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waste June 17, 2010

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I hate wasting paper. Its a big thing with me. Which makes it hard to work in an office because there's so much paper waste. And not only do you have to waste a lot of paper, you then have to store it all for seven years in case the tax man wants to look at it. It drives me nuts when someone takes a fresh piece of A4 paper to write a few words on instead of getting an old envelope or scrap of paper from the bin and using it. And I hate it when some idiot faxes you about 20 pages of rubbish when all you really needed was the second page.

And I'm a great one for putting paper through the printer/fax twice so both sides get used. It drives my kids crazy because they print out a school or Uni assignment without checking and then realise it has all this rubbish on the back. Then I get angry at them because they want to print it out again and waste even more paper.

Which leads me to my filing cabinets which are so full that I can't fit anything else in there without jamming my fingers. So I decided to clean out the top drawer today and get rid of anything that was before 2002. And I can't believe the amount of paper that has accumulated. Insurance policies are the worst. You get one sheet of policy then about 50 pages of the rubbish you're supposed to read about the policy.

Anyway I have a huge pile of paper now to go through the printer. And this is only one drawer. Plus there's another pile almost as big that has to go through the shredder.

Look there's my new knife block on the bench. Its a man being stabbed by all the knives. He's pretty cute.

And speaking of wasted canvas – I'm off tomorrow to get a cover up done of this crappy little ladybird tattoo I had done about 15 years ago. See this is why when you get a tattoo you need to go big and bold. Little things tend to end up smudged together. Although this was always crap. The shadow was never any good.  So will have new photos tomorrow. I'm gettting swallows – one on each wrist. They'll have to have a fair bit of black in them obviously to cover this.

Its been a while since I've been in the chair. Hope I don't disgrace myself.

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20 Responses to “waste”

  1. Yikes! I admire your courage in going back to have a bad tattoo inked over. I just hope it's not too painful: when I had a large black lizard tattooed on my right arm, it really hurt. The artist told me it was because the image was so dark, and she had to go over my skin over and over again to make sure there were no "white spots" showing through the ink.

  2. OptamissTIK Says:

    Good luck! I'd never go back. These days I think more about getting mine removed than getting anything else done. I looked at getting one done – it was going to cost $600 to remove it. $600, and then I'd have no band art (yes, shame) on my body. It cost me $25 to get it done, so $600 seems a massive leap to get it removed… still… one of these days.

  3. cat Says:

    I'd never have mine taken off. Anyway by the sound of that it'd cost me hundreds of thousands. l always wanted a full sleeve but I think I'm past it now. Got half way there – I'll see how good the pain threshold is these days.

  4. cat Says:

    I have a few I'd like to have touched up but I'll see how I handle the pain tomorrow first. There were only a couple that I really wished would be over SOON, main one being on my underarm just out from the armpit. That made me feel sick having that done. Mind you its still really bright and nice never having been exposed to the sun.

  5. Paper …talk to a teacher about paper! Drowning in it!

  6. crankypants Says:

    I'm the same way about paper, maybe a little less so, but I save nearly everything here at the office. I started re-using paper for the fax machine, since most of what we get is junk anyway, and anything important we can just make a copy of if need be but even then there isn't much that we'd do that for, only something that might have to be signed and mailed. And anything that can't go in the fax, like extra sheets in bills that were tri-folded that may cause a jam (our fax machine sucks) or triple punched sheets from payroll, I use as scratch paper for me, or for the estimator when he writes up estimates for me to type. And I get annoyed when he takes the paper for the fax out of the box to use for scratch paper. And then the rest I recycle (I bring it home since there is no recycling for businesses in this town…) or put in boxes for shredding. Gotta call to get the shredder truck out here one of these days, too.I do the same at home, I went through a bunch of papers and found a lot to stick in the printer (which I don't use that much and put it in the wrong way at first…) or just use to scribble on, which I do a lot at the computer.

  7. I have a little tiny tatoo on my ankle of a yin/yang symbol and I've been wanting to get it fixed as well. Good luck with the tat!

  8. cat Says:

    Well I hope you're recycling it!!

  9. cat Says:

    I'm a bit nervous this morning actually

  10. cat Says:

    Well done! I love it when I find another paper recycler. Now don't get me started on newspapers and the waste of paper they are.

  11. Mr brings home gobs of scrap paper from the office and we sure go through it. The kids use it to print on, to draw on, to make signs. You name it. He just makes sure to bring home papers that are not confidential, as in, they do not have students names on them.

  12. cat Says:

    Yes the tattooist told me once that ones on your feet will gradually fade due to all the sock and shoe action. Same as on your hands with all the washing and sun they get. I have a fairy on my back as well. I never worry about the wrinkly tattoo thing. I mean its gonna happen.

  13. I have had the color redone twice on my toe tattoo. Then I got smart and I just brighten up the red heart with a sharpee if I am going out and wearing sandals, lol!! I would love to see your fairy!!! That is amazing. This is the one I want: fairy tattoo

  14. cat Says:

    Clever girl! What a good idea with the sharpie. Your fairy link doesn't work.

  15. Darn links. I wonder if it is because I am on Chrome instead of firefox. Geez….every one of them has some problem. On Firefox, none of the youtube stuff works. Uggggg……I will try again with the fairy.

  16. I give up on the links! Geez. It is supposed to be: Vox is goofed up on links. So frustrating.

  17. cat Says:

    lol – I saw it!! She's nice – sort of like a pixie fairy

  18. Are you laughing at my fairy? Just kidding. I think she might be expensive to have done because of the detail so I don't think I will be getting her anytime soon.

  19. cat Says:

    No, I was laughing at your linking problem. I have a fairly similar fairy on my back. She's all sort of faded now but I don't think I'll ever bother doing her up. She has pixie ears. I have another cute little one bending over smelling a flower as well.

  20. YOU DO??? How neat is that!! I would love to get this one but the recession came and now I cannot. But that is OK. Maybe someday, lol… then, they will have to hold my old wrinkled skin all stretched out to do a tattoo 🙂

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