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getting comfy July 2, 2010

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Why is it, that children can bring a huge pile of plates and cups out from their bedroom and put them on the bench, but not quite get them that final few inches to the dishwasher.

Maybe I need to sit back with a pair of these EXTREMELY comfortable socks on. I mean really? My toes want to go into violent cramps every time I even look at those socks.

Imagine sleeping in them!

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16 Responses to “getting comfy”

  1. crankypants Says:

    LOL, I love that you guys get the same kind of weird timelessly outdated looking ads that we do.Yeah, I can spread my toes like that but if I keep them like that for more than 5 seconds they feel like they will cramp.I'd like to wear them out as shoes though. Do they come in black?

  2. cat Says:

    It came in a nasty yellow envelope full of awful things that people must buy. Its a wonder that tiger head table wasn't in there actually. White only I think. You'd have to do a home dye job. lol, I'd like to see you try to walk about in them for long.

  3. OMG…..those look so uncomfortable! Maybe if we threaten the children with these socks if they don't put their dishes in the dishwasher!

  4. cat Says:

    Good idea – we can tell them we'll make them put them on then hang them upside down. From hooks.

  5. Re the plates and cups that never quite make it to the dishwasher: my parents do the same thing with their eating utensils. They'll dump everything on the kitchen table, when just six more feet would have brought them to the kitchen sink. Dad always says he's "too tired," but then he'll jump in the car and toddle off to Costco to buy more junk. I've thought of leaving everything on the table and just washing up the plates and cups that are in the sink, but I know where that'll get me: a pile of dirty dishes that will be there until I finally wash them, or until Mom or Dad knocks them onto the floor.

  6. cat Says:

    Lol, yes, you may as well just get it over with at the start. My kids did grow up and leave but they still seem to like coming back every few days to leave me a mess.

  7. Catalina Says:

    I bought these things: toe torture

  8. cat Says:

    Get outta here! You bought these things. Although those doggy steps do look like something I need.

  9. Catalina Says:

    I had a coupon so they were half price, BUT I only got one fully on. I felt like my little toe was getting pulled off. Some lucky person will be able to buy them at the local thrift shop soon.

  10. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Why indeed will chilren not bring dishes all the way to the sink or dishwasher? 😦

  11. cat Says:

    One day it will be pondered upon by the intelligentsia

  12. RimaOmar Says:

    I agree with cranky to use them as shoes .. ( but realy I like the finger nails polish in pic lol ..

  13. cat Says:

    lol, the little toe definitely looks very awkward

  14. cat Says:

    When I saw them I thought that was about the only thing they'd be good for was keeping your toes apart while you put polish on

  15. RimaOmar Says:

    Hehehehe good idea ..

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