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the beauty game May 22, 2010

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                            Here is my eldest daughter. She came with us to visit my mother last weekend.


Isn't she gorgeous. She's one of those lovely pale creatures who doesn't see the point wasting hours lying in the sun working up a "good" tan. It's very unaustralian of her actually.

Anyway, when I saw her she was looking especially fantabulous and I said to her – your skin looks great, what have you been doing to it. And she told me she's been cleansing, toning and moisturising, morning and night, using Neutrogena.

Now I've never been good at that sort of thing. I usually splash my face with cold water in the morning, wash it with soap in the shower whenever I have one, and usually fall into bed at night with whatever makeup I wore through the day still on.

But I thought I would try the Neutrogena routine as well, except I picked the sensitive skin range. Because I'm like that. And as a teenager I did spend many hours lying in the sun building up a wonderful tan which I think I'll probably start paying for any year now.

I have to say its a big commitment all this cleansing etc, etc. And can you not buy cotton wool balls in anything smaller than a pack of 400!!  I have had to give up at least 5 minutes of my night reading time.

But, on Thursday night we were out for dinner with friends and my friend Cath said to me – your skin looks great, what have you been doing?

So how about that. Go the neutrogena.

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31 Responses to “the beauty game”

  1. LOL I agree 🙂 Beauty routine is a hassle. And I can't say that I am doing it religiously either. At least not all the steps involved But I do remove the make up every night because I have extremely sensitive eyes. If I would go to sleep with make up I would wake up with eyes so swollen that would barely able to see.But I guess the compliment you got makes it easier now to keep up with it? 😉

  2. cat Says:

    oh yes, I'll be at it all the time now!my youngest daughter wears crap loads of make up and her eyes never look really clear of eyeliner – when she blows her nose, eyeliner comes out

  3. Oh I am so sorry for saying this but: Yuck!! How disgusting! Doesn't she mind that at all?(Let's just forget for the moment the fact that she is also ruining her skin for the ever after.)

  4. cat Says:

    lol, I know, but no she doesn't seem to care – and she's a serious sun lover as well

  5. Hehehe, nothing wrong with the latter. I too will worship the sun today from the second it's warm enough to go outside with nearly nothing on. And I probably be staying there til "sun down" or at least as good as it get's here now.If I'd stay to the real sun down I'd be sitting til about 1 am.And what I wanted to write to begin with: yes your daughter is a beauty!

  6. Rev Stan Says:

    Go Neutragena! I'm a Clarins whore when it comes to beauty products but I don't always do as thorough job as I should because I sometimes have a bit of panda eye in the morning!There are two other things I swear by: 1. Always wear a moisturiser with sun screen in it on my face (and I never sun bathe)2. I also swear by feeding the skin from the inside by eating lots of veggies, nuts and seeds and things like avocado and drinking plenty of water. I know if I have a chocolate binge it shows on my face…but hey it's always worth suffering a bit for chocolate ;0)

  7. cat Says:

    Oh yes, definitely with you on the sunscreen – especially here in Australia. I put sunscreen on my face every day, even in winter. And I'm a big believer on feeding from the inside as well – I eat a lot of avocado.

  8. Rev Stan Says:

    Gotta love avocado. Was chatting with a friend recently about how when we were kids sun block just didn't seem to exist and we'd run around outside all day.Our mum's use to sunbathe with olive oil on to make them tan more.Looking back I'm surprised we are all still here and not smoldering and charred.

  9. cat Says:

    I was a baby oil sun baker. Paying for it now though – my arms are all blotchy and pigmented. There was never any talk about the dangers of the sun back then. Salmon as well. Salmon and avocado. I always get a laugh out of the skin product ads showing all those creams full of impossible sounding ingredients getting in to the skin. Because really it's not like anything can actually "get in", you're just working on the surface – so yeah I reckon work it from the inside.

  10. Rev Stan Says:

    Mmm salmon and avocado – you are making me hungry and I only just had breakfast. My sister thought she looked older and more wrinkled when she started using moisturiser after years of neglecting her skin. Not sure I agreed with her but it can't hurt giving your skin a helping hand.

  11. Shutterbug Says:

    I've been using Neutragena since I was a teenager. I swear by it! Recently they have come out with these handy packaged make-up wipes, which has cut my already short nighttime ritual in half. Awesome company, awesome products, and I love the fact that they are so economical!

  12. homebody Says:

    She is lovely!
    I use Neutrogena hand cream and love it, and probably should take better care of my face as well. My routine sounds a lot like yours (though I stopped wearing make-up a few years ago due to irritated eyes from mascara), but just recently I've gone from "combination" skin to rather dry skin, I think from hormonal changes (menopause on its way).

  13. LeendaDLL Says:

    i'm good about washing my face, usually several times a day, but horrible about using anything beyond soap.i few weeks back, I switched to Neutrogena Rainbath in the shower and, a few days later, my doc commented on how good my skin looked. But, as I expected, I went into major breakout mode the very next day and have been dealing with that for several weeks now. So much for my good skin.

  14. cat Says:

    I'm inclined to agree with her. My tattooist has this motto I apply to many areas of my life. He says – Don't fuck with it and it'll be ok.

  15. cat Says:

    Definitely cheap compared to others. And I'm finding one of the few products that market themselves as sensitive skin products that actually are. I've used some products marked suitable for sensitive that definitely were not.

  16. cat Says:

    I don't wear a lot of makeup either. I think thats got to be good for your skin anyway. A doctor told me a couple of years ago that I was – travelling ok – when I told him my age. lol. I can't find a mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes either. Which is going to become annoying because I noticed a few weeks ago that I have a grey eyelash!! I didn't even realise that crazy shit happened.

  17. cat Says:

    Well, funny you should mention it because about 3 days into the new routine I had this huge pimple on my chin. Then two more popped up the next day. I hadn't had anything like that since I was 15 years old. But I kept on with the routine and they cleared up really quickly. Except the one I squeezed of course.

  18. Kzinti Says:

    My daughter and I are a bunch of pasty white people. LOL. Every time she goes out in the sun for very long she gets sun poisoning.

  19. Crush-Monkey Says:

    She looks like a rock star! Pretty pretty girl!

  20. cat Says:

    Thanks – she acts like one as well – she washed that jacket this morning with some white t shirts – which are all now a lovely shade of pink

  21. cat Says:

    haha – pasty is a harsh word – creamy sounds much better

  22. Catalina Says:

    She is a real beauty!Neutrogena is the best – including their facial sunblock.

  23. cat Says:

    I'm starting to become a real fan. I have to see a dermatologist in a couple of weeks so I'm going to ask him what he thinks of it

  24. Denise Says:

    She is Beautiful!!

  25. cat Says:

    thanks Denise 🙂

  26. scorpion1116 Says:

    She certainly is beautiful. I would submit that photo to the people at Neutrogena and tell them it is not retouched. 🙂 I like to use this Oil of Olay facial cleanser . I smear it all over my face and then come along behind it with a wet face cloth and take it off. Very easy, very quick.
    Also, I have a couple of tiny spots of eczema (between my eyebrows and one on my chin) that I chase constantly. I use hydrocortisone 10 creme on them and they pretty much stay gone. About every third time I apply it, I apply a very thin layer to my whole face before putting on foundation. I figure if it heals the eczema, what harm could it do the rest? I dunno, but I don't seem to have as many crows feet and other type wrinkles as my peers.

  27. cat Says:

    I should have taken a before shot. Not that she was hideously ugly or anything – but she had those little under the skin bumps on her forehead. I've got an eczema spot in the same place.

  28. Emjay Says:

    Mum and dad gave me a whole lot of Estee Lauder for Christmas – it's one of those "total" things – wash, astringent, anti-aging, moisturizer and a couple of other things. It seriously takes me about 15 minutes to do all this. Like you I normally just wash my face with dove soap in the shower in the mornings and then put on some tinted moisturizer and never bother with anything at night. And I know people who then moisturize their entire body! obviously they don't read many books.

  29. cat Says:

    lol – exactly! I considered taking up the total body moisturising thing but it was just too much effort. Those people probably shave their legs every day as well.

  30. That's great! I started doing the skin care thing this year too (at age 42) but keep getting slack about it. If only someone would pay me a compliment on my skin, I might feel more motivated.

  31. cat Says:

    Yes, you have to be really committed to the plan. I had to see a dermatologist through the week and I noticed his shelves were full of cetaphil products which my other daughter uses.

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