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call me Olga May 24, 2010

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Well after this morning, I'm fairly convinced that all cameras used in government offices for identification purposes must have some sort of ugly filter fitted to them. Either that or I'm a lot plainer than I thought.

First were our passport photos. You can't smile here when you have a passport photo taken and we looked like a family of axe murderers about to go off on an overseas killing spree. I was seriously surprised when they let us into Thailand.

And today I had my drivers license renewed. I'm wishing now I didn't take the 5 year option because really, the photo is, (a) – way too close up and (b), way too ugly. You can't smile anymore when you have your license photo taken either.

Bloody hell I said to Lizzie – just call me Olga. I look like I'm the captain of the Russian women's wrestling team. Actually thats unfair because at the olympics all the russian female athletes are usually gorgeous. This would be the Russian Hard Working Peasant Women's Wrestling Team.

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18 Responses to “call me Olga”

  1. LeendaDLL Says:

    i'll always remember my dad getting his best drivers license photo when he went in with severe sunburn. the photo ended up looking fabulously tan and other news: did you have the LOST finale yet? if not, when does it air there? I don't want to say anything before you get a chance to see it.

  2. cat Says:

    We don't get it here until Wednesday! Were you pleased with it?

  3. Katiebell Says:

    My Passport expires next year….I've got a smile on my face in it. Also in my driver license, but….I think I angered the lady because she somehow angled the lens so I am all forehead and shiny forehead at that. ah well…..At least we dont have to hang these on walls….

  4. cat Says:

    Well you guys are allowed to smile. Its some weird Australian rule this non smiling. My daughters have the worst passport photos. One looks like she's called Rebel or Roxy and just finished a stint in jail for kicking someones head in. And my other daughter does have hers on the wall of her place its so bad. I'm just thankful I'm never likely to be confused as an underage and asked for I.D.

  5. ..we looked like a family of axe murderers about to go off on an overseas
    killing spree… LOLSounds familiar. Since I knew I would be stuck with my drivers license for the rest of my life – I went and had made 3 sets of pictures. My mother thought I was insane.But thankfully I got a picture that I can live with.

  6. cat Says:

    Do you get to supply your own photos?

  7. Yes. At least I could 15 years ago. And the last time I had to renew my passport I had to provide them myself too.

  8. cat Says:

    lol, oh wow, I'd be going to one of those glamour makeover places to get mine done. I had to sit in this stinking hot waiting room so I was all flushed and hot, then sit there in front of everyone and have this awful photo taken. Not as bad as the poor women before me though. She had done her hair with a tight headband in it – and then they told her she couldn't have any headwear on so she had to have her photo taken with hat hair!!

  9. Oh goody! LOL That is bad. Well no glamor here either :)) White background and no smiling. So still kind of a mug shot but the least bad of it.I actually have gotten paranoid on that subject when I went to the photographer to have a passport picture made and I wore a white t-shirt. Instead of that my mother told me and him that we come back and I would wear something with colour – she agreed on that they draped a piece of cloth around my neck.And I was too shy to say something. UUUUUHg!Though after that – I always went by myself and never again with a white (t-)shirt

  10. cat Says:

    lol – too funny

  11. An Ex-Expat Says:

    I don't think we yanks are allowed to smile for our passport photos either –
    bureauweenies all over the world take themselves waay to seriously.

  12. snoringKatZ Says:

    It appears that the only decent photo I can have taken is a driver's license photo so I'm glad they reuse the same one every time. I'm afraid my luck will run out. They generally give you a three-count to warn you about when they're snapping the photo so you can compose your face in any fashion.The passport folk were not as artistically inclined. Mr. sKatz looked like a drug mule in his and I looked suspiciously like a skull on a stick thanks to the ill-advised ponytail I chose that day. I guess they want to simulate what you'd look like dead to help identify the body?Personally, I intend to die happy. To counteract the whole 'lived grumpily.'

  13. cat Says:

    And they don't even give you a chance to put on a normal non smiling face – now warning on when they're going to click – in fact you don't even see a person – just the camera staring you down. A voxer who used to be here had a big smiling face on her passport photo – she said you could smile over there and our customs people were all surprised by her lovely photo.

  14. cat Says:

    Lol – I had questioned the hair – up or down but my daughter (who now has way too much time to hang around ill advising me on things now that there's no school) told me if I wore it up I'd look like I had no hair, but whoa, down looks really really bad. When we came out of the RTA I said to her – does my hair really look that yellow???

  15. snoringKatZ Says:

    I think my choices are 'skull on a stick' or 'Q-tip swab' so I suppose what I ended up with wasn't so horrible.Yes, the downside to no school – they're always there. Waiting for you to entertain them, feed them or listen to them. I especially hate that last one…:)

  16. LeendaDLL Says:

    Yes, I was happy with it. Doesn't really answer many questions but very satisfying emotionally.

  17. What gets me is they make me take my glasses off for the DL photo (I don't have a passport) … and without my glasses I just don't look like me!

  18. cat Says:

    Lol, thats a bit weird

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