stretch on arm out, but if I leave it there too long it goes numb. On the left side I seem to curl them up around my head…which also can not last forever. Once asleep they do seem to take care of themselves, I suppose….

  2. cat Says:

    I always wonder what they get up to when I'm asleep.Good idea – epsom salts, I'll get some.

  3. crankypants Says:

    it'd be very handy if you could take your arms off at night when you
    sleep.Oh man, I've been thinking this for years! I am able to sleep on my back but I shift around a lot. Lately I've been finding that if I sleep on my side, the top arm has been falling asleep, which is a bit worrisome. At work the computer setup kind of stinks (and I spend way too much time on the internet which doesn't help) where the computer stuff is on a metal stand with a slide out keyboard tray. The whole thing is on a built in counter/shelf type thing on the wall, and the mouse is also on the counter, no room on the tray. So I'm reaching, always, for the mouse, and I have also noticed a little soreness in my right elbow on the inside part of the joint. Of course I started playing tennis a few mnths ago, but I haven't played enough to get tennis elbow, though I do feel it from the repetition of the movements, and the mouse-arm issues already in place. Like everything else, it's the computer at fault. Or, the amount of time I spend on it.Anyway, I hope you are feeling better soon, and if you patent detachable arms, let me know. I want in on that.

  4. Then Says:

    I have had this for years on my right side. So far, nothing has made it any better in the long-term–acupuncure, osteopath, etc. It hurts. Alot. I would like to detatch my arm at night.

  5. Or hit by a car ….I've had tennis elbow before too, and have never even held a tennis racket. Odd.

  6. cat Says:

    Oh no – thats terrible news! Its awful isn't it, that constant aching.

  7. cat Says:

    lol – stop playing tennis immediately – exercise is bad for you!!
    I just finished doing a module for a boring business course I'm doing and part of it was all about how you should have your work station set up and mine failed all over the place. I was thinking about getting a gel wrist support and you can also get these funny forearme support things.
    If its on the inside of your elbow it's called golfers elbow, on the outside is tennis. But they're both from repetitive movements.
    The other morning I was lying on my back before I got up and my arms were being stupid. I thought if someone came in and saw me they'd think I was doing the I'm A Little Teapot position.

  8. cat Says:

    Funny you should mention that. I have been hit by a car but I can't remember if it was that elbow that hit the road hard or the other one.

  9. crankypants Says:

    Oh great, so I take up tennis (sorta) and I get golfer's elbow. I'm inclined to agree with you about exercise being bad for you. Everything but yoga has borked something on my body. Pilates did a little something to my shoulder. Then I started walking and running, and I hurt my back and found out I have degenerative disc disease and shouldn't be running or doing too much high impact stuff. For that reason I probably shouldn't do the tennis thing, but I don't go too hard as far as all the stopping and starting. So it hasn't hurt my back but now I have golfer's elbow. But we'll blame that on the work station set up because I'm sure mine would fail miserably as well I have those gel wrist supports, one in front of the keyboard and one on the mousepad, but it's the angle and distance my arm is stretched. It's a mess. I will recover when I move to Mongolia and take up yak herding.

  10. cat Says:

    Nah, it'll be too cold in Mongolia and all your old broken creaking broken joints and discs won't be able to handle it.
    Maybe you hit your tennis balls underarm? more like a golf swing.

  11. LeendaDLL Says:

    yes, i have this problem too. I'm a stomach sleeper and like my arms under the pillow. but my left arm started getting tennis elbow-ish and i realized it's because i'm putting more weight on that side… slightly between stomach & side sleeping. and i have a horrible deep wrinkle down the left side of my face from turning that side toward my i'm trying to do more side & back sleeping. but it's not going so well. and now that you've talked about arms, i'm going to think about it all night and be a total spaz about where to put them tonight. perhaps some nice stirrups hung from the ceiling?

  12. cat Says:

    lolol – lovin' the idea of the stirrups. It all becomes impossible once you start thinking about it too much. I'm tempted to set up surveillance so I can see what my arms do get up to when I'm asleep. I can't do stomach sleeping because my necks always too stiff to turn far enough. I have a friend who sleeps on her stomach with her face planted straight down. No idea what she does with her arms though

  13. LeendaDLL Says:

    who cares about her arms… what does she do with her nose??!? how does she breathe?

  14. cat Says:

    lol, don't know – it was something to do with avoiding wrinkles, sha can't sleep on her back and doesn't like those lines you get that you were talking about. Daz gets them. Huge ones on his forehead, both sides – like a big V. I always give him the V sign if I see him in the mornings.

  15. LeendaDLL Says:

    I call mine "my envelope" because I have a deep horizontal mark across my forehead and the sleep-induced slant intersects it… so it looks like an envelope flap.

  16. cat Says:

    haha – and the older you get the longer it takes for it to smooth out in the morning

  17. LeendaDLL Says:

    Then I must be 1,000,000 yrs old already!!

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