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teaching May 3, 2010

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I'm fed up with teachers at the moment. Except the two who are my best friends. Oh, ok, and Flamingo.

So far this week Lizzie has had her english teacher call her a – stupid little bitch – because she wants to drop out of year 12, and the deputy principal pull her out of assembly to tell her that she – sticks out like dogs balls. And that it's her laugh that lets her down. Really, who knew it, a good laugh is a bad thing.

Here in Australia we have Captain Starlight. He's part of the Starlight Foundation, which is to do with the Childrens Cancer Council. He's a funny guy. Thats his job. To make kids laugh. So he was at our school, doing a song and dance and he said something funny and Lizzie laughed. So this teacher pulled her out and told her that cancer was no laughing matter and that she was to write a one thousand page essay on why cancer was not funny. So Lizzie told me she was – taking a stand – and not going to do it. So the teacher said if she didn't do it she had to do three days after school detention. And I said you know what, no. Thats enough. No not funny cancer essay and no after school detention.

She also has some battle of the wills going on with her science teacher. Its like this teacher wants to break Lizzie. Crush her spirit. But I'm not that worried yet. Lizzie is not the way she is by chance. She comes from a long line of pig headed, determined bastards, and if Miss Bitch teacher doesn't watch out she'll end up rocking in a corner in a straight jacket.

A couple of things she has said to Lizzie. In front of the class.

I feel sorry for any children you may have. This was because Lizzie refused to clean up makeup that another girl had spilled on a desk.

I hope my daughter doesn't grow up to be anything like you. This is because her daughter is also called Lizzie and I guess Miss Bitch wants her to grow up to be a mean, ugly, nasty little bitch.

Oh and there was the time the PE teacher told her she was – a waste of space on the netball court. That was special.

Look, I'm not one of those parents who think their kids are perfect. And I know teaching is a tough job. But they chose to be a teacher, and thats not even really my problem. My problem is that they are the adult. And they need to start acting like one. Humiliating a 17 year old girl in front of the class is not the way to go. Calling her names, judging her, thats not appropriate either. Not one of them has spoken to her and asked her if she's depressed or having problems or being bullied or why does she want to leave school when she's always been a top student previously. (Don't worry, she's not being bullied. But I think most Year 12 kids are probably depressed and stressed to some degree).

Over the years we've had some fantastic teachers. Most of them actually. And Lizzie will do anything for them. She wants to do well for them. Because they treat her with respect and they have a sense of humour and they love teaching.

I haven't stepped in yet. But its getting close. She likes to deal with things on her own if she can.

Lizzie really wants to drop out of school. And I don't see it as the end of the world. Sure its a shame, but a lot of pressure is put on kids here to do well in your HSC exams. People act like its the end of your life if you don't do well in them. What annoys me is that if she does leave, these teachers will say she's a stupid girl and it's a waste of a brain and whatever but none of them will ever think that they may have played a tiny part in her decision.

Like I said last night – I'm the only one who gets to call you a stupid little bitch thanks very much.

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22 Responses to “teaching”

  1. Now … tell us how you really feel …lolYou are right, teachers should have a little more discretion in what they say to and about students … especially in front of others. And patient. (Which is a huge reason I gave up wanting to be a teacher a long time ago).

  2. cat Says:

    lol, yep, got that off my chest

  3. I am astounded!!! I have never heard of such terrible things being said to students. Oh my word. I would be livid! I don't know how you have been able to hold yourself back this long but good for you, since that is what your daughter wants. Such a shame that the teachers are making your daughter hate learning and hate school. Why on earth would teachers say such negative things to a student. I would want to quite as well. Darn. My friends teacher called her 12 year old a "Bozo." My friend is changing her to the school that my girls attend. My friend said that the teachers at that school, which happens to be public, are terrible and mean and have been awful. We are very blessed at the school my children go to that the teachers seem to care and usually go out of their way to go the extra mile. Of course, the school is not cheap and we are also blessed to have a couple that loves the school that wanted to help us send our kids there, or they would not be there. We also get financial aid and the kids and Mr clean out the buses every month. We also pay a small part of the tuition monthly. Anyway, all that to say, we really appreciate this school because we know how blessed we are that our children get to go there. And when I hear my friend tell me the horror stories and I hear you, I am shocked! I hope things get better for your daughter!

  4. cat Says:

    She's very good at dealing with things and I think its good for her to do it, but I'll only stand back for so long. My problem is that I get all flustered and cranky and defensive and make her embarrassed.
    Most of the teachers at our school are brilliant but when you have a couple on your back all the time it can get very tiring. Especially when you're 17 and becoming an adult. They need to treat the kids like adults when they are about to leave school and go out in the world.

  5. I don't know what the rules in Australia are regarding teacher conduct, but what the teacher and principal said to your daughter was unprofessional, and here in the US could lead to discipline of the teacher or administrator and ultimate termination of employment without benefits. Teachers should never address students in that manner, partly because they are supposed to be teaching by example as well as through lectures and textbooks. Their behavior was also unpardonable—pulling a student out in front of her classmates and saying those things to her are just plain wrong. Maybe it's because Australian parents don't all threaten to sue the school district as US parents do, but I'm really shocked that the teachers and principal would act that way and think they'd get away with it.

  6. cat Says:

    We only have one school here in town. Has about 1300 students at it. Some kids in town travel to go to other schools but that means almost a two hour train trip morning and afternoon. She's hoping to get a childcare traineeship at the preschool. She won't just drop out and do nothing. But there's not much point her staying at school when she's not even trying. And I must point out that its not the teachers that are really the problem anyway. But their attitude certainly doesn't help. We don't have the school/college option here either. But there's always a way around things. Even if she doesn't finish year 12 but then decides later she wants to go to University, you can do a 12 month course called Open Foundation which then qualifies you to apply for Uni. My other daughter did that last year because when she was at school she insisted she'd never need a UAI because she'd never ever want to go to Uni but then two years later decided she did want to. They just have to come around on their own I think. Make their own decisions in their own time.

  7. G Says:

    Uh…I don't have kids but if a teacher called a kid of mine a stupid little bitch in front of her whole class I think I'd break that teacher's nose in the teacher's common room in front of the other teachers and make them reply to the question "who's a stupid little bitch now? huh? huh?"It's not due to them being my kid either. It's just so fucking far out of line that unless my kid was setting fire to the classroom or something along those lines I think it would be grounds for instant dismissal.

  8. cat Says:

    Lol, no – no instant dismissal – she didn't say that in front of the class, she said that privately to Lizzies face – but yes, I know what you mean. One thing I must say in that teachers defence though is that she does ring the kids up and apologise if she think she's said anything wrong like that. Not that it happens every day mind you! But yeah, I think most teachers have a hefty touch of control freak in them.

  9. snoringKatZ Says:

    Wouldn't it be fun to ask her if she's being bullied? Because then she could say, "Yes – by teachers."Reason # 85, 312 why we homeschool. There's nothing they can teach her (especially at this point) that she can't learn on her own. She's a brilliant, wonderful young woman and doesn't need these jaded asshats in teacher outfits to make her miserable. There's plenty of other things in life to make her miserable 🙂

  10. cat Says:

    lol, good one. Lucky she's a tough nut, mind you thats probably why they don't like her. She won't conform. She says its because she's young and beautiful and they're jealous of her and can see that they're wasted their lives. god love her.
    You know thats why I never go to parent/teacher interviews anymore. I figure there's nothing they can tell me about my own daughter in ten minutes that I don't already know. I on the other hand could tell them a lot about her but most of its none of their business and not my information to share anyway. And good lordy yes, plenty else to worry about at 17 isn't there.

  11. snoringKatZ Says:

    Maybe she can stay in just to irritate them. I think she's right, though – they are always threatened by the square pegs that refuse to be forced into the round holes. I tell my son that he's a dodecahedron – there's no way to fit him in the mold they have here.It's nice to have these kids that make grownups squirm 🙂

  12. G Says:

    I agree. Being an ornerous bastard is what saved me at school. Made some teachers cry and stammer purely by proving them wrong at their own subjects in class. One fucker failed me at water engineering because of it…but I took the exam the next year without attending a single class and rocked the shit out of it in a way there was no way he could fail me again. Then they tried not to give me a diploma because i sold a bunch of computers to the school for much less money than the guy who gave them kickbacks….I didn't you see…give them kickbacks…so i forced them to issue the diploma by taking it up with the rector of the whole school and threatening to make it a political issue about race (I was the first white guy to go through an apartheid era technikon).Stupid fucks. Wanting to play dirty with a Venetian….

  13. cat Says:

    dodecahedron – I'm going to go write that on her mirror right now. I leave her messages written in lipstick on the mirror, they usually say things like – clean your room you messy pig though.

  14. Ninja Says:

    That teacher who verbally abused Lizzie… I'd go to the school and starchucka her! That sort of behaviour is not professional in the least. I have no doubt that a lot of kids drop out because the teachers they have do not themselves want to be there in the first place, so they treat the students with contempt.Now, if you were in the workplace and were treated likewise, wouldn't you also want to quit?Now, having said that, we all know teens are challenging at best. God knows about my battles. But aren't teachers there to teach and not abuse? Aren't they there to support and not destroy?I'd encourage Lizzie not to let those teachers have the last laugh by seeing her quit. She's obviously a clever student and if need be, enrol in another school or TAFE and finish what she started. She's got the talent to go far, very far.

  15. cat Says:

    Ninja, Ninja, Ninja, teenage girls – such a challenging phenomenon aren't they. This one will do exactly what she wants, even though she doesn't even know what that is.

  16. Shutterbug Says:

    Wow. Just….wow. It's idiots like those terrible teachers that give people in my profession a bad name. I remember having a math teacher when I was in 4th and 5th grade that absolutely terrorized us. She would call us stupid and yell at us if we couldn't get an answer right. She would also leave us at the board for twenty minutes or so trying to figure out a problem. I would sometimes get sick before class, just because of the stress of it all. Big surprise, I am a still a major math phobe to this day.
    The only positive thing I took away from those years I apply to the classes I teach now. I know how it feels to be degraded and insulted by an authority figure. I do everything in my power to make my students feel accepted and respected. The teachers your daughter has had to deal with are awful, and should be held accountable for their actions. A teacher's job is to help their students to achieve a top-notch education, NOT chase them away from school entirely!!!!

  17. cat Says:

    Well luckily, over the years we've had a lot of brilliant teachers as well, so I don't judge you all by this current lot. You sound a bit like a friend of mine who is a teacher. All the kids love her and try to do well for her. I've never heard a bad word spoken against her,

  18. Inga Says:

    Good on Lizzie for wanting to sort it out herself. Though if this teacher's the only reason she wants to drop out of Year 12, don't give her the satisfaction! Finishing Year 12 is certainly not as critical as they lead you to believe, but it's good to have 'just in case'….and much easier (and cheaper) to do at 17, rather than several years down the track when she decides she'd like to be a hardass criminal lawyer tackling abusive teachers.

  19. cat Says:

    Yeah, nah its not the only reason. She's a strange one. She seems to rub a lot of teachers up the wrong way for some reason. And unless she's a Jekyll and Hydetype I don't really know why. I say to her in the mornings – can you try not to fight with any teachers today please. She's very fiesty. Small but mighty. And of course her brother was The Golden Child at school which always sucks for the ones that come after.

  20. Unbelievable! I found some of my teachers already out of line with the things they've said. But those things you've mentioned – it should be enough to fire the lot!! Thumbs up for you girl and I hope she'll never let any of this get to her.

  21. cat Says:

    Funny how they don't seem to see it as bullying. And I'm cranky now that when she went to get the paperwork to sign out of school they didn't even ask her why – just handed it over. No one seems to be very interested in why a student who has been a top student for years suddenly wants to leave. I'm feeling a big cranky letter writing spree coming on.

  22. snoringKatZ Says:

    Do it.The day I pulled my son out of school (six days into kindergarten), the secretary sneered, "Is he going to be here today? Because he's going to get an unexcused absence."cat, I wish her well.

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