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anniversary day April 22, 2010

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Today Daz and I have been married for 21 years.



We usually forget all about it. I usually remember about two days before then again about a week later. And we don't do presents, although I must be getting close to some of the good ones. I think its because we've been together for about 25 years so we don't really count the marriage day as the anniversary day.

The only reason I remembered today is that today is the day Kimba had to have her four wisdom teeth out. ouch. She won't be looking like this today.



Daz went to the hospital with her and tells me she looks a bit like Lizzie did when she had hers out. Basically a bit like she's been hit around the head with a cricket bat. So he's bringing her home for a couple of days so I can look after her. So tonight on our anniversary night, I'll be sleeping with Kimba in our bed and he'll be on the lounge. Sucks to be him lol. We don't have any spare beds because Lloyd will be home as well. Full house again!

Kimba was at our wedding. She's 22. So she was a bastard child. No, really. When we got married we received a letter from the Births, Deaths & Marriages sayingg – That this notice was to inform us that the child ……….. has been legitimised. So that was nice. I've put it in her box of special keepsakes.



So I'm off to the shops to stock up on ice cream and custard and soft noodles for her and I'll throw some sort of anniversay dinner together for us and grab some snags for Lizzie and Lloyd. I think I'll make something like this. Inside out salmon sushi, vietnamese prawn rice paper rolls and I'll do a mushroom spread instead of the capsicum I think. I made this for a girls night last week.  I wish there was one of these sitting in the fridge at the moment actually. Feeling a little peckish.


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21 Responses to “anniversary day”

  1. Worker Says:

    Congrats to you both !! The meal looks great

  2. cat Says:

    thanks – off to cook now

  3. Snowy Says:

    Happy Anniversary, Cat and Daz, and best wishes for a quick recovery for Kimba.

  4. snoringKatZ Says:

    Hope the anniversar-not is progressing nicely! Maybe this is Kimba's way of being part of the wedding all over again. Her cheeks look pretty round n' chubby in that photo. And she doesn't look particularly thrilled. You, however, look lovely!Can you recreate the scene? What fun!Really do hope her recovery is swift, though, and she shares the custard. With you.

  5. Aubrey Says:

    Silver is the traditional gift for your 25th. Platinum gold always seemed to me to have a distinctive silver light.
    Or diamonds? Bright silver.
    Anyway, happy anniversary! And I hope Kimba feels better – I had all my wisdoms out at ounce too, and it was rough.

  6. cat Says:

    thanks snowy – aww poor little thing is asleep on the lounge here with big icepacks strapped around her head

  7. cat Says:

    lol, she had been passed around the tables and fed chocolate mud cake by just about everyone – she was probably about to throw up. Hmmm, as to recreating that scene, well she's about 6 inches taller than me now so we might have to reverse positions.

  8. cat Says:

    Trouble is I don't wear any jewellery at all, not a scrap. I used to wear layers and layers of it but now I can't stand any. But I'll think of something.
    Kimba's face looks pretty ordinary, very swollen and pale. I'd take a photo of her over there asleep but she'd kill me later on.

  9. Congratulations! You guys look great! I suppose Kimba doesn't look so great right now—my face was so swollen when I got mine yanked out, none of my relatives recognized me the next day when there was some big family get-together—but I hope she pulls through. I also hope the surgeon sent her home with lots of painkillers.

  10. cat Says:

    Poor little darlin' – I've just given her another dose of painkillers – she looks a mess, very miserable. What a trooper you are to go to a family do the next day!! When Lizzie had hers done Daz said he felt like crying when he first saw her. Its a brutal operation.

  11. cat Says:

    thank you 🙂

  12. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Happy Anniversary! : )

  13. crankypants Says:

    Congrats! Here's to 21 more. and then some!

  14. Shutterbug Says:

    Congratulations! :o)

  15. cat Says:

    lol, thanks, hmm, I guess that'll be a good thing

  16. cat Says:

    thanks shutter and grouchy and crushy

  17. OptamissTIK Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! 21 years! :-)That's awesome.Hope your patient is recovering well!

  18. cat Says:

    She's a terrible whinge bag actually! And every time I go to get a glass of wine I find her festy old icepacks draped over the ice.

  19. Ninja Says:

    Salute!! The Queen and I mark our 22nd this July. I'm still taking each day as it comes. The grub looks fab. I'm drooling already!

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