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QotD: Happy Father’s Day June 24, 2010

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What important life lesson did you learn from your father?

Not to smoke.

Because if you smoke, one day when you're 52, you might stand up in the middle of the night and have a massive stroke which will put you in hospital for over twelve months and then leave you severely disabled for the next thirty years.

And that would be a bad thing. Because then you would go from being a seemingly fit man who rode motorbikes and went water skiing and loved dogs and farming and life, to being a cripple.


He also taught me that having a sense of humour and a great love of life will see you through those thirty years. 

It's hard to explain my father in one small post. I am one of four children and I think we all have a love/hate relationship with him. He can be the most pig headed, infuriating, scary person you'll ever meet. But then he is also the most loving, charming, gentle person you'll ever meet.

Honestly I love him more than anything. But I can't stand to be with him for more than two days. He;s been a great role model for me and I have some wonderful childhood memories of him and of times I spent with him. And mind you these include things like shooting deformed cows and chasing kangaroos. Sounds strange I know but remember I am a farm girl. We have a different perspective on things. Although it looks slightly disturbing when I read that back.

Hey I just realised this QotD is about Father's Day. It's not Fathers Day. Thats in September you crazy people. Oh well, I'll tell you more about him then.

Thats me in the red. I'd be worrying about being out there without a life jacket because I can't swim. Thats my other sister Min. She's having much more fun. Positively reckless she is. Good lord we have matching home done hairstyles.

And just so Emjay doesn't feel left out here she is with Dad. She seems to have the same haircut, but shorter. lol, oh my, didn't they have some differences of opinion over the years!! Although I've always thought that she is Dads girl. Not like in a jealous nasty way! I am way way way too (scarily at times) much like him to take that title.

Aww, she's so cute.

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11 Responses to “QotD: Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Lily Alice Says:

    He looks handsome.

  2. crankypants Says:

    What a handsome guy, and you all were so cute!!A few years ago I came across a guy's Vox, I don't know where he was from, either England or Australia, but he just had all these QotDs answered with "That's an American-centric question." type answers. It was pretty funny but it made me realize, geeeez, they don't cater much to the OTHER English speaking countries in the world that use Vox….They could at least say, "It's Father's Day in the US…" or "It's ___ in Australia" or whatever,it should just be all American stuff, yet people can answer the questions if you phrase it correctly and cater to everyone. But, we are conditioned to think we are the center of the universe, so…

  3. Your dad looks very handsome and Hollywood in that photo where he's rowing the boat with a cigarette hanging from his lip. It's odd saying this now, when I've buried two friends who were pack-a-day smokers, but there was a time when smoking was considered glamorous and cool. I can't help sighing when I watch old movies from the 40s and 50s and see stars like Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum lighting a cigarette and letting out a long, world-weary puff of smoke.

  4. What wonderful pictures. Your father was a handsome man. In defense of that generation, they did not realize how dangerous smoking was for a long time.

  5. cat Says:

    lol – delight and dismay – thats a nice way of putting it

  6. cat Says:

    He was a good looking guy and you can see he was alway smiling about something. The vox Qotd's are american all the way. All about winter when its summer here, or the opposite, about NFL and thanksgiving, sigh, I could go on and on. And on about it.

  7. cat Says:

    Everyone seemed to look like a movie star back then.
    I always get a laugh out of your stories about you father. When I'm with my father too long I always end up either standing out in the garage drinking wine or storming out the front door in tears to get away from him. Or sitting on the lounge with mums home blood pressure tester making sure I'm not about to have a stroke myself.

  8. cat Says:

    He never seemed to be without a smoke in his hand. I think he went through four packs a day at one stage. I had a friend who didn't like to come to out house because of his smoking.

  9. Emjay Says:

    This was nice. LOL those haircuts. I'm usually in tears of frustration at the end of a day with him but then I cry tears of sadness as I drive away. One visit he said he couldn't sleep after we'd had a disagreement because he thought he might die through the night before he got to say he was "sorry".

  10. cat Says:

    Oh I know. He's such a softie really. And that used to be one of the most frustrating things about him. How he'd be swearing and yelling and carrying on one minute then over it half an hour later and acting as if nothing had gone on and I'd still be stewing over it.

  11. xmangerm Says:

    Interesting commentary. Thanks for sharing.

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