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QotD: Those Were the Best Days of My Life… June 16, 2010

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What's the best summer you've ever had?

Well looking back now I wish I could say it was the one when I didn't sunburn the crap out of myself. But I can't actually remember that one. I don't think it ever happened. Hey, this is Australia! So up until the age of 21, I spent every summer at the beach. I was one of those baby oil sun bakers. Oil up and lie in the sun for about 6 hours. Then do it again the next day and the next and then the one after that as well. Burn on top of burn.

But it was all good back then. I think it was even called a "healthy tan". But then all of a sudden I turned 21 and whoa, whoa, hang on there. Then the news was full of – slip, slop slap – stay out of the sun. Melanoma was the big word. And I haven't been in the sun since. When we went to Thailand we were like a group of vampires, lurking about under layers of clothes and sunblock and umbrellas.

Which leads me to my $150.00 visit to the dermatologist the other day. If you have a really good memory and not much else to think about, you may remember that I mentioned a while ago that I had this strange rash on my neck. It's sort of red and  goes down both sides of my neck and a bit in the middle. Of course I couldn't find a photo that shows the rash. Sometimes you don't even notice it. Sometimes people say – whats that rash? Sometimes I point out the rash and they say – I never noticed it. But it started it 1994 and I thought I should get it checked out seeing as how it was still there in 2010.

SUN DAMAGE people. That's what it is. Its called something interesting – Poikiloderma, but basically its sun damage. Some people are more prone to it. My doctor thinks its a reaction between some sort of medication and the sun. But it's sun damage. So COVER UP people. Because some days it ain't pretty. They're the scarf days. It's a combination of pigmentation damage and enlarged capillaries. So if I'm in a sticking hot room, it's really red.

If I want to I can have it treated with some sort of laser treatment. It won't ever go back to normal and I don't think I'll bother. Now that I know its not some awful growth thats eventually going to overtake my body I don't care.

And anyway the dermatologist said to me – you're travelling okay. lol, thats the second time recently a doctors told me that so its all good. Must be all that time on the treadmill.

But getting back to the question. Summers, I've loved them all. If I wasn't such a goody goody rule follower I'd still be out there sun baking every year. Thongs, jeans, singlets, cold beer. Bring it on. I'm over winter.

lol, ok I just need to point out that we're almost a month into winter and today I had the house open, doors, windows etc. No need for heating yet.

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18 Responses to “QotD: Those Were the Best Days of My Life…”

  1. Katiebell Says:

    Every time I read your posts regarding the sun, I feel sort of relieved that my Dad hated the beach!

  2. cat Says:

    My father was a great sun lover. Of course he's paying for it now. Always having bits and pieces cut off. I was really dreading going to the dermatologist. I was expecting him to give me a long list of things I shouldn't have done. But when he picked up his special magnifying glass and said – take off your shirt and lets see if there are any surprises< I think the biggest surprise he got was all the tattoos I have. lol

  3. Open doors/ no heating – winterWhat a normalcy for you and what an oxymoron for me LOL

  4. cat Says:

    Lol – I would die if I were you!! I'm so soft. I mean today I was sitting out in the sun with the dog, reading, in a T shirt. And we're a month into winter. And we're atill complaining about how cold it is. A few years ago I bought this gorgeous thick pink coat and I've only had the chance to wear it a couple of times. Never need more than a cardigan here.

  5. You're weather conditions sound like a dream to me. In general the fact of a climate where it never really ever gets cold-cold sounds more and more appealing to me. Maybe I turn into one of those people who move south when they retire.

  6. cat Says:

    Ah yes, Australia – best place in the world. Move here definitely. It's funny because even though it doesn't get really cold here in winter I always watch the Darwin weather on the news each night with great jealously. It is always over 30 degrees there every day, even through winter. Thats,- what? 90 degrees fahrenheit every day. Thats my kind of place.

  7. LOL I do Celsius 😉 It's only the Americans who need Fahrenheit.Not sure if that, on an every day basis, might not be too much. It's okay to cool down a little.Well let's hope that you guys ease up a little on your restrictions on who may move to your country (and who is not) until I am retiring…. in about 30 years…

  8. crankypants Says:

    Dang, that sucks about your irreversible rash, but honestly, for what you described your habits were, I'd expect you to look more like Magda from There's Something About Mary. But, you quit early and saved your skin, so that's why. I spent every summer at the beach as a kid too, I wasn't much on the baby oil but once I got a base tan I just didn't really use anything after a certain age. Then in high school I went punk and stayed out of the sun from about age 16 till maybe 21 or so. After that I was getting a pretty good tan for a few years till I was about 30, maybe (I was working a lot at the beach so made it out sunbathing a few days a week) now, whatever color I get is just from walking the dog or doing yardwork, neither of which I spend a ton of time on, and it's not like I'm in a bikini either. hahah! perish the thought. so–yeah, I am starting to see dark spots on my chest and hands and stuff, but not like my sister who still goes to the beach and bakes. I really don't go out in the sun much at all and I have sunblock for any time I know I'll be out for any amount of time.

  9. M-----l Says:

    I know I've mentioned this before (and I don't want to be creepy about it), but I think staying out of the sun has paid off for you. Not only is it healthier, but I think it's one of the reasons that pictures of you today look remarkably like the pictures of you from back in the 80s. I have to look at the hairstyles or the ink to figure out when the pictures were taken. I look like I've aged about ten years over the course of the last three and I must admit I'm jealous of your perpetual youth. Grrrr.

  10. It's funny, but I recently read an article about how doctors are seeing an increase in the number of people who are suffering from rickets or a lack of Vitamin D. Some have attributed it to an overuse of sunscreen and just the general failure of city dwellers to go outside more often: so now they're recommending that we all go outside for brief shots of sunshine, with no sunscreen or cover-ups. (I don't know if that was advocating nude sunbathing. I suspect not.)

  11. Shutterbug Says:

    I never really thought much about protecting myself from the sun. I have never been much into tanning, but I do work outside a lot, and rarely wore sunscreen. That all changed, though, when my best buddy was diagnosed with skin cancer. Three summers in a row she has had to have surgery on her face to have spots removed. She's very fair skinned, and spent a lot of time outside as a teen/young adult. Luckily her bangs hide the scars, but they are still there. The worry is there as well, because she never knows when it might flare up again. Having seen what she has gone through, (and supporting her as much as I can) has made me uber conscious of sun safety. Scary stuff!

  12. cat Says:

    Sunblock was never even talked about when I was a kid. A bit of zinc swiped across your nose was about it.Lol, I'm surprised I'm not really red wrinkly and leathery as well. Maybe it'll kick in soon. We have a lot of stay out of the sun campaigns here and they're always telling us that those times when you're hanging the washing or walking the dog are just as dangerous. Especially here in Australia I guess. I hear you about the bikini. We need to be more like european women. I saw a lot of them in Thailand and I don't think they ever feel that they're the wrong shape or size for a bikini. Or age.

  13. cat Says:

    Lol . You know big hair is back in. So my hair could soon start looking like it did in the 80's. And there's more ink coming tomorrow. Your timeline system will be thrown.

  14. cat Says:

    I've heard that as well. But they say that Australians really don't have to worry about it because we get enough D through sunlight exposure in day to day activities. Although I do like to find a bit of sun on my lunch break to sit in and read. But now I keep my neck covered.

  15. cat Says:

    And you'll stay goreous for longer. I have one daughter who loves to sunbake and one who doesn't. We'll see how they age. Actually I had a friend who worked as a nurse in an aged care home and she said you could tell the ones who had stayed out of the sun.
    My father is always having bits cut off him. His ears have had a lot of sun spots. People forget to sunblock their ears

  16. Wow, good advice. There are teens now that are having skin cancer because of the tanning beds.

  17. cat Says:

    Yes, we have a campaign going on here against tanning booths as well. A girl called Claire, she made the ads when she was dying to try and put other young girls off using them. It was very sad.

  18. Charley, the teenager we adopted, has already had three places removed. She was a tanning bed addict.

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