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thinking about things May 6, 2010

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So I was thnking about things yesterday. Such as:-

How you can be lying in bed in the middle of the night, and all of a sudden you hear a cow mooing. Or sometimes a foghorn. And there's not a pasture or a river within cooee.

How yesterday I met a girl called April who was 19. And she turned 19 on the 19th of April.

How it seems to be impossible to cut up a hot bbq chicken without eating most of the skin and stuffing and the wings as well. And then at dinner time everyone says it must have been a small chicken. Practically a quail I say.

And how nobody here seems to be talking about Lost this week. Thats two weeks. Now I know you had a recount last week but what about this week. We've just had normal programming but I can't imagine we're allowed to get in front of you. But I'd better not say anything like – OMG thank christ Jacks annoying son is dead because his hair was really annoying me, just in case.

p.s. Jacks boofy haired boy is not dead – but I didn't want to say who really was dead. I'll just say it was a Titanic kind of moment. That way you can tell me if we're even with you guys or not and how many more episodes I have to endure.

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11 Responses to “thinking about things”

  1. I did blog about LOST – yesterday.As to your first question … dementia?

  2. cat Says:

    lol, hope not – I missed your Lost, will go to look now

  3. cat Says:

    hahaha – I only saw Last Day vacation/ last day vacation 8 and question mark man – I must have missed the pilot being dead, probably cleaning my teeth, but I was sick of him anyway – so this was the one where Sayid ran off with the bomb and Jin and Sun had the touching death scene and left the poor little daughter an orphan and all that – how many to go?

  4. Episodes? I think 2 and then the finale (which is on a Sunday night here and has now been expanded to 2 1/2 hours).

  5. LeendaDLL Says:

    we're at the same spot. i did a mini blog but used Richardus, instead of Richard Albert, just because I didn't know where you guys are nor who hadn't seen the show (even though my post had nothing to do with this week's episode).Have you seen that the finale has been extended to 2.5 hours, and will be preceded by 2 hours of "recap"; and the pilot episode will be shown the night before?!?ps: i thought the pilot made it out. but good point, we didn't see him at the end. was in in the section where Sayid headed?!? I'm so confused. Why hasn't Kate died yet?

  6. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Don't tell anyone, but I've never watched Lost!

  7. cat Says:

    haha – it looks like thats turning out to be a very wise decision

  8. cat Says:

    lol – why hasn't Kate died – yes, that is the burning question isn't it – although even she's pathetic and not that annoying this season. Must say I did have a crush on Richard but now he's all pathetic as well. Where's Ben anyway, I don't remember seeing him this week.
    I hate the recaps

  9. LeendaDLL Says:

    lol, I totally forgot about Ben!Richard is one sexy man.I luuuuuv the "pop-up video" recaps! Except, way back when Hurley was in the mental ward, they pointed out that the chalkboard behind him had images of the island and plane wreck. Like that was significant. And, sure enough, we he was back this season, visiting Lilly, I saw the images again. But did they figure in? NOPE!

  10. cat Says:

    I haven't had any pop up video recaps! When did that happen?

  11. LeendaDLL Says:

    For the last couple of seasons, most any time we have a "recap", it's pop up video style. Very rarely do they repeat an episode without making it "enhanced version". Especially if the repeat is immediately before a new episode.

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