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Wet June 5, 2010

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Everyone was freaking out this week because they told us the weather this weekend was going to be like it was that weekend when the Pasha Bulker came to town. amazing photo here

Well its definitely been wet this week, but not that wet. I'm not worrying this time about the river flooding anyway. Not yet anyway, even though we've had some heavy constant rain. That Pasha weekend was the wettest, heaviest rain I've ever experienced. Constant heavy rain day after day. We kept the radio on all the time because they were going to tell us if the river was going to flood. And why do rivers always peak at such inconvenient times. They never peak at 11am do they, its always 2am. At about midnight Daz and Betty started going for walks to the levy to keep an eye on it. He said it was like a party down there. Everyone just keeping watch. I got sick of waiting and went to bed. I just woke up every now and then and tapped my foot on the floor to make sure there was no water there. Anyway they said the SES would door knock and tell us to get out and we'd put all the important stuff on top of the 10 foot wardrobes.

These are our sportsgrounds. When the water comes over that road and grass it floods into town. They built the big levy after huge floods in the fifties.

They're the same grounds where I take the photos of Lloyd playing AFL

You can see the netball goals in the background behind the guys there. And here they are after the rain.

It's a pretty high levy so you can imagine the rain we had to have to fill that huge bowl of a sports field.


They put out a message to everyone living in the flood zone to get together a bag of their important things. So I grabbed Lulu, Pink Teddy and my favourite book, Teddy Edward Goes to The Seaside. Daz said – I think they meant things more like insurance papers and medicines!

You may remember that Lizzie had her own idea about important things.

I'm usually more worried about getting all the cats together and into baskets and up into the roof of the house or somewhere. That was when we had four cats but now we don't have any so it's not as stressful.

Last time our town was totally isolated. Surrounded by water, no one could get in our out. I started thinking it might be like a Dean Koontz story and the army would move in and we'd all catch some awful virus and people would start dying and then we'd all be put into quarantine. But that didn't happen in the end. About the worst thing that happened for us was that the bakery ran out of bread early on Sunday morning and we could only buy rolls.

But I'm off now to take the opportunity to get some washing done. There seems to be a small break appearing in the clouds.

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12 Responses to “Wet”

  1. Wow, the pictures are amazing! I cannot believe the sports field is filled with water. I thought that was great that you went to bed and just put your foot on the floor every once and awhile to see if it was wet, lol!!! Is the danger past? Stay safe. Keep us posted!

  2. cat Says:

    Yes its all good this time. Must go for a drive by the river later and have a look. But now we have the levy our house is pretty safe.

  3. Shutterbug Says:

    Sending positive vibage for a dry weekend!

  4. cat Says:

    Yes! Backyard and house is a mess. People and the dog walking in all the wet leaves that are falling from the tree right outside the backdoor. Little muddy dog paw prints everywhere. Plus washing piling up, and up, and up.

  5. Yikes, I'm glad all went well and you didn't get flooded out. But I agree, it seems like these natural disasters like to hit at some ungodly hour of the morning. We were always told during tornado season to keep a weather alert radio next to our beds at night, just in case a storm hit while we were sleeping; but more often than not it was a false alarm, and people would just get mad and shut the radio off.

  6. cat Says:

    lol, how they were all hanging around there on it in the middle of the night you mean? I don't think it'd collapse, its enormous and really solid – but I have thought it'd be pretty funny to see if the water suddenly washed over the top and they were all running away down the street. Too late then as well to warn the family – water and husbands would arrive at the same time.

  7. LeendaDLL Says:

    i'm super paranoid about flooding because my house is in a "100 year flood" zone and I don't know when the last major one happened. fortunately, i have a raised foundation so I have my few feet of land elevation plus 18".good juju for no major flooding in fall/winter for you!!

  8. OH MY GOD!! NO BREAD!! HOW DID YOU EVER SURVIVE??Going to go do the wash might be a good idea … plenty of water …If my house ever floods, it will be world-wide news only because I live on a high spot that would mean half the country would be under water already.

  9. I admire that people can live a normal life under such circumstances. I'd be a wreck already after the first time.Then again… I am the one who is dreaming of a home right by the waterfront in Southern California. So I thought I am smart readjusting my dream into a save version. If there is an earthquake that triggers a tsunami, being up hill would be much better. Being in a spot that still has a full few of the ocean but being safely in the heights. Though it shows, I am just not smart-ass enough. There are still the earthquakes….*grinning widely*

  10. cat Says:

    Well I guess we knew we were buying a house in the flood zone so we can't complain about it after. I definitely would not like to live in an earthquake zone!! We had one small one here a long time ago.

  11. cat Says:

    ha – everyone thought they were going to starve to death. Plenty of water but they still won't lift the restrictions I bet. Not that I mind, I'm used to it now, having a filthy house and car and dead grass and no garden.

  12. cat Says:

    The big flood here was in the fifties and our house was about half under water. We weren't here though. When we did some renovations a few years ago and pulled some of the boards off from inside the lounge room there was still mud packed in there up as high as the water came. Its like natural insulation!

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