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Papa’s Slidebox, Vintage Photo Tiles June 22, 2010

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I've been back looking at Papa's slides, making tiles. I just love looking at these photos and it's a really nice feeling when someone buys one. And I hope Papa's watching and getting a buzz out of it. I'm sure when he was taking these photos back in 1957 he never imagined that one day they'd be hanging in peoples houses.

Now excuse the big Travelling Tiles copyright mark on them. I'm not trying to shamelessly plug them. Well maybe a bit. But they were starting to turn up on other peoples websites. And these people did link back to me, but still, just want them to know they're mine. Some young guy sent me an email asking if he could use one of them on the front of a cd cover he was making and when I stalked him on facebook I saw he was already using it anyway. Not that I mind really, I'm just glad people are getting to see them.

So I've lost track a bit of which ones I've posted so excuse if you see something you've already seen.

Loving this one. Shrewsbury England. Sheep, cattle and men in white suits with ties.

Golden Nugget Gambling Hall in Vegas.

A Camel In Cairo

The Accident – Amalfi, Italy

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12 Responses to “Papa’s Slidebox, Vintage Photo Tiles”

  1. crankypants Says:

    These are cool. Papa had such a great eye. and I love what you've done with them, they always make me smile. and want a time/travel machine!

  2. RimaOmar Says:

    Really those pictures are beautiful and worth posting, I like all of them especially the Camel in Cairo the most.

  3. How do you make tiles from pictures? I have never heard of this but it sounds really interesting to me. Good idea to put your mark on the pictures as people will take them for sure. The pictures are wonderful!

  4. Cool tiles! But I think you should nail the guy who used your tile image for a CD cover, especially if he's planning to sell it. I know everyone "borrows" content from the internet, but it steams me when I find out someone is using my work to sell something. Years ago I discovered some band had used one of my photos on flickr for a CD cover, so they and I had an exchange of e-words that can't be repeated here. Flickr however said since I didn't place a "creative commons" license on my stuff, it's pretty much open to anyone who wants it. Then I realized I really didn't want to go that far and charge, say, the old lady in Idaho who used one of my photos on my blog, so I left everything open.

  5. M-----l Says:

    If there's a problem with your tiles, it's that they're shaped just like album covers. I'm sure there's a whole pile of CDs out there with your images on them. The trick is to get somebody famous to use them. Good luck!

  6. cat Says:

    I know – I want to go to Amsterdam and ride a bike and be friends with those blonde ladies

  7. cat Says:

    Thanks – lol, I love the Camel as well. The way he's just sitting there, looking about always makes me laugh

  8. cat Says:

    Top secret Freedom. If I tell you how its done I'll have to kill you.

  9. cat Says:

    Yes, its the risk you take when you put things out there on the web. Thats why I never put photos on facebook that I don't want to see somewhere because they can use them for whatever they want. One woman saw a photo of her baby that she'd posted on facebook being used in on a billboard advertisement in Germany! This guy was only making the cd's for his family so I didn't mind and he put my name on the inside.

  10. cat Says:

    lol – probably. This guy, Adam, can't remember his name had a very interesting style and I can't imagine he'll ever be really famous but you never know. I'm just glad I'm not his mother and didn't get a copy for christmas.

  11. OptamissTIK Says:

    These are great photos!

  12. LOL, I guess I will have to google it, or "Chad" it šŸ™‚

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