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In My Opinion May 28, 2010

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You know just because you have an opinion about something it doesn't mean you actually know anything about it.

Country life, love it or hate it, pros and cons, yadda and nadda, one thing I have discovered this week is that every man and his dog in this town has an opinion about my daughter leaving school. And they feel quite free sharing it with me. And her. Mostly in voices that seem to be limited to tones of grave disappointment or hefty doses of sarcasm and implications that she's stupid in some way or destined to become an unemployable delinquent.

Actually I have a terrible confession to make.

One of my daughters best friends works at the chicken shop. GASP!!

I know, she serves people and gives them chicken.

And I know its probably hard for a lot of people in this town to believe, but she's funny and smart and loyal and gorgeous. I'm soooo over people who think that the world ends if your kid doesn't finish year 12 then go to University. I mean someone has to sell them their bloody chicken don't they. Oh thats right, as long as its not their kid. No wonder so many kids are found hanging in bloody trees.

You know we didn't make this decision in one instant. She didn't come home one day and say – hey Mum I'm really unhappy at school can I leave? And I said – ok.

It was thought and fought over for a long long time. There were tears and tantrums, there was pleading and begging. And that was only my side of the story.

This was given a lot of thought and consideration and the decision was made by myself, my husband (he played a very small role) and my daughter. When it came down to it, her happiness and wellbeing is whats most important to me. She's been out of school now for three days and she's already worked two of those, been to one job interview and applied for another. AND, her bedroom is clean.

So I don't appreciate adults making snide remarks to my young daughter and I certainly don't feel they need to break into tears in front of her and tell her it was only 85 more days to go.

It's nobody's business and I'm certainly not going to give them an explanation.

Why do people love to get into everyone elses business anyway. They must have pretty dull lives. Maybe they should be paying a bit more attention to their own kids and stop harassing mine. 

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27 Responses to “In My Opinion”

  1. Katiebell Says:

    My Opinion? Tell them to SHOVE it.

  2. cat Says:

    Lol – thanks. yeah, everyone just thinks its THE END OF THE WORLD!! and she'll never get anywhere now. Far as I'm concerned, if she'd rather be out there working now, making money and most importantly being happy, then why not.

  3. Katiebell Says:

    Most likely, she will work for a while, find a big focus, and go get whatever education she needs to do what she wants to do. and Happiness is very important.

  4. I agree with Katiebell on her first comment. :)In many ways higher education is just status. If you are happy with anything else – do it! Lots of cranky and bitter people around that supposedly have higher education. I see it every day at work.

  5. MoonCat Says:

    I think it's the real world and real life that teaches you the most. Some of the best, brightest and smartest people I know didn't finish school and everything turned out just fine for them.I think education is a wonderful thing, but if a person isn't getting anything out of it but misery, why prolong the torture?!

  6. Confession – I never finished grade 12. Yep, never finished high school. However, today I have three tertiary degrees and I am a teacher! I started university at the age of 36 after undertaking a tertiary preparation course. Doors never shut unless we seal them. If in the future she changes her mind she can still do further studies.
    I have seen too many kids lately who are at school and don't want to be there. Let them go find their place in the world. Just don't let her world shrink – make her get out and do!

  7. LeendaDLL Says:

    Happiness is far more important than a degree.Choosing the path that works for you is most important of all.Screw the haters!

  8. Doug Says:

    One of the hardest things for a person to do, apparently, is to mind his own business.

  9. My motto is – "Your opinion matters to me, but not nearly as much as you think it should."And I have no problem walking away from folks as they're talking to me …

  10. cat Says:

    I'm sure a lot of people here go to University to waste a few more years and a lot of their parents money.

  11. cat Says:

    Exactly – I don't think she was even taking books to classes in the end. It was just a waste of time her going. And very worrying for me as well. We're all happy now. Probably even that bitch of a teacher that hated my daughter.

  12. cat Says:

    Yes, there's always a way around. She's always wanted to be a preschool teacher and still does. Not just this way. My eldest daughter didn't get a UAI in year 12 because she was convinced she'd never want to go to Uni but last year she ended up going and doing Open Foundation. People take Year 12 so seriously.

  13. cat Says:

    lol – screw the haters – I might make that into a magnet

  14. cat Says:

    Certainly seems to be everyone's favourite pastime around here.

  15. cat Says:

    lol, I did that to the police once – drove away while they were still talking to me – I was so nervous I couldn't speak, so I just drove away

  16. Well, now, I'd not necessarily recommend that …As to the higher education stuff – I have 2 people who work under me that have Master's Degrees … and one person who works under me who didn't finish high school. All do the same job and make the same money … so I kind of have to wonder which is actually the most intelligent …

  17. crankypants Says:

    It's really not anyone's business. At the very least people should keep their opinions to themselves and wish her the best. She has plenty of time to figure out what she wants to do, she'll get a dose of the real world first and if she wants to go back and finish (here we call it a GED, I think graduate equivalent degree?) and go to college, then at least she knows that's what she wants, not what is expected of her.My dad was cheap and said we'd get college or a wedding. He certainly didn't push any of us to go to college if we didn't know what the heck we wanted to do with it, he sure didn't want to pay for party time, have us get a degree and then go work retail. Well, I didn't go to college and I certainly didn't get a wedding so beyond the grave, I may be his favorite. But, I got a house, in the end. So it all worked out.Best of luck to your daughter, she will probably end up better off than a lot of her peers who just do what everyone else does because they don't know what else to do.

  18. cat Says:

    Yes you can go back later and get the qualification so you can apply for Uni. And I'm sure she is better off because she's making her own decisions. Too many parents make all their kids, poor old cheap dad – he was right – heaps of kids spend $30,000 on an education then never use it.

  19. crankypants Says:

    Heh…$30,000 was what it was when my sisters and I were college age. Now it's probably closer to $100K. Plus the cost of booze and bail. One more reason I'm glad I never had kids.

  20. homebody Says:

    Agreed, it's not their business – the typical approach is not good for everyone, and there are many paths to "an" education. Maybe the judgers are threatened by independent thinking, or envious that they didn't have the courage to make their own such choices.

  21. So many parents act as though life begins and ends with year 12! So many different roads to travel.

  22. Inga Says:

    I finished year 12, but I

  23. Inga Says:

    *sigh* The most poignant, insightful comment I've ever written, and Vox ate it. Never mind.

  24. cat Says:

    lol – I thought you were leaving it open for ideas such asbut I – don't know why I botheredbut I – still don't see the connection between Blade Runner and Frankensteinthings like that

  25. Inga Says:

    but I – still don't have a house, boyfriend, or a clue how to apply eye make-up. but I – found there was more money to be made in the drug trade.but I – don't get The Matrix, either.
    Go Lizzie. Career is 5% qualifications, 95% attitude.
    And parenthood is 99% listening to other people tell you how to raise your children, apparently.

  26. Inga Says:

    (…um, unless she wants to be a doctor, in which case the qualifications might be a tad more important)

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