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virus June 2, 2010

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Sometimes I wonder why I'm paying Norton a small fortune each year for virus protection when it doesn't seem able to detect a virus.

Twice now I've had those annoying anti virus virus's. They say they've scanned your computer and you have all sorts of awful problems and you must buy their product to save your computer, Not only that but they jam up the whole system so you can't get online or basically do anything until you do. And I'm sure plently of people fall for the scam. And Norton just let it pass by. Then when you run a scan, it still doesn't pick it up. Not only that, when I went to the Norton site and searched for a way to get rid of this little bastard virus, there was nothing there about it.

Last time this happened I had to use Spybot to get rid of the virus and yesterday I had to use Malawarebytes. I'm lucky that I have two computers so I could search for a way to fix the problem on the clean computer. Grateful that people are out there putting up the info.

So, the problem is fixed, the virus is gone. But I have to wonder, why am I paying for protection when it's the free stuff that fixes the problems anyway?

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19 Responses to “virus”

  1. G Says:

    Use AVG from's free (you have to hunt around on their web-site a little bit but there is always a free version) and it's the best actual virus protection there is. It saved my ass multiple times. Norton is the absolute pits and will make your system unusable long term.

  2. An Ex-Expat Says:

    I agree Norton is… overrated. I use McAfee through my provider and it seems to perform well. But yes, a real solution would be to dump Microsoft products and move to somethng else, like Apple, which I'd like to do, but son throws a hissy fit every time I broach the subject.

  3. Katiebell Says:

    I use a free program, but I admit, it has not ever detected a virus yet, but since I am on a mac, I'm not surprised. Good thing I am on a mac because I don't think Id ever keep up with all the different stuff out there!

  4. From day one when I had my first computer, I always had problems with virus and the like. (and of course the always following break down of one part or the whole system)When I got my laptop 2 years ago, I installed Norton just to be safe for those 5 minutes it took to download 'Avast' (free) activated that and uninstalled Norton the second after. Then I went on to download Mozilla Firefox and on that I got the add-on's ABP, FoxyProxy and WOT. In addition I got Ad-aware (free) which I run once in a while – and it came up and continues to come up with zero bugs, viruses etc. *knocking on wood*

  5. Crush-Monkey Says:

    : (
    UGH! bugs/viruses S*ck!!
    sorry that happened to you!
    the only place virus seem to attack are at work.
    macs at home = no problems so far (knock wood)

  6. As others have said … that's one of the reasons I don't use Norton's.

  7. cat Says:

    Actually I'm using the free AVG on my sons laptop at the moment. I definitely won't be renewing the Norton. I use Open Office as well.

  8. cat Says:

    My daughter has McAfee on her laptop. Hard to tell how good it is because her laptop is such a piece of crap it's hardly ever working. I know the dell repairman way too well.

  9. cat Says:

    Do you mean it hasn't detected a virus because it isn't any good or because you haven't had any virus's?

  10. cat Says:

    Will write them down and look into them. Thanks,

  11. cat Says:

    what do you use?

  12. cat Says:

    I'm tempted to get a mac next time. Easier now the kids have left home and don't play all the games anymore. We had about a thousand computer games that all ran on windows and there was no way I was going to replace them all. Now they just sit here not being used anyway. Think The Sims is the only one that still gets used.

  13. McAfee … because it's free through my ISP.

  14. G Says:

    Unfortunately using Open Office on a Windows pc still means everything is at risk due to Microsoft's buggy, shitty, unprotected, crappy operating system. But if you already use Open Office then I really see no reason for you to use Windows. Why not just download Ubuntu 10.04 off the net (it's free and 100% legal) and install it on your laptop?It really is worth it.

  15. cat Says:

    I'll check it out

  16. G Says:

    You can always install it on only part of your laptop so you can try it out before you decide. This allows you to dual boot in either windows or ubuntu until you are familiar with Ubuntu and ready to keep it as your only OS.

  17. dewitte Says:

    We just had a bout with viruses. I've never seen anything like it. Oh, sure, I've had viruses before and even a rootkit once, but I'm really surprised that we were running Microsoft Security Essentials and the virus came in. It's like it didn't even notice it. Then I got rid of the virus and scrapped MSSE and went for McAfee (since it comes free with our cable provider) and within a week we had a really nasty rootkit/Atapi virus – OMG! I tried Malawarebytes, MSSE, Spybot, Adaware and HitMan Pro 3.5 – they all said I was fine, but the machine was acting weird. Finally I tried this other product which I can never remember the name and it mentioned the atapi rootkit. The only fix was to use system restore to back up a month and then I went back to MSSE (since it was the only one installed a month ago and now it was back). As far as I can tell, the virus got in via an old revision of Java. Really? So now I have viruses getting in by using my background processes. And you're right – some freeware AV program was the only thing that could even find it.

  18. cat Says:

    It's ridiculous really, almost funny. I can see clearly that I have a virus but Norton just did its scan and said – nope, you're right. I did read on a forum somewhere about doing a system restore to a time before the virus. Like I said I'm lucky that we have more than one computer so I could search for a solution. And of course all I'd been thinking about for the week before was how I should back up soon. I'll do it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Lucky everything was still there and I did a full back up straight away.

  19. dewitte Says:

    Glad you were able to recover. I can honestly say that's only the second time I've ever used system restore and it worked both times with flying colors. I should work on scheduling one of those. Oh, and I backed up everything this week for the first time in months. Too nerve-racking thinking about losing data.

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