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QotD: It’s the Little Things… June 15, 2010

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Do you keep track of how much money you spend on non-essential luxuries, like gourmet coffee and snacks? Are there certain little indulgences you cannot live without no matter how tight your budget?
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Well I'm usually pretty good with not wasting money, but I almost crapped myself when I looked at my credit card statement last night.

But Kimba was in the doctors for an hour and I had to fill in the time waiting for her somehow. And who knew there'd be so many interesting little shops along that crappy street. And the dress I bought was so cute. And I've been wearing the same boots for four years now so I really did need a new pair. And the bag was just what I've been looking for. Thank god she was only in there for one hour or I'd be really broke

But that still didn't really account for the huge total I was looking at. So I look through and – oh yeah there's $150 to the RTA for my new licence, and there's $ 450 to the orthodontist for the final payment on Lizzie's braces. I'm sure he's going to retire nicely on all the money I've handed him over the years. And there's $170 to the dermatologist I had to see for about five minutes a couple of weeks ago. And another $70 to another dentist because the orthodontist told Lizzie she needed a clean. And thats right the dishwasher shit itself at the start of the month and we had to buy a new one so there goes another $850.

But as for food type treats, I don't get into them. I can hardly afford the weekly grocery bill as it is without going gourmet. I mean have you seen the price of lamb these days. Are sheep becoming an endangered species or something? Must be by the price of them. I can't even remember the last time I fed the fambams lamb.

But books. Now they are a bit of a weakness. Definitely can't live without books. But I stoped buying magazines as they were so expensive. And this morning I turned my back and walked away from a book I really wanted because it was too expensive. Mind you I'm going to think about it all day now.

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13 Responses to “QotD: It’s the Little Things…”

  1. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Books are my weakness too! : )

  2. cat Says:

    And cook books – I get sucked in by the photos, buy them, then hardly cook anything out of them.

  3. I decided there was no point in budgeting for books: I always see this one book I really, really want, and after a lot of sighing and staring, I'll mutter, "Well, what's $20 nowadays? If I don't like the book, I can always bring it to the used bookseller and get book credit or cash for it." But of course I never part with books, unless a friend mentions s/he would like to borrow one of mine. (And then I never see it again.)

  4. cat Says:

    Lol – I can never give books away either – we're thinking about moving next year and last night I couldn't sleep because I was worrying about what I should do with all my books.Glasses!! Terribly expensive here. I need a new pair as well but I'm putting it off as long as I can. Even the cheapest frames here are almost $200. I like a Guess frame – it's $249 – and by the time they put the lens in it's going to be over $600.

  5. Apolline Says:

    ol ! … How to broke his head ! ….
    I never pay with my credit card, except the train, highway and internet subcription. I remove from the bank an account that I decide at the beginning of the month and pay cash all we need. When the sum is spent, we wait the next month … I refuse to broke my head with the bank statement. We have a market here three times a week, on Boulevard Richard Lenoir from Place de la Bastille, with a lot of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, cheeses … to profusion ! …
    I have lost a lot of things … and persons I loved … and discovered we don't need all that we have …
    We have here, alond the Seine, the tradition of booksellers … even for my work, I buy second hand books and love old libraries … On Anto's blog, you can look on the pictures of one of them when she came at home with Marco … we went in Shakespear' library …
    I confess I never buy a dress … my father was a designer … I discovered, one day, that I was abble to sew my clothes … I do it with DKNY or Karl Lagerfeld patterns, I love particularly … It's easy for me … But if you don't know how to create your clothes or don't like it, you can find beautiful clothes at the discounters' ! …
    You can change your life, forgetting consumering and banks and credit cards ! … :))))

  6. cat Says:

    I'm not into consumerism at all – When I buy clothes or shoes they last me for years and years. And I don't buy any sort of "things" for the house ever. We don't have markets here of any kind so I have to shop at the supermarket. And I'm always at the library. Hardly ever buy books any more.Don't worry – my head is in no danger of breaking my head. I'm a farm girl – we know how to live lightly 🙂

  7. kalita Says:

    I remember one day sitting in the orthodontists chair while he discussed with his assistant whether he should go to Norway or Antarctica(!) for his holidays. And, after 6 years of braces my teeth are still crooked. I'm not looking forward to forking over thousands for my daughters teeth.

  8. Apolline Says:

    I'm afraid you felt attacked. The fault is my bad english. I just wanted to describe an another way of life. It was not a criticism of yours or a mockery. Please, to excuse me.

  9. Apolline Says:

    … hum … [do] excuse me …

  10. cat Says:

    lol – you're excused

  11. cat Says:

    HAhaha – how rude of him. Both my daughters have had braces and both have recently had surgery to have their wisdom teeth out. I tell them they should be tooth models of some sort. My son has awful teeth crammed in his head but has never wanted braces and is now old enough for them to be his problem anyway.

  12. Apolline Says:

    Thanks a lot … I feel better. Have a nice evening.

  13. cat Says:

    You too. And your english is excellent by the way

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